Tabletop Gods v1.0 (upd.16.05.2019) - PLAZA

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Tabletop Gods is an explosive and most dynamic game in the style of action, where you have to lead a large-scale army, and then go to the destruction of enemy forces. You will enter the world of the board game, where there will be plenty of battle fields. Defeating your opponent will be a very difficult task, but you will definitely be able to cope with all this if you put a lot of effort into it. Take command of a large-scale army, install powerful and treacherous traps on the battlefield, and also engage in the total destruction of all who dare to stand in your way. Try in every way to strengthen your defense.

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House Flipper Garden - CODEX

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The Garden Flipper DLC for the House Flipper game will bring to the game the care of your garden. House Flipper is a game in which players are waiting for the opportunity to become a man-repair team, and to restore the dilapidated housing. Players can either restore houses, collect their ideal dream home, or give free rein to their anger and break something, turning it into ruins. And then try to sell it all.
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House Flipper v1.16 + DLC - CODEX

House Flipper torrent download
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House Flipper is a repair worker simulator that will allow you to buy, sell, demolish, repair, furnish and decorate rooms with your own hands. Sometimes, you get completely hopeless housing, killed by mold, parasites, time and anything, but you can make a candy even from this with a set of tools provided by the game House Flipper. You can create the home of your dreams and sell it on very favorable terms. And if everything is completely hopeless, then to hell with this junk and do something new. Repair, show your design talent, and then show all the skills of the merchant, selling the result of his work.

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Irony Curtain From Matryoshka with Love - Razor1911

Irony Curtain From Matryoshka with Love torrent download
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​Irony Curtain From Matryoshka with Love will transfer players to the fictional state of Matryoshka, in which communism dictatorship flourishes. So that other countries could be convinced of the advantages of the communist system, a Western journalist was invited to Matryoshka, who will see the nobility of a fearless Leader.​
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Deathbloom Chapter 1 v20190516 - PLAZA

Deathbloom Chapter 1 torrent download
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Deathbloom Chapter 1 — the game was inspired by survival horror classics. The estate and its adjoining property spread out in a maze of corridors, bedrooms, foyer, libraries, classrooms, galleries, gardens and much more. Filled with puzzles, traps and hidden passages that explore the secrets of property and its deadly inhabitants. It was handwritten and informed my mother that her father had died on his estate in Massachusetts after a long struggle with a chronic disease.
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Spark the Electric Jester 2 - HOODLUM

Spark the Electric Jester 2 torrent download
The developers of the second part of the game Spark the Electric Jester 2 drew inspiration from the old 16-bit games, and in particular from the cult game about Sonic. Before you is a jester named Spark who will save the planet from robots who decided to destroy it one day. Oh, these robots, they have long infuriated Spark, they took many of the work, and then came the hour of reckoning. This project will continue the adventures of Sonic. But only now, you have to play the role of Spark, the new hero, the old story. Your task is to save the world from evil robots. Pass along with your character, through the labyrinths of the underground city, and destroy as many enemies as possible.
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Surviving Mars Green Planet - CODEX

Surviving Mars Green Planet torrent download
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Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games have announced a paid extension for the Surviving Mars strategy called Green Planet. It will add at least two important functions to the game — terraforming and gardening. Among other innovations, special projects are mentioned, such as the capture of ice asteroids, the seven wonders of Mars in the form of huge technological buildings and the climatic cataclysms of acid rain is just one of them.
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Surviving Mars v20190516 (Green Planet) - CODEX

Surviving Mars torrent download
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Surviving Mars — a game developed in the genre of the simulator, where under your king gets the construction of a huge and multifunctional city. You will go to a distant and dangerous adventure into space, namely to a planet called Mars, which you have to colonize, creating there all the conditions for the life of the human race. The planet that you need to go to, stores a huge number of secrets and secrets, and here you are waiting for hard trials and various dangers. Try to take control of all aspects of the activity. So, for example, you have to establish the extraction and supply of resources, since they are fundamental for the preservation of life. You must have enough water and food, as well as sunlight, up to the air! In addition, you must carefully monitor the construction of this or that building, so that it is right and comfortable. It is the design to create on the red planet will not be so easy, it will take a lot of ingenuity and skill.

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Fantasy Blacksmith v1.1.3

Fantasy Blacksmith torrent download
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Fantasy Blacksmith — forge simulator. You will create amazing patterns of bladed weapons. Initially, there will be little experience, but with time there will be enough skill to create masterpieces. We will add some mini-games for a variety of gameplay. Currently, cubes and darts are being developed. There will also be added artificial intelligence opponents. In mini-games you can try to sell your goods at an inflated price or play for money or rare artifacts with visitors of your smithy.

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Sand A Superfluous Game v0.3.0

Sand A Superfluous Game torrent download
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Sand A Superfluous Game is a deep RPG sandbox with an open world in which you have to build a base, collect resources, trade and even fight with other survivors. Before you, the planet of the future, after the asteroid crash to Earth, most of the people and animals died out, and the rest are trying to survive on a desert planet filled with various mutants. RPG survival with an open world. Although the game looks outwardly primitive, it still has extensive capabilities and ambitious plans for the developer. Before you is the Earth of the future, devastated after the fall of the asteroid. Most of the people died out, and those lucky enough to survive, are now fighting for resources. Collect resources, build a base, trade with other cities, fight mutants and try to implement the plan of a mysterious cube coming down from the sky.

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