Metro Sim Hustle v0.9.4

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Metro Sim Hustle — being an ordinary hard worker, no one forbids you to use the various temptations of life. You can go to the club and enjoy a pleasant holiday with a drink. What about the usual walk and dating with a pretty girl? Or maybe you want a big salary? Then you can think about how to do far from such legitimate affairs. By the way, the purchase of an apartment and its situation will also fall on your shoulders, as well as acquaintances with further relations.
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The Wardrobe Even Better Edition upd.080.06.2019 - PLAZA

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The Wardrobe Even Better Edition game is an unusual, but very interesting story about two guys who were friends with each other. But this friendship played a cruel joke with them, as a result of which one decided to secretly give the other plums, unaware that his friend was severely allergic to these fruits. As a result, the guy dies, because the doctors did not have time to help him, but his soul does not go to heaven, but wanders in our world in the form of a ghost.
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Wildlife Park 3 Asia - HOODLUM

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In an economic simulator with elements of a strategy called Wildlife Park 3 Asia, you have to take control of a real zoo. This interesting and vivid project, developed by B-Alive, allows you to fully plunge into the hard life of the zoo director and get into it literally at every moment associated with such a difficult and hard work.
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Tower of Time v1.4.3.11839 - CODEX

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Tower of Time is a tactical role-playing game from a young Polish studio, designed specifically for fans of typical «diabloids». Although in essence it is not even «diabloid», but something new. The plot revolves around events in a fictional world, called Artar. This world was destroyed by catastrophe and today is a prominent representative of the post-apocalyptic in all its glory. But the world can still be saved, and heroes with abilities can be saved, thanks to which you can extinguish the flames of chaos and defeat the hordes of enemies. True, for this, the heroes need to go through a lot of floors of a certain «tower of time», which is not so easy, given the fact that each of its floors is teeming with opponents in their most diverse guises.

This game has been updated 8-06-2019, 05:17 to the latest version v1.4.3.11839.

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