Book of Demons v1.02 - PLAZA

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Book of Demons is an adventure role-playing game with an interesting process and an open world. Here you will play the role of the main character, whose actions will depend on the value of the drawn card. Cards will be your main weapon throughout the gameplay. With their help, you will be able to have the ability to impose on the enemy a variety of spells that can in two accounts kill him. In addition, you can fight face to face with a rival, using various methods and tricks against him, turn on your wits. Create various potions that will somehow influence the main character, whose role you will play. You will be able to create a potion to restore strength or health, as well as gain power. The visual component of this project seems to be cut out of paper, which is quite pleasant to watch while undergoing this or that test. On the way you will meet the most different types of monsters, fighting with which you will gain experience points and skills.

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Northgard Relics v1.7.13595 - PLAZA

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The game Northgard Relics, created by the studio Shiro Games, combines elements of projects such as Banished and Civilization VI, and is presented in the genre of strategy, the events in which develop in real time. The decoration is made like a fairy-tale setting based on Norse mythology. It will be about the Vikings, who discovered the rich land of Nordgard. In addition to enormous resources, there are dangers and secrets. Gameplay is characterized by classic tasks for the genre. Users will be engaged in the expansion and development of the territory, the extraction and use of various resources. In addition, it can not do without a battle with opponents, and the achievement of the tasks.

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Dungeons 3 v1.6.1 + Famous Last Words - CODEX

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Dungeons 3 — a strategy that shows the world of dungeons, in which you have to fight on the side of evil. In the story, the priestess of the Dark Elves, known as Talia, went over to the Lord of the Underground. Now the plans to conquer the upper world may well come true, because the priestess is capable of much and will show her strength in battle. Having led the forces of evil, having built a dark kingdom, consisting of underground communications, gloomy corridors, dangerous traps, you can give vent to your imagination. Bring in battle the dark troops, all evil spirits now, under your power, craves blood and conquest. Show the forces of good and light the true powers of the dark side and the priestesses of Talia.

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Dungeons 3 Famous Last Words v1.6.1 - CODEX

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The release of the final add-on for the Dungeons 3 strategy, called Famous Last Words. Addon proposes a new campaign on three cards, with a new boss the Narrator and his minions. In the story, the Underworld Lord suffers from depression, and the reason is that there is nothing more Good in the world that could be destroyed. But suddenly there is a heated discussion between Talia, his faithful assistant, and the Narrator, which certainly will not let you get bored.

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Brief Battles v1.02.2 (upd.05.06.2019) - CODEX

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Brief Battles is a fun multi-player game that is difficult to attribute to any genre of computer games, and it was developed by Juicy Cupcake. The company was founded in 2012 and many times held numerous competitions. One of them was a demo called Melon Quest, which turned into a game here. In Brief Battles, players play the role of funny characters fighting each other in their underwear. At the beginning of the game, players must change their appearance. Panties can be purchased during the game. Armed with the chosen enemy, they traditionally try to jump on the head. The gameplay is purely arcade.

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Kingdom Two Crowns v1.0.4 - SKIDROW

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Kingdom Two Crowns is a unique in its performance game that will send you to the field of action, where you will become a participant in an unusual adventure. Fundamental gameplay can be noted cooperative passage, which will allow you to have a great time in the company of your friends, conquering this open and colorful world. Users will do their best to develop the kingdom for the better, as well as perform a variety of missions that will bring additional bonuses. You have to do everything you can to take success into your own hands. You can ask for help from others, or help the monarchs who need it.

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Clone Drone in the Danger Zone v0.14.1.40 - SKIDROW

Torrent Clone Drone in the Danger Zone download free pc
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Clone Drone in the Danger Zone — a cool and dynamic arcade game, where your mind is transferred to an iron robot that will destroy everything around. Your body as a result of certain events was destroyed, so you had to convict yourself of iron. You get to the death scene with a mass of powerful enemies who will constantly try to destroy you. If you still manage to survive, you will improve, thereby opening a more powerful weapon. In case of defeat, create your own clone, which will fight to the last on the battlefield. You need to act correctly, not giving a chance to win to any opponent, because your every action will be described by the commentator. Your weapon will be a ruthless sword that will help you kill even the strongest opponent.

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Fling to the Finish v0.6.28

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Fling to the Finish is a colorful three-dimensional platformer built on physics, where you have to go through many difficult obstacles. But there is one problem, you and your friends will be connected with each other. What does it mean? And this means the following — to achieve the goal you have to learn how to work as a team. Take part in an exciting local multiplayer, enjoy truly fun competitions, bypass various traps and try not to fall from a great height.
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Trover Saves the Universe v05.06.2019 - HOODLUM

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Trover Saves the Universe — an unusual three-dimensional game project in the genre of platformer, which is not so easy to pass. Unusually in the game, here you will take on the role of the main character, who will also play the role of the main character. The storyline will send you to the game space, which will introduce you to Trover. The thing is that his beloved dogs have been kidnapped and now he intends to return them to whatever it is. Glorkon is your main rival, who dared to shove the dogs into his eye sockets, thereby sucking their energy.
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Weedcraft Inc v1.2.1 - CODEX

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Weedcraft Inc is an ambiguous economic strategy with a claim to a stripped-down version of a farm simulator developed by Vile Monarch, a company of Polish igrodels who gave the world of indie games an insult simulator called Oh … Sir ! The Insult Simulator. In the new game from this studio, players are invited to engage in groving growing marijuana on an industrial scale.

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