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Ancient Frontier Steel Shadows — an excellent representative of the RPG genre, where you find yourself in a dynamic world and try to pass all the tests prepared by him. The storyline will send you to a distant future, where humanity has already reached incredible heights in the exploration of outer space. As a result, the world decided to create a separate space Federation, which will take control of all aspects of the space program. The game offers you to take on the role of the apostate Rogan Harker, who went against the power of the Federation. The thing is that until recently you were sitting behind the prison bars, and after graduation you decided to go in search of your old friends in order to start life from scratch.

This game has been updated 11-02-2019, 04:19 to the latest version v1.05 (upd.20190210).

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Supralympic Runners - PLAZA

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Supralympic Runners is a first-person competition runner with procedurally generated tracks, in which you play the role of a robotic super-runner. You are waiting for the coolest trials, to win that will need really nerves of steel. Run as far as possible, avoid obstacles on your way and hurry while the gate is still open. Unlike many endless runners, you can control the speed of the run thanks to the rear thruster. This speed is determined by the physical parameters of the engine thrust and legs, as well as the body resistance. In fact, this is not an automatic forward, but a mechanic with minimal movement, forcing you to run. The runway has no railways.
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Super Pixel Racers v1.0 (upd.10.02.2019)

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Super Pixel Racers — there are not so many racing games, but nevertheless they appear on the open spaces of the gaming market and delight with their high level of drive. You should not lose the opportunity and just start playing new pixel entertainment, which will definitely please you. The main thing is to be patient, because the races are long and unpredictable. You should not hastily draw conclusions based on the appearance of the racing game. Despite its rather modest design, in the game you will have access to very different content.
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