Irony Curtain From Matryoshka with Love - Razor1911

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​Irony Curtain From Matryoshka with Love will transfer players to the fictional state of Matryoshka, in which communism dictatorship flourishes. So that other countries could be convinced of the advantages of the communist system, a Western journalist was invited to Matryoshka, who will see the nobility of a fearless Leader.​

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Deathbloom Chapter 1 v20190516 - PLAZA

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Deathbloom Chapter 1 — the game was inspired by survival horror classics. The estate and its adjoining property spread out in a maze of corridors, bedrooms, foyer, libraries, classrooms, galleries, gardens and much more. Filled with puzzles, traps and hidden passages that explore the secrets of property and its deadly inhabitants. It was handwritten and informed my mother that her father had died on his estate in Massachusetts after a long struggle with a chronic disease.
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Spark the Electric Jester 2 - HOODLUM

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The developers of the second part of the game Spark the Electric Jester 2 drew inspiration from the old 16-bit games, and in particular from the cult game about Sonic. Before you is a jester named Spark who will save the planet from robots who decided to destroy it one day. Oh, these robots, they have long infuriated Spark, they took many of the work, and then came the hour of reckoning. This project will continue the adventures of Sonic. But only now, you have to play the role of Spark, the new hero, the old story. Your task is to save the world from evil robots. Pass along with your character, through the labyrinths of the underground city, and destroy as many enemies as possible.
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Heartbound v1.0.7.b - SKIDROW

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Heartbound — an adventure silt project presented to users in the style of an RPG, where you have to learn the story of one little boy who falls into the big world to meet with numerous adventures, and in some moments even hazards. Also, you should get acquainted with the best friend of our main character — his faithful dog, who will accompany him throughout the gameplay. All the way to the goal you will encounter various kinds of puzzles, which are not so easy to solve, without having the proper level of skills. Moreover, you will make new acquaintances, or enter into fabulous battles with the most diverse inhabitants of this dangerous, but at the same time very diverse world.

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StarsOne v15.05.2019 - SKIDROW

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StarsOne is a new game project under development where you have to fight for your life using any available means. History will take you to a distant future, namely in the year 2125, when more and more new planets colonize. When the planet was fully prepared, a group of colonists was sent there to study and make it suitable for life. But suddenly something went wrong and the connection with the Earth was lost. The colonists were gone, and on Earth it was decided to send a group of researchers to investigate the incident, which will include our main character. As soon as you arrive at the orbit of the required planet, you will immediately be shipwrecked. The whole group has broken up on the planet and now you have to find each other, having overcome many obstacles and fighting with crowds of rivals.

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Deep Rock Galactic v0.24

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Deep Rock Galactic is a sci-fi shooter about space gnomes who will go on a meteorite and take part in adventures that will leave their mark on your memories for a long time. Space gnomes with cool weapons and incredible abilities, monsters and mutants, a cooperative mission mode, several specialization classes to choose from, a wide range of weapons, destructible environments and insane atmosphere — all this is not a complete list of the advantages that belong to this game.

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