Tropico 6 v1.05 Rev 101048 - CODEX

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Do you know that dictatorship and totalitarianism has not been canceled as well as the ability to download the Tropico 6 torrent? In this popular and well-known urban planning simulator, each user has the opportunity to choose their own policy of authority. One cohort of players tends to be more loyal to the government, aiming at creating the most natural utopia, where there is no division into classes and everyone lives in equal conditions. The other, on the contrary, is eager to concentrate all the levers of influence solely in his own hands, turning innocent people into anything in a gray mass of slaves who are forced to work 16 hours a day is not for the good of the country, but only for you.

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Forager v2.0.3 (upd.12.06.2019) - SKIDROW

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Forager is an increasingly popular game introduced to users in the excellent sandbox genre. Here you have to go on exploring the vast and multifaceted world that will give you a lot of opportunities and only positive impressions of the passage. The world of the game is full of mysteries, so you need to carefully examine each of its, even the smallest location. Revealing the secrets and pass the tests, which each time will become more and more difficult. A distinctive feature of this game project is that all the land on which you fall, have the ability to be generated randomly, which diversifies your pastime.

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Stellaris Galaxy Edition v2.3.1 (Galaxy Edition) - CODEX

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Stellaris Galaxy Edition is a multi-scale game in the strategy genre, where all events will occur in real time. Initially, you have to go on a long journey to explore the vast and endless space. You will be engaged in the colonization of new found systems that are suitable for life and are filled with useful resources. But there will be a series of rather disappointing events, in consequence of which a brutal war between you and your rivals will unfold, where you will fight for the right to own the title of ruler of the entire universe. Before you will open hundreds of thousands of different planets that have the property to be generated randomly. But be very careful, because not all systems are useful and friendly. You need to be as fast as possible in order to colonize the most useful of the planets ahead of the enemy.

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Stellaris Ancient Relics v2.3.1 - HOODLUM

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Ancient Relics is a new Story Pack add-on DLC to Stellaris 4X-strategy developed by Paradox Development Studio. The main theme of the addition was archeology. The release date is currently unknown. Ancient Relics, in addition to tasks, includes an archaeological system, artifacts and their study, new types of ancient civilizations, and several updated functions. For example, developers are going to completely redo the implementation of sectors in the near future, but for now they will simply improve it with the release of Ancient Relics.

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Pathologic 2 v1.3.24920 + Update 5 - CODEX

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Pathologic 2 is a role-playing game project that includes elements of the horror genre, where you will have to become part of the world of chaos and depression. The game has a special theme that will teach you, even in the most gloomy situation, to find a ray of light, never losing hope. Here you will go to a world that is shrouded in plague and you will try to save it by making all possible efforts. Going to the goal will not be so easy, you are waiting for all sorts of threats and deadly dangers at every turn.

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Poly Universe v0.8.3.0

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Poly Universe is an excellent visual strategy game with stylish graphics and a dynamic process, where you have to build a multi-functional city and fight for a place in the sun. An interesting story awaits you, with unexpected turns of events, as well as you will get acquainted with various heroes who need to be relocated to a distant planet, and then help them develop on it in order to improve their future life. The main feature of the world in which you have to get is that each new planet will be quite a bit more than its inhabitants. You will take under your complete control and guidance a group of small colonists who go to a distant planet to begin a new life there.

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SpaceEngine v0.990 (upd.12.06.2019)

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SpaceEngine game was created for the gamer to try for the pleasure of exploring not only the visible universe on a ship with a beautiful structure, but also flying through uncharted territories generated randomly. Thus, you have to go the hard way of a traveler, studying the expanses of the galaxy, and even visiting other sectors. Entire clusters of galaxies and even more can fly around on your ship, although this cannot happen in physics. Well, and graphics radeed, which is made wisely, using the latest technology, but because the sunrises, sunsets and other colorful events on the planet will surprise you.
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It Lurks Below v1.00j - SKIDROW

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It Lurks Below is an adventure game related to the genre of survival, where the world has the ability to be generated randomly. Here you, in the role of the protagonist, will go to the dark realm of the dungeon, in order to fight with the supporters of evil, thereby destroying it in the bud. Moreover, all locations are subject to research, where you can find useful resources and items that allow you to improve the main character in every possible way. You go to a dark kingdom with one goal: to find out where the source of evil is, and then destroy it by any available means. As for the graphic aspect, it is executed in a fairly simple style, where you go to the two-dimensional retro world. First you have to create your character, and then define it to one of several proposed classes. Deadly monsters and dangerous traps will be very much, so you should always be on the alert. Each level will vary, making the process more fun.

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Winkeltje The Little Shop v3716 (upd.12.06.2019)

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Winkeltje The Little Shop is an exciting shop simulator in a medieval setting. Here you can become the owner of your own shop and turn it into a luxurious trading hall, which practically did not exist in those days. But you have to start from the bottom. First, at your disposal you will get only a small room with dusty cabinets and bedside tables. From this moment your adventures begin — you will trade, search for goods to order, sell rare items, develop your shop and do everything possible so that everyone around will be happy with your service.

This game has been updated 12-06-2019, 07:36 to the latest version v3716 (upd.12.06.2019).

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Nightwolf Survive the Megadome v1.0.0

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Nightwolf Survive the Megadome — the most dynamic racing strategy, where you have to go at full speed on an unforgettable journey through the vast world, eliminating all opponents on your way. The game is unique in its kind, as it includes several popular genres at the same time. Here you have to become a member of the bloodiest, but at the same time popular arena, where the main actions will take place. You will become the most modern modern gladiator, who will face in cruel confrontation with the most dangerous drivers in the world.
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