First Person Tennis - The Real Tennis Simulator - SKIDROW

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First Person Tennis The Real Tennis Simulator — fascinating and unique in its kind tennis simulator, which was specifically designed for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and WMR. This means that the game supports the possibility of playing in the mode of virtual reality. The game also works in non-VR mode and can be played with the joystick or keyboard. Now you can play on a real tennis court and meet with professional tennis players. You will have to show all your technical and tactical skills. The game is designed for a gamepad or keyboard, too.
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Megaquarium v1.3.5g - SKIDROW

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Megaquarium is another one of many economical simulators, but here you will not manage a city or a company, but a thematic marine amusement park, a huge aquarium park. Create your own personal amusement park on the marine theme, get as many different types of fish as possible, arrange a tour of the park and show the virtual inhabitants how huge the water world of our universe is. Starting with just a few animals and a large exhibition hall, you will be able to gradually develop your park to incredible sizes, building new rooms, equipping them at your discretion, populating aquariums with new kinds of fish and sea creatures.

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Victory At Sea Pacific v1.4.0 Royal Navy - PLAZA

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Here you can see the work of the well-known studio Evil Twin Artworks, a game called Victory At Sea Pacific, which is positioned by the developer as a strategy with an element of action and a simulation of managing a navy. The unimaginable scale of hostilities on the water and in the coastal zones, the Pacific expanses that you have to plow through water and air in an attempt to detect the enemy and bow before its fleet, a sea of possibilities that allow you to carry out such maneuvers that you could not carry out before — All this will allow you to feel the atmosphere of one hundred percent. And in general, having decided to download Victory At Sea Pacific through torrent for free from our website, you can see the war from a different angle, learn about sea battles and participate in them personally, leading your fleet.

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Myha Return to the Lost Island v15.04.2019 - PLAZA

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Myha Return to the Lost Island — a new adventure game that tightly led the collaboration between Simon Mesnard ASA Space Adventure, Catyph, Kitrinos and Denis Martin Roonsenv. Created on the modern engine Unreal Engine 4, the first game of the Black Cube series, which implements a full three-dimensional graphics. This is a remake of the free original 2D game Micah 2016 with new puzzles, an improved island, improved gameplay, updated history and much more. All new original soundtracks written by Olivier Mori. Challenge your skills with the Black Cube series to thoroughly explore the world, making notes on a piece of paper and solving puzzles with advanced difficulty to progress in the game. A full ten hours of gameplay, animated intro and final videos, English French voices, an exciting fantastic story.
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The Cinema Rosa v15.04.2019 + Update 1 - PLAZA

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The Cinema Rosa is an adventure story game whose actions take place in an abandoned cinema. Explore a unique Art Deco-style cinema, filled with grim riddles, puzzles and ghosts. Can you bring peace to these haunted rooms and bring back the golden age of Hollywood, or will the cinema collapse and collapse. Uncover the story of two lovers who bought the cinema as a passionate project before things went downhill. Follow the story of their relationship, as they unfold along with the story of the decline of cinema, the two stories work as parallel stories.

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Tangledeep Legend of Shara - PLAZA

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A new tale Legend of Shara in the world of Tangledeep begins. Explore new territories, reach great heights of power and experience, discover ancient relics, fight and tame dozens of new monsters, and experience a completely new story, like a globe, with unique gameplay, bosses, and encounters. Is a complete addition to Tangledeep that adds breadth and depth to every aspect of the game for players of all levels of skill and experience! From new early game floors and monsters to wild new postgame content and everything in between.
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