The Great Perhaps v1.32.14 - CODEX

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The Great Perhaps is an adventure game developed by independent studio Caligari Games. We take control of the astronaut who returns to Earth, destroyed by numerous natural disasters. The main character quickly takes possession of an artifact similar to a lamp, allowing him to see the past. From now on, his goal is to find out the truth about the events that led to the global cataclysm, and try to save the planet.
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Donensbourgh v0.1.2

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Donensbourgh — a medieval game in the genre of role-playing historical simulator, where you go back in time, namely in the thirteenth century. Here was a stormy rural life, part of which will be our main character. All actions will take place with a first-person view, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the full essence of the process. The game includes the ability to create a variety of items, start a farm, explore the surrounding areas for the availability of useful resources, the ability to negotiate and build trade relations with other people. Here every raid is something for itself and will try to develop the business of its life.

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Embark v0.612

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Embark is a detailed and well-developed colonization simulator, where you will enter a huge, open and living world. The fact is that our main character was forced to land on a completely unknown planet, which, at first glance, seemed uninhabited. Your main task here will be to build a multifunctional colony fit for a large number of people. Go on exploring the vast world, which is fraught with thousands of secrets and secrets, as well as you can find in the open spaces a lot of useful items, the corvette will help you in achieving this goal.

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VASARA Collection v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Two VASARA Collection arcade games remade in high resolution. For the first time, the highly acclaimed Japanese arcade shoot’em UPS — Vasara (2000) and Vasara 2 (2001) — are available to the whole world through this package: the Vasara collection. Vasara and Vasara 2 are two recognized Japanese arcade shooters. They combine science fiction with historical events. The action takes place in an alternative version of feudal Japan. Technologically advanced weapons and equipment are a reality, the heroes use flying motorcycles with excellent firepower, melee weapons to destroy enemies.
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Hobo Tough Life v0.70.009 - SKIDROW

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Hobo Tough Life — unique in its kind game on the original theme and with a kind of gameplay. At its core, the game is a kind of simulator of the homeless, which will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the life of such a person. You have to go to the cold streets of a huge city, where you will fight for life, overcoming obstacles and fighting everyone who gets in your way. Explore the area carefully, go to every corner, because there you can find food, drink or shelter. All residents who will see you will treat you with complete indifference, which will depress you and spoil your mood. But you should not be discouraged, because the most valuable thing is life, and you will have to carefully fight for it. In addition, your eerie and most dangerous enemy will be the winter, for which you must prepare yourself, finding all sorts of useful items and supplies around the city.

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Empyrion Galactic Survival v10.4.0.2554

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Empyrion Galactic Survival is a project under development, but already conquered a huge audience. Unexplored planets, creepy creatures and many dangers — all this will wait for you in the game. The game embodies a few cool genres. Here you can see the elements of the sandbox, RPG and even strategy. You need to carefully think through the plan of action in order to survive in a vast and dangerous world. You play for the protagonist, who got on an unknown planet with a hostile life form. Everyone here wants to take your life, so be as thorough as possible and prepare yourself for bloody battles.

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Avorion v0.25.2 r16533 - SKIDROW

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Avorion is a sandbox game where you will spend all your time in a huge outer space. Everything around is completely unexplored and harbors thousands of secrets. You will be able to go through the whole adventure together with other users, since the game provided us with a multiplayer mode. Moreover, here you can build your own, unique and powerful star club, which will surf the cosmic expanses. Try to explore space for the presence of useful objects, as well as build space bases on different planets. You will meet other players, as well as spend time in the company of your friends to create your own team of stellar explorers. Do trade, improve knowledge and conquer new locations. For completed missions, you will receive rewards for which you can improve your ship, or buy a new one.

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Abandon Ship v0.5.12757 - SKIDROW

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Abandon Ship is a game that was developed in the popular style of conquering the sea. Here, you will take on the role of captain of a huge ship that will plow in a world capable of procedural generation, which will make your pastime much more interesting. Each time you will get everything in a new and new world, exploring every bit of it, finding unique things and useful items.

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Endless Space 2 v1.4.21 - CODEX

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Endless Space 2 — space strategy, capable of impressing with its scale and sophistication even the most sophisticated player. Cosmos, intergalactic civilizations, flights to distant stars are topics that never ceased to excite the minds of people both in the past and in our time. And that’s why in the gaming industry a huge layer of products are based on these aspects. A special niche is taken by strategies, because it is in them that developers have the opportunity to fully turn around and create a game that really allows the player to feel the scale of the distances and power of space fleets. Endless Space 2 is one of the best representatives of its genre, and there are many reasons for that. The player will become the ruler of a huge civilization, after which to go along with it the path from one single inhabited planet to all-galactic power.

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Heat Signature v2019.8.8.1

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Heat Signature is a third-person space action game from above. Go to a far space, travel, gather information, complete tasks and become a real secrets hunter. An interesting storyline, a lot of opportunities, a huge number of tasks, awards that allow you to open various auxiliary gadgets for the main character, and last but not least, procedurally generated locations that are not similar to each other — this is what distinguishes this game from other representatives genre.

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