School Simulator Pre-Alpha v0.4.4

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School Simulator — having built a school, you will have to put it into operation, and then a new stage begins. Hiring teachers and other specialists, recruiting schoolchildren, purchasing furniture, including desks, wardrobes and not only, installing equipment and everything else in technical premises, creating a dining room, stopping in classes where schoolchildren will be trained and much more — everything is not even half the list of tasks that you will need to solve. You will find a full-fledged work in the image of the real school director. You will have to keep track of what kind of relationship develops between teachers and schoolchildren, add new premises and expand old ones, buy furniture and books, recruit new teachers, keep order and keep financial records, and even select training programs. In general, there are more than enough tasks, so you have to work hard.

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Songs of Syx upd.09.10.2019

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Songs of Syx is a city-simulator strategy where you have to build your own kingdom and build a huge city, with satisfied citizens and an advanced economy. The game starts as the most common urban simulator. You will start with building a settlement, mining resources, constructing buildings and everything else. Only the most standard features will be available at the outset. But in a while, you will have at your disposal such gameplay capabilities that will help you build a rich, economically developed kingdom. The most important advantage of this game is the detail of all the processes that will occur on the screen.

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Only One Burn v1.0 - PLAZA

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Only One Burn is an arcade game developed by Leyline Studios for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the retro style, and the following features can be distinguished: indie, casual game, simulator, fast, arcade, retro, space, steam achievements, space simulator, physics and others. You will have access to such game modes as for a single player. Do not forget to check all the instruments so that telemetry is normal, the engine should also be in working condition. To slow down the flight and speed of the shuttle, to further its successful landing, you need to use auxiliary engines that require fuel — it is in limited quantities. With reserve fuel you must get to the landing site to avoid a disaster. Here, simple controls, fast gameplay, lots of fun, try to land on many levels in 4 unique worlds.
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Project 5 Sightseer v20190901 - PLAZA

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Project 5 Sightseer is a multi-user sandbox that invites in a vast procedural world. Invite your friends, here you can create, enjoy beautiful landscapes, participate in battles. To start small. Only joint efforts can achieve real heights, build something impressive. Excellent visual component. Gameplay Project 5 Sightseer clearly demonstrates how difficult it is to cope with this kind of task yourself, this is a very extensive range of tasks. It is necessary to take care of the extraction of necessary resources, to engage in the construction of structures, outposts.

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Unlucky Seven v02.09.2019 - Early Access

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The game Unlucky Seven is a unique adventure horror with a rather intricate plot. The main characters are a group of prisoners who were exiled to an alien station as participants in the experiment. Having landed at the base, former criminals discover that the complex looks completely deserted, but this can only speak of a sudden attack by the terrible monsters of this planet.
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Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk v1.00 - ALI213

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Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk is a visual novel PC game in the otome genre, published in Japan by Idea Factory, as well as in Europe and America by Aksys Games. In these games, the player reads stories and makes decisions that affect plot development. Several possible endings are woven into the plot. In Black Butterfly, a woman with amnesia is forced to participate in the hunt for a black butterfly, and in Ashen Hawk a woman is considered a witch, so she impersonates a boy and lives outside the city. Along with the main scenarios, there are side stories that allow you to learn more about the characters.
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