Yakuza Kiwami 2 v1.4 upd.21.08.2019 - CODEX

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Yakuza Kiwami 2 — a remake of an incredibly cool game that had such a name as Yakuza 2. The combat system was completely redesigned, and the developers decided to update the overall gameplay. In principle, they completely succeeded. They achieved maximum success and attracted a fairly large number of people to the game. In addition to improvements, players get a certain scenario for an interesting character, namely for Goro Madzim. Players will have a completely different look at the new story. The game tells us a legendary story, so be sure to dive into it with the head and try to go.

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Dark Deception v1.6.0 (upd.21.08.2019) Chapter 1-3 - PLAZA

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Dark Deception is the next chapter in the history of Dark Cheating. Fight 2 new nightmares — Agatha and Golden Wardens. Dark Deception blends the fast-paced style of classic arcade games with a fun horror design. Caught in a dark world full of nightmarish labyrinths and ridiculous monsters, the only way out is to meet the darkness and find a way to survive. Fast-paced Arcade Horror: lockers are not hidden here. Run for your life and run fast. Enemies can be stunned and avoided, but not killed. Power System: Earn XP and unlock power as you progress, allowing you to level the odds and survive longer against terrible creatures.

This game Dark Deception includes Chapters 1-3 and updated to latest version v1.6.0.

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A Hat in Time Ultimate Edition v20190819 - CODEX

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A Hat in Time Ultimate Edition — presents a completely new chapter with a new labeling system, new styles, new dyes, new weapons, and more. Online party allows you to play online with friends, in groups of up to 50 players. DLC will take you to the metro nyakuza. As the authors say, this is the perfect place to lie a little, cheat a little and steal a little. The main character joins the nyakuza and becomes unhealthily rich. This is just a criminal gang, what could go wrong.

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