RWBY Grimm Eclipse v1.9.03r - PLAZA

RWBY Grimm Eclipse torrent download
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RWBY Grimm Eclipse — cooperative action, which is recreated based on the eponymous Japanese works. This adventure project will allow you to pass yourself in solitary mode and online, fighting alongside each other against terrible mutants. Prepare for dynamic battles with darkness — Grimm, fighting enemies on known, on anime series, locations, as well as recently added levels in the Remnant universe. The player will be given the opportunity to play for one of four female warriors: Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Young. This adventure will open for you new plot twists and turns of your favorite series, will open the terrible villains, and also show the most terrible enemies.
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Celeste v1.2.6.1

Celeste torrent download
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Celeste is a game in the style of hardcore action combined with a platformer, where you have to solve thousands of gloomy secrets and find a huge number of caches hidden throughout the vast game world. This world has prepared for you a lot of difficulties, which will not be so easy to overcome. Here you have to play the role of a brave girl named Madeline, who goes on a long journey to climb to the top of the high mountain Celeste. You are waited by hundreds of the most different levels, each of which is filled with fascinating tasks and dangerous tests.

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Big Pharma v1.08.04 - STEAMPUNKS

Big Pharma torrent download
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Big Pharma is a new simulator on the topic related to medicine, where you have to create and take control of your own pharmacy. Starting from scratch, you can gradually create a huge pharmaceutical company that will be multifunctional and meet the needs of any client who has entered. You need to create all kinds of existing medicines, and also to start creating new, more advanced ones, mixing different components. Your main goal will be the resumption of production, and then earning a good amount of money. As soon as you earn the necessary amount of money, immediately make a contribution to your business, thereby expanding and improving your domain. Take control of the economic component, update the equipment and hire professionals.

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Transistor v1.50440 - GOG

Transistor torrent download
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Transistor — a very original project from the studio Supergiant Games, combining action with role-playing game. And it is original first of all by a plot. On artah one can easily notice how gently the main character hugs a huge lightsaber. This sword is the Transistor, and endowed with remarkable strength. And the heroine is gentle to him because the soul of the young stranger who saved her life is kept in him. And this soul talks to her, gives valuable instructions. Who is this girl? Singer named Ed. Some organization tried to kill her, but that same young man was on time nearby. And now they are together looking for extinguishers to get revenge.
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Burden v1.0 Build 20190118 - SKIDROW

Burden torrent download
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Burden is a unique game in its performance that belongs to the RPG genre and will definitely have to all fans of this style. Here you have to assume the role of an even hero, which you will not develop, but on the contrary — to monitor its aging and fading, coping with the many trials that fate will throw up to him. The story will tell you about the main character — a simple, but very brave man, who was overtaken by life difficulty and he was faced with an incurable disease.
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City of Brass Alchemists Draft v1.5 - CODEX

City of Brass torrent download
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City of Brass is a computer project in the genre of Rogalika, developed in the style of the east, namely, according to the type of 1000 and one night. The main character in his presence will have a strong saber and strong whip, which will help him in the battle with numerous rivals. The whip is useful for you when it is necessary to stun the enemy, to overcome difficulties on the way, and also to destroy the various traps that ill-wishers have prepared for you. Of course, the main attribute in the battle will be a saber, which can easily cut the opponent into small pieces. You need to set a goal: go as fast as possible to the end of the level, sticking for a certain period of time. All levels will be different, and also have useful items and precious treasures. Along the way, you will meet gins that you can sell mined, thereby getting a good profit.

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The Long Dark Redux v1.46 - PLAZA

The Long Dark Redux torrent download
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The Long Dark is another computer game that includes the rather popular theme of survival in the wild. You find yourself in the depths of Northern Canada, where there is eternal cold. Your main character moved through the air on an airplane, but suddenly, something went wrong and your airliner crashes in unknown lands. You and a few other people survived, and now you have to do everything possible to save your life and return home. You have to go around the area in search of useful resources, as well as build a safe haven so that all sorts of creatures could not reach you. In the course of the game you will be able to meet other survivors in the territory, but not all will be hostile. Lead, collect items and build a house. In the game you have plenty of opportunities, and with some effort you will undoubtedly cope with all the problems.

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The Long Dark v1.46 (44395) - PLAZA

The Long Dark torrent download
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The Long Dark — this is one of the simulators of survival, which is very realistic about the health of the hero. So, as a result of a magnetic storm aircraft, whose main pilot you are suffering disaster somewhere in the dense forests of Canada. Since you are surrounded by extremely harsh conditions, it is winter with its strong frosts and very aggressive animals, and the most dangerous moment is the presence of other survivors. To begin with, you should explore the area, find a suitable shelter and acquire personal protective equipment, which for sure you will find it useful. Do not trust anyone, every one of the people you meet is very dangerous and this meeting may be your last.

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