The Stillness of the Wind v1.0.7

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Numerous interactive stories sometimes make you think about a lot. Try the game The Stillness of the Wind — try to achieve a good result in the process of passing. Adventure game is an amazing story about how a small village gradually lost all the inhabitants, until there was just one man named Talma. The woman vowed never to leave her native expanses, even being the last inhabitant. And if she did it or not, you will know personally. You will have to take care of your farm, try to find new ways of development and just enjoy an interesting gameplay. I would like to note that gradually you will receive letters from your relatives, who have long moved to the city. They write and ask your hero to go to them, but the heart prompts that it is absolutely impossible to do this. And what caused this decision, and why the main character is afraid of the city. Be prepared, you will find a large number of unexpected discoveries, many of which will be shocking.
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Diluvion Resubmerged v1.2.33

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Diluvion Resubmerged is a game that has no analogues in the modern game world, a masterpiece that draws into its world a lot of everything that is not found in any sandbox of modern times. The plot revolves around the events after the Flood that enveloped the Earth and turned it into an icy planet with no life on the surface. But life is not only on the surface, while entire settlements live under the ice. It is there that, in the new underwater world, the user is invited to play an important role. You are the commander of one of the many submarines, your task is to look at the simplest at first glance — to explore the depths, to travel around the endless depths of the Earth, to search for new opportunities and to arrange life under water.
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