MudRunner Old-timers DLC v20190807 - CODEX

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Get ready to warm up the engines, this is the third free Old-timers DLC for the off-road driving simulator Spintires Mudrunner. In the new DLC players waiting for a new map of Rocky Hills and two cars straight from the 50s of the last century — Chevrolet Napco 3100 and GMC DW950. The Chevrolet Napco 3100 is, in fact, a small truck that could. Take care of him, and he will serve you all his life. And more likely to your children. This is a tank among reconnaissance vehicles. 350 units of strength — not a cat cry! A gas tank of 80 liters should be enough for any tasks that you need to solve.

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Blood Fresh Supply v1.9.10-1 - GOG

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Blood Fresh Supply 2019 — remastered of the cult computer game in the first-person shooter genre developed by Monolith Productions and published by GT Interactive in 1997. Blood contains a large amount of occult symbolism, violence and black humor. The game is also characterized by unusual weapons for 3D shooter. Fight the army of cultists, zombies, gargoyles, hell hounds and insatiable hordes of other horrors in their desire to defeat the evil Chernoboga. Make your way through 42 disgusting levels, filled with a greater atmosphere than Lovecraft’s bestiary. Start your journey with simple forks and earn more efficient destruction tools, such as spray cans, flare guns, voodoo dolls, and more.

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Arma 3 v1.94.145977 + DLC (Apex Edition) - CODEX

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Arma 3 is a new tactical military simulator from an independent development company. The new series has brought with it a huge amount of innovations and updates. The game is built on a completely new physics engine, which greatly expands the possibilities of the game process. This time you will be able to use a fairly wide range of powerful weapons. In addition, you will learn a rather fascinating story and take part in enchanting battles with numerous opponents. There is a possibility of swimming under water, where you can better plan further tactics for conquest. The game can boast of excellent graphics development, from here comes the realism of every moment of the gameplay. Go to a cruel world and smash all your ill-wishers on the spot, thereby more and more improving your martial arts skills.

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Kindergarten 2 v1.23

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Kindergarten 2 is a dynamic gaming project that is once again ready to please its fans with a new adventure. Here you will go to a small pixel world in which there is a crazy kindergarten. You will take on the role of one of the children who ended up in this unfortunate place. Each time you will experience the same day of the week — Tuesday, completely unaware of how to get out of this situation. You start a real groundhog day and you should be ready to face the most unexpected turns of events.

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