The Wild Age v0.54.007

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The Wild Age is at the same time a strategy, a survival game, a role-playing game, and even with an admixture of the Tower Defense genre. Here you will have to engage in the creation of a settlement, deal with social issues and tasks of people, defend and fight, survive and travel. But the main feature of this game is a huge open world in which you can do anything. Travel, explore the world around you, hire settlers to perform various jobs, develop, and in general, do whatever you want. At the same time, for each individual settlement you will have certain goals to be achieved, so do not forget about them.
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The Escapists 2 v1.1.10 - PLAZA

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Continuation of the popular escape simulator from prison The Escapists 2 was again developed by Team17. You have to play for a criminal who plans a grand escape. At the beginning, you need to select a character (set appearance and name). You find yourself in the most guarded place. Go to the dining room, shower, for a walk and again behind bars, spend your personal time. After the end of the day, progress is saved, and you will be able to load a control point in the event of a mission failure.

This game has been updated 11-04-2019, 04:08 to the latest version v1.1.10.

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The Caligula Effect Overdose v20190314 - CODEX

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The Caligula Effect Overdose — Möbius, an idyllic world that lets people forget about pain and the problems of reality. This world, created by Mu’s sensible vocaloid program, makes reality and fantasy blurred, allowing people to endlessly go through carefree school years — but how real is virtual happiness. The Caligula Effect Overdose is a completely revised and enhanced version of the original game, previously released on PS Vita.​
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Hypnospace Outlaw - PLAZA

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​Have you ever imagined an Internet simulator of the 90s of the last century? If not, then Tendershoot’s new Hypnospace Outlaw is capable of immersing you in a world of true nostalgic romance in seconds. Surf in the open spaces of the virtual web, get a prehistoric operating system, customize it to your own taste and desire, and also do not forget about the constant struggle with spam, pop-up windows and annoying notifications. In other words, welcome to the distant past, when the trees were taller, the grass is greener, and the Internet worked with the speed of movement of the average snail.​
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Crimson Metal Redux v1.0 - PLAZA

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Crimson Metal Redux — this is an experimental game created using FPS Creator, which is trying to bring back the atmosphere of the old school, hardcore, dynamic, brutal and complex game events of the early 90s. Four elite anti-terrorism units are storming secret weapons and cyborgs facilities. But neither the personnel, nor the chief commander, nor the place of production of the cyborgs are determined. All four squads find themselves in a death trap without any chance of escaping or contacting the outside world. As Adam Crimson, the only survivor in the Omega team, you will pass through a chain of psychological and physical tests that together exceed the strength of an ordinary person. Many traps, hundreds of cyborgs, thousands of cruel mutants will stand in your way to freedom.
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