Generals and Rulers v1.0

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Generals and Rulers is a strategy game developed by Hamsters Gaming for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of history, and you can highlight the following features strategy, indie, history, medieval, turn-based, war, tactics, turn-based strategy, turn-based tactics, military actions and others. You will have access to such game modes for both multi-player and massive multiplayer.
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Equilinox v1.7.0b - 3DM

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Equilinox is a sandbox game where you will be able to independently develop your ecosystem from beginning to end. Ecosystems will be mass, and each can be unique in its performance, inhabiting different types of animals and plants. To make the land more fertile, you need to plant as many plants as possible on them. The more animals live in your system, the more extra points you will have. For these points you will be able to transform various useful items that will help you cope with the task easier. Each representative of flora and fauna has its own development cycle, which you need to follow as closely as possible.

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Ancestors Legacy Build 63724 - SKIDROW

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Ancestors Legacy — a game presented to the world in the genre of strategy, where all actions will occur in real time. The basis of the plot is based on real events in the world, from which your pastime will be as realistic as possible, because you can immerse yourself in this magnificent atmosphere with your head. To begin with, you need to select your main character by customizing certain characteristics, external data and features, and also referring it to one of the four proposed nations. Each nation has certain characteristics and characteristics that will help you destroy all enemies on the road. The main thing is the tactics of actions, where you have to take every detail into account. Graphics in the game is also performed at the highest level.

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Signs of Life v0.14.4 - SKIDROW

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Signs of Life is a science fiction game with a large-scale and beautiful open world that carries a lot of possibilities. The time has come to the fact that a global war has begun all over the planet, as a result of which the Earth was destroyed and became no longer suitable for life. Now mankind needs to do everything to find a new home. To achieve the goal, the UN created an order to build two spacecraft. One, Hephaestus, which was basic and intended to be overcome by rather large distances. Also, a ship was created called Hermes, which was small in size, and its function was to explore. An earth-like planet was found with the help of Hermes. Four years have passed since Hephaestus went to an uncharted planet on board with a group of colonists. But things did not go as we would like, and your spaceship crashed. Only you survived.

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Life is Hard v2019.06.02

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Life is Hard is a pixel 2D strategy in which the player assumes the role of leader of a small community. Your task is to create a prosperous city and, maybe, even a powerful state. Erect new buildings, increase the number of inhabitants, explore the world, colonize new islands, find partners for trade, strengthen the faith in God from your inhabitants — do whatever you want, but try to make your people the most powerful.
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Busy Spider - SKIDROW

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Busy Spider your mercy as the main character is a form of entertainment, is obliged to resist opponents and the influx of attacks. Your mercy is obliged in this adventurous form of entertainment from the creator of yousoi, to protect your own zone. Do not miss the period, start the initial attack and put a laurel wreath on the enemy. Interesting 3D fun, in which place your grace battles the importance of the spider, which has a grid of well-being and energy, control the characteristics, what would be defective to carry out the battle. Prudence and determination are a fierce struggle, apply territory, apply strategy, hide in tropical forests, defeat opponents and achieve the fruits of victory.
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