Europa Universalis IV Golden Century v1.28.3 - CODEX

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Europa Universalis IV Golden Century — developers are trying to show the events that India has the right to exist. Each colonial territory holds a mark along with the main state, trying to honor the memory of ancestors, trying to improve relations in the trade industry. The nations must get a chance to become one, so that conflicts no longer arise, everything turns into righteousness and bestows the best years on the people. The reason for this «love» is the following: neighboring powers seek to gain respect among the surrounding lands in order to bring the state into the arena of Asia for sale. It was here that the first «gold mine» was able to fill the treasury.

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theHunter Call of the Wild Parque Fernando v1.29 (upd.05.02.2019) - CODEX

Torrent theHunter Call of the Wild Parque Fernando download free pc
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theHunter Call of the Wild Parque Fernando — the most dynamic and most realistic in our time hunting simulator. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and the world is as realistic as possible, which will allow you to feel yourself in a world where you will hunt for the most diverse representatives of the animal world. The game can please with its sound effects, as well as the physics of action, which greatly complements the cool atmosphere. You find yourself in a huge world, the area of which exceeds thirteen thousand hectares of land. Each piece contains a huge number of animals that you have to hunt.

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HammerHelm v9.3 (upd.05.02.2019)

Torrent HammerHelm download free pc
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HammerHelm is a real colony simulator in which you will have to lead a gnome colony and turn it into a huge city adapted to life on the surface. The dwarfs lived in their underground mines for a long time, but suddenly they wanted to come to the surface and show themselves to the whole world. You also have to lead a clan of dwarves and create a city on the surface in which all the dwarves could live in peace, enjoying the sun and sky. But alas, not everything is as simple as we would like. Firstly, the world is not so friendly — all the time there are more and more new enemies, always someone attacks, all the time there is a war. Secondly, life under a clear sky is full of troubles, which will continually arise in the course of moving along the storyline. But thirdly, the more your city becomes, the harder it will be for the dwarves to get along in it.
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Disgaea 5 Complete v20190204 - CODEX

Torrent Disgaea 5 Complete download free pc
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Disgaea 5 Complete — RPG in combination with the strategy, where you have to go to a fantasy world with a lot of interesting puzzles and rather difficult challenges. In general, the gameplay includes eight bonus scenarios at once with different development of the plot lines, four unique favorite characters, and also three classes, to each of which you can relate your main character. You will have the opportunity to create a character yourself, to give it certain characteristics and features, and also to pay attention to the destruction of all enemies on the way. Also, you will be able to receive your combat arsenal and equipment — all this will definitely help you in that or other resistance. Enemies will be very clever and cunning, so try to be attentive and improve your abilities as it should. In this game there are practically no restrictions. The world is open to exploration and study, the opponent is difficult in battle, and the variety of weapons goes off-scale.​
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Ultimate Fishing Simulator Moraine Lake DLC v1.3.1.389 - CODEX

Torrent Ultimate Fishing Simulator Moraine Lake DLC download free pc
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The game simulator Ultimate Fishing Simulator Moraine Lake DLC shows that even simple fishing in an instant can be a pleasant pastime, and the caught fish will surely bring a good reward. Now, you can easily visit new graphic locations, meet banal adventures, break free and have a good time. Never need to hurry and pull out the fish, let it put on the hook and lose all their strength. The project allows you to see several non-standard solutions at the same time, as beautiful design, high-quality graphics, virtual reality and many other moments show that the representatives of the developers class have tried so much for our leisure.

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Not in Heaven v1.1 (upd.25.02.2019) - PLAZA

Torrent Not in Heaven download free pc
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Not in Heaven is a surrealist third-person horror adventure game in which you will play for Emily, an eight-year-old girl. After the death of her mother, Emily’s father had to educate her himself. Once Emily wakes up in a hospital ward, the last thing she remembers is a trip with her father. Help Emily find her father, the problem is that when you try to get out of this hospital room, you find something you don’t expect. Third-person perspective, solving puzzles, intense horror, atmosphere, you’re a child, you are helpless against any threat, Xbox360 controller, nice graphics, optimized graphics. You can play at 60FPS in 4K using, for example, the GTX 680, the original soundtrack, a touching and scary story.

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COLINA Legacy v20190204 - PLAZA

Torrent COLINA Legacy download free pc
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COLINA Legacy is a three-dimensional walk-up type game where, as the main character, you will cope with all the representatives of the evil world who dare to stand in the way of the goal. The story tells you about Alex — a simple man with a simple destiny, who was suddenly overwhelmed with trouble. The thing is that he was in an unknown way in the parent machine, and at that time there was absolutely no one around him. You understand where you are and make a decision to immediately go to the house where your grandmother lives.
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Disjunction v18.2.4 (upd.05.02.2019)

Torrent Disjunction download free pc
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Disjunction is an entertaining RPG game with elements of indie, action and stealth. Designed in a retro style, which gives it a certain zest. The game provides an opportunity to practice shooting with firearms, as well as teach how to use cold weapons. Your task is to help the characters overcome the lawlessness. Return to your hometown a quiet life without crime and everyday shooting. The events of the game Disjunction, transfer us to the future, to New York in 2048. The city is empty, all residents now live in the suburbs, because urban existence is impossible due to environmental disaster. A large gathering of people in one locality leads to the development of crime, which no punitive body can overcome. Anarchy and unrest — this is what surrounds the townspeople.
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Robot Rumble 2 v05.02.2019

Torrent Robot Rumble 2 download free pc
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Robot Rumble 2 is a simulation game where you can build your own robot from scratch and then plunge into the adventure world with it. Here you will take part in competitions, in which only the strongest can win. Build a robot like you can do, given each element. In the arsenal there will be a mass of different parts, of which you will assemble the future combat vehicle. Try to fight at different levels of difficulty to improve your skills. Take part in world battles to score as many extra points as possible. After you create your killing machine, go to the battle arena to fight other representatives of the world of combat vehicles. Enemies will often have superpower and know a lot of tricks to destroy you. Here you will need the ability to correctly draw up a plan of action, making tricks quickly and dynamically. Heavyweights will be your enemies, defeat from will not be easy, so take care of the constant, all-round improvement of your hero.
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