Mr Booms Firework Factory - PLAZA

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Mr Booms Firework Factory — adventure simulator employee base, in which place your goal is to support Mr Booms, in his difficult work. Boxes should be moved very carefully from the place of their research right up to the exit, in a similar way, in order not to cause defects to the boxes in any way, from inside of which they are salutes. You do not need to be insane in order to function here, but according to the process it is possible for them to be active. Move the salute boxes from the cars to the exit without destroying them.

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SolSeraph v1.0 - HOODLUM

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SolSeraph A mix of platform action and strategy from the creators of Zeno Clash and Rock of Ages. Protect humanity and restore civilization. Build cities and defenses to protect yourself from monsters, and then descend into their lairs, armed with a sword and spells, to end them once and for all. New game called SolSeraph torrent designed in the style of action platformer, where you will watch everything happening on the side. You will play the role of the strongest God Helios and try to return humanity in times of prosperity until the torment of the Young Gods began.

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Blood Bowl Death Zone upd.10.07.2019 - SKIDROW

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Blood Bowl Death Zone is a competition with elements of football and madness, each match of which lasts only five minutes, where you have to move around the field of players, using their skills to win. Join one of the online leagues and take part in seasonal competitions against other coaches from around the world. In the game you will find 20 teams, more than 15 star players, more than 20 abilities, 5 arenas and much more.

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LEGO Worlds Build 20190709 + DLC - CODEX

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LEGO Worlds is the accomplishment of the old dreams of all children and of all the players in computer games. The fact is that the company Traveler’s Tales has long been releasing various toys made under the license of the Lego designer, but it has never before done a full-fledged Lego game in which you could take various parts and use them to create an absolutely new model, figure And so on. This can not but rejoice, because now at last you can accomplish everything that you did when you were in the real world, just using the example of a world-class designer.

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Death end reQuest v20190709 - CODEX

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Death end reQuest is the story of the girl Sina, who in the past developed the computer game for virtual reality World’s Odyssey, and in the present, the heroine stuck in it. The game was abandoned by the publisher at the final stage due to the huge number of bugs and technical flaws and did not hit the market. Immediately after completing the project, Sina disappeared and only a year later her former colleague Arata Mizunati noticed her activity in the game, who tries to help her while in the real world.

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