Evoland Legendary Edition v20190207 - PLAZA

Evoland Legendary Edition torrent download
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Evoland Legendary Edition — a real find for fans of role-playing games. You will begin your journey with the most ancient graphics and mechanics, and you will end with modern 3D animation, real-time battles and twisted tasks. In the course of the passage of Evoland you will discover new technologies such as quests, monsters, weapons and graphic improvements. Before us is a toy, which is the most real journey through various processes throughout the gaming industry. Gradually, the various levels will acquire more and more in color and in graphics, which each of you can directly verify. In fact, this adventure is almost completely filled with a variety of humorous parodies, which you will have to remember for a long time. Comic characters, different variants of the further development of events that depend on you are waiting for you​
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Descenders v29.11.2018 - SKIDROW

Descenders torrent download
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Descenders - a cool and dynamic game project created in the style of action, where you have to go into the wonderful world of the most extreme and enchanting races. You will go on an incredible adventure, saddling your iron horse, on which you will win more and more rewards, if you try to create all the conditions to achieve your goal.

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Talisman Digital Edition v07.02.2019 + The Realm of Souls - PLAZA

Talisman Digital Edition torrent download
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Talisman Digital Edition is a standalone addition that does not require the original to the card game Talisman Prologue. Unlike the original, the game has endured a number of improvements, and the main difference is multiplayer up to six people. Of course, Talisman: Digital Edition can be played alone. If you like good and exciting card games with nice graphics, then Talisman is one of the best in its genre. It is also worth noting that the game is already sewn crack, so that you can quickly understand the rules and nuances. The world of fantasy re-opens its domain to the players, this time the Talisman Digital Edition will help to get into an incredibly exciting universe. You can go on a dangerous journey by grabbing your friends.
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Fade to Silence v1.0.1759 - 3DM

Fade to Silence torrent download
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THQ Nordic after the recovery again begins to conquer the gaming market and this time the company introduced the game Fade to Silence — a new survival in the new universe. This time the players will take on the role of a certain Asha — a survivor who is ready to fight not only with the horrors of a post-apocalyptic frozen world, but also with nature itself, which every day becomes more severe and does not intend to give people new hopes for survival. Fade to Silence to download the torrent and you can go to a fascinating adventure that will surely catch you by its originality, unusual surroundings and other interesting details.

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Rising Lords v0.0.4 - SKIDROW

Rising Lords torrent download
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Rising Lords is a turn-based strategy game with elements of a board-based card game. Before you is a map on which your and enemy troops are arranged in the form of table figures. Move your troops one by one, and use the cards you have received to gain an advantage over the enemy. The game takes place in medieval Europe with all the types of troops of that time. In addition to the quick battles in the game, there is a storyline that requires serious leadership qualities. The player is not enough to be a skilled strategist on the battlefield, you also need to carefully monitor the internal problems of the kingdom. After all, the rebellious peasants at the most inopportune moment, worse than any enemy army.

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