Hand Simulator v4.0 - SKIDROW

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Hand Simulator — the most that neither is a real hand simulator. To be more precise, you’ll have to manage mostly with your fingers, with which you can do whatever you want, up to the spinner scrolling. In addition, you can learn how to charge a revolver by controlling all ten fingers. At first it will be quite difficult, but then you can get used to it. To just shoot a gun, you have to work hard, as each finger has its own control, and together they do not always function as you would like. A lot of nerves will go away for one or another action, but then you can improve your skills and develop your abilities. You find yourself in the world of the Wild West, where your laws reign. Do your best to become one of the best shooters that everyone in the area will be afraid of.

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My Memory of Us v1.3057 - CODEX

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If you like stories, then I will tell you one story now. But this is not just an old bike. It is different, because it will be about real people and events that touch and terrify us even today. Let’s go back in time. It all started with a meeting of a boy and a girl who belonged to two different worlds. They played together and had fun, just rejoiced at the fact that they could be together — but not for long. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. The war began: the Evil King attacked the city, and his rosold soldiers appeared everywhere. The inhabitants of the city were divided, some of them were marked and forced to live in an area fenced from the rest of the city by a huge wall.

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Kim v1.4.1 - SKIDROW

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Kim is an atmospheric RPG with procedurally generated locations. The game takes place in the Indies of the 1880s, at the time of the colonization of Great Britain. You will have to play for the ordinary beggar, who is waiting for a difficult and thorny path through conspiracies, murder and betrayal. The storyline developers drew from the works of Rudyard Kipling, and the music for the game was written by Murugan Thiruchelvam. All this creates a great atmosphere immersing you in the incredible story of a simple Indian boy.
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Family Man Beta v1.52 (upd.14.01.2019) - SKIDROW

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Family Man is a voxel RPG action game with a tense storyline. You are the head of the family and the main breadwinner. You were fired from work, leaving no money for the maintenance of the family. In order to somehow make ends meet, you borrow, and this is not done in the most reasonable place. Now you need a decent amount of money to the head of the mafia. You have exactly one month to pay off your debt! Find the necessary amount of money and at the same time try in the end not to quarrel with his wife and son. You can try to find legal ways to make money, but we know that the only way to earn the necessary amount of money in such a short period of time is a crime.

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Reentry An Orbital Simulator v14.01.2019 - SKIDROW

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Reentry An Orbital Simulator based on real spacecraft. You create a new astronaut, get levels and experience for each movement, completing missions in space. You will have access to missions similar to those that occurred in real life, or to fictional missions designed to challenge you as an astronaut. Spaceships are very complex machines, the main task of which is to study and understand what is outside the Earth’s atmosphere, while maintaining astronauts for a long time. This is achieved through the joint work of hundreds of individual systems and backup systems. With the help of the in-game Space Flight Academy, the flight manuals provided for each spacecraft and checklists, you will learn how to operate and control these machines, as well as explore space in high resolution and realistic environments.
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AWAKE Definitive Edition v14.01.2019 - ALI213

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AWAKE Definitive Edition — it was supposed to be a romantic trip, but turned into a scene of a brutal murder. When Mark and Caroline were planning their romantic getaway, they did not know that this would turn their lives into danger. Can you find a way to prevent this terrible crime and bring the killer to justice? Or you will be stuck forever in this terrible loop of time. AWAKE is an award winning entry for Adventure Jam 2016 and has been completely redesigned for its Definitive Edition. There is a killer to get you out, and this happens again and again. You are stuck in the loop of time — you will find a way to escape. Awake immediately attracts the player’s attention with confident and stylish visual effects, high-quality voice acting and an elegant user interface, so much so that you will be forgiven for having forgotten that you were playing a game. But where it really surpasses, that «ah-ha» moment, when you realize that it has gone beyond the limits of a well-thought adventure and fell into the realm of innovative game design.
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