Mysteria Occult Shadows v230819 (Early Access)

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Mysteria Occult Shadows is an arcade action game in which players are waiting for a huge open world filled with numerous enemies. Players need to find the source of evil that poisons these lands and destroy it, while simultaneously mastering new types of weapons, solving puzzles and learning new skills. A RPG game developed by U-Secret Studio for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of anime, and the following features can be distinguished: action, adventure game, indie, meat, violence, nudity, anime, female protagonist, slasher, adventure and others.

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Oninaki v1.0 - HOODLUM

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Oninaki is a RPG action PC game from the developers of I am Setsuna and Lost Sphear, in which you will find a journey between the worlds of the living and the dead. You have to play the role of a mysterious guard named Kagachi, whose task is to help the souls of the dead break the connection with the world of the living. Under the guidance of the protagonist, these souls wandering in the other world can continue the cyclic process and begin the path of reincarnation again.

Added new version ONINAKI + DLC | RePack by FitGirl!

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Revulsion v20190823 - PLAZA

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Revulsion is a classic first person shooter from the level designer for Counter-Strike and Doom 2. The missing link between classic first person shooters and modern first person shooters. Imagine if classic fps has evolved in a direction different from the storytelling experience into something much more cruel, with more advanced game mechanics. Revulsion takes classic Doom and Quake gameplay and combines it with the basic concepts that permeate the design philosophy of Dark Souls.

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Hue Defense v1.1 - CODEX

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Hue Defense is a game project presented to the world in the genre of strategy, where RPG elements are also present. You find yourself in a colorful world where you will go through various locations, the territory of which you need to study as carefully as possible in order to provide yourself with all the necessary items and useful resources. On your shoulders to achieve a huge responsibility to save the city, which in a short time can turn into ruins. You will independently build a defense of the city, which will consist of several towers. Each tower must be comprehensively modified and improved to provide the state.

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Battle Brothers v1.3.0.25 + Warriors of the North - CODEX

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Battle Brothers is a carefully crafted strategy game where the whole world around you will be randomly generated. All actions will take place in an alternate reality. In the game world there are brave knights and powerful magic on one level. You will stand on the side of evil, where you will lead a gang of criminals whose purpose is to get rich quick. But everything went wrong, as we would like. While you were traveling, violent hostilities began in your country. Now it is your responsibility to save the country. Each level in the game is randomly generated, which makes the game more diverse. The whole terrain and characters will constantly change. The world for action will be completely open, so go to his thorough research.

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Battle Brothers Warriors of the North v1.3.0.25 - CODEX

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Battle Brothers — the new addition was called Warriors of the North and appeared on the GOG and Steam platform. In the new addition, users will have the opportunity to test themselves in battles with the wild tribes of the North and try out a bunch of innovations. Most of the changes to the upcoming DLC were posted on the developers blog. In the article I made a compilation of the information provided.

This release is standalone v1.3.0.25 and includes all content and DLC from our previous releases and updates. 

This game has been updated 23-08-2019, 10:30 to the latest version v1.3.0.25.

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Gibbous A Cthulhu Adventure Build 4082994 - HOODLUM

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In the mystical times of the existence of witches and sorcerers, the mysterious and terrible book Necronomicon was created. The fate of too many people was connected with it, and only you can unravel this tangle. In the game Gibbous A Cthulhu Adventure you have to go through a fascinating history of developments related to this very book. At your disposal are three characters at once, each of whom has his own interest. Private detective Don goes in search of a book, which, according to him, was lost many years ago. A young librarian, Buzz, sorting out a long-forgotten bookcase, accidentally finds a tome lost in time and space.

Added: Gibbous A Cthulhu Adventure v1.7 (GOG) → v1.8 (GOG)

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Elea v1.0 (Build 230819) Updated version - HOODLUM

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Elea this is PC game 2019, new Updated version — computer game project, which is an adventure first-person adventure developed by Kyodai Ltd. Gameplay events unfold on an abandoned ship-station. Due to malfunctions, the crew of the ship urgently left the ship, leaving on board the only passenger — the girl Elay. When the heroine came to, she realized that she would not be able to return home, and her only salvation was the planet Solas, where the ship was on its way. However, to get to the ship, you need to fix the AI, which will be extremely difficult to do. At the same time, it is necessary to find out what really happened to the crew. According to the authors of the project, their game is an interactive adventure, focused on the plot. Be sure the Project to download Elea torrent and immerse yourself in the exciting gameplay.

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Strength of the Sword ULTIMATE v1.0 - HOODLUM

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Strength of the Sword ULTIMATE is an arcade action game in which a player controls a knight armed with a blade a flamethrower and a rocket launcher, which gut his enemies right and left. Dynamic action-slasher with a third-person view in which you have to fight crowds of enemies using a deadly blade and your skills.

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