Snowtopia Ski Resort Tycoon v0.6.1.2

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Snowtopia Ski Resort Tycoon gives you a trip to the snow-capped mountains. If you respect winter sports, you like games that imply economic development, then pay attention to this project. You have the opportunity to build your own ski resort. Plan, design and build. Think through all the details and nuances to get the most out of it.
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Neon Blight v0.1.1.1 (Beta) - SKIDROW

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Neon Blight is a pixel bagel whose action takes place in a cyberpunk city. You have your own gun shop. Develop it, get high-quality weapons that will more effectively spread enemies. In the Neon Blight you will find a random generation of weapons, various enemies including challenging bosses, interesting quests and several characters to choose from. Game about managing your own gun shop with bagel elements. Explore and fight in a forest filled with enemies and bosses, collecting randomly generated weapons. Stroll through the cyberpunk city, meet interesting people, complete quests and manage your weapons.

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Eagle Island v1.0.8.3 (upd.13.08.2019)

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Eagle Island is a colorful platformer game with excellent graphics and dynamic gameplay. Here you have to go to the pixel world and cope with all the tasks that he has prepared for you. You will take control of the life of a simple guy named Quil, who will go on an exciting journey through the bird island. Your faithful companion will be an owl named Koji, with whom no obstacles will be terrible for you. Before you open lush forests, rocky mountain slopes, as well as the lost ruins, which remained after the existence of an ancient civilization.

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Obduction v1.8 - PLAZA

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Obduction is a research game where you will find yourself in a huge open world. You will find colorful landscapes, interesting acquaintances with the inhabitants of the land, as well as fascinating quests where you will include your logical thinking. You will play with a first-person view, which will make the process more atmospheric and realistic. You will learn the mysterious secrets that every corner of the planet hides. The storyline is well designed, which will definitely entice and leave behind positive emotions. The game is designed specifically for research, which you will spend most of the time. The plot tells us about a young man who was abducted from our planet, as a result of which he completely fell out of reality. You will go with the main character to endless space, where you will continue his story.

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Tactics V Obsidian Brigade - DARKZER0

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Tactics V Obsidian Brigade is a fantasy tactical role-playing game in retro style, where you have to fight enemies, pump over, learn magic, and do much, much more. Unfortunately, almost nothing is known about the plot. It is only known that here you will have to go to an amazing fantasy world in which battles with various opponents, magic spells, a sea of interesting events, adventures, and more await you. You have to raise a real hero and go on a journey full of dangers. Survive, fight, pump.
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Exception v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Exception game offers you to make an exciting journey through the neurons of a computer network that turned out to be infected with a virus program. Soon, malware destroys the entire system, but this should not be allowed. You must take on the role of an elite combat vehicle capable of traveling across a ramified electronic network of truly enormous proportions. You need to find the virus and destroy it, not forgetting about the numerous copy programs that have already been created. Go explore the network, looking into every possible nook and cranny. Copies of the virus can hide in any branches, even insignificant in size.
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Eliza v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Eliza game PC has been released — before you is a visual novel, a story will be told about artificial intelligence being developed, about people who are involved in its development, about people who will use this whole thing. On the whole, it’s hard to understand what is waiting for us, a lot of dialogs, a nice story, simple graphics with a nice world around us, but based on the small size of the game, it immediately becomes clear that there are no visual effects here, most likely there’s no need to rush, we’re moving in the city, we communicate, make a choice, decide the fate of people and not only them.
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