Endless Space 2 Awakening v12.09.2019 - CODEX

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Endless Space 2 Awakening new DLC for PC — offers players a playable Nakalim faction as well as an Academic Empire. Now you can interact and negotiate directly with Isander. Now you can interact and negotiate directly with Isander. His grandiose plan begins to unfold, rumors of the Lost begin to circulate. Meanwhile, the Academy is about to take on a more active role in the future of the galaxy. The incandescents are an ancient faction of warriors and believers focused on research and diplomacy. Also add another race — Zermisaly.
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The Forest v1.12

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The Forest is a computer, multiplayer game in which many genres have intertwined: survival, horror, adventure and action. Also, the game includes a fairly interesting storyline that you have to go through, constantly facing difficulties. You will play the role of a father who with his son suffered a plane crash. After you wake up, you will notice that the son is no longer there, and in the memories there is a fragment, as an unknown person carries him away into his hands. Now you have only one goal — to survive and find a son. You decide to carefully explore the island for the availability of useful resources, which in the future will help you save your life. Also you can build a shelter here, but do not forget that you need to protect it properly, because on the island you will not be alone. Getting food and wandering in search of useful items, you can stumble upon a lot of different camps, where aborigines live. With each new day spent, these opponents will become even stronger, so you should replenish your arsenal with a powerful weapon. Can you find a son? Will you survive in enough cruel conditions?

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My Train Arrives v20190912

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My Train Arrives — the most important advantage of this game is the variety of modes. For example, there is a campaign mode — the most common mode in which you have to build your own railroad empire, develop it in every way possible, deliver goods to the right places and engage in the transportation of passengers. And there is an evacuation mode in which you can test yourself in the most difficult situations — here your task will be fast, timely and safe evacuation of people and goods from one station to another. And there’s also a rest mode — here you don’t have to worry about plans, routes, or anything else, but you only need to deal with construction. The rest is a typical railroad simulator, in which you will find a sea of interesting tasks, 12 unique locomotives, 25 types of cars, 7 cities and much, much more. In general, you definitely won’t be bored.
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Z Dawn v0.8.0 - SKIDROW

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Z Dawn is a turn-based strategy that takes place in a world gripped by a terrible virus that turns people into zombies. The simple visual interface is compensated by the enormous possibilities. Build a base, explore the world, collect useful resources and skillfully lead a group of survivors. Since Z Dawn is a turn-based strategy, you have the opportunity to think through your every move well and without haste. Your main task is to ensure the survival of a small group of people.

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Heave Ho v1.04 - ALI213

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Heave Ho — Adventure game for PC based on physical interaction. The game develops in an incredibly wide gorge and the goal of the players is not to die. Grab each other’s hands, climb over the hanging bodies and wave your friends, trying to pass the level as quickly as possible. This is a platform game from the authors of Mother Russia Bleeds, which is based on a physical model. Players will have to overcome various obstacles, clutching at them «hands» — alone or in a cooperative with friends. Moreover, you can play both over the network and through a local cooperative.

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Hero Siege v3.0.3.0 + DLC - SKIDROW

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Hero Siege — the gates of hell opened and the time of the heroes has arrived! Save the kingdom of Tarethiel from hellish creatures. Here is a pixel Hack’n’Slash with bagel elements. Choose a hero for your style of play. Do you like to push your enemies to shreds? Then take the viking! Do you like to act covertly? Take the assassin. Do you like to fight in the distance? Take the mage or archer! The game will please with its diversity, and this is not only due to the fact that you are waiting for various characters, but also because the world in which you find yourself is generated randomly. A bunch of different enemies and bosses who challenge this — what else is needed for this hardcore? Choose your difficulty and go save the kingdom.

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Overcooked 2 Carnival of Chaos - HOODLUM

Torrent Overcooked 2 Carnival of Chaos download free pc
Overcooked 2 Carnival of Chaos — Join the Carnival, where new levels, new recipes and of course new chefs are waiting for you. Supplement will test the players as soon as they decide to take up the combined dishes and try non-traditional modes of transport — guns. Carnival of Chaos DLC will set up desperate culinary experts with quite familiar tasks: they have to study recipes, maneuver through confusing locations and cook — this time in even more difficult conditions. Themed DLC is a carnival with relevant characters, surroundings and food.
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Colony Survival v0.7.0.143

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Colony Survival is a role-playing game in the sandbox genre, where you will take up the construction and further management of your own settlement. To get started, find a suitable area that will be equipped with a water source, and then deal with its arrangement. Build a fortress and castle, take care of their defense and fortification, so that no enemy forces could break through. Then give the residents refuge and homes that will be as comfortable as possible. Settled their possessions by the colonists, and give everyone directions. They can help you create your plan. Each of the settlers may have certain abilities, so give them a job. Workers can be of various professions, from builders and miners to priests and farmers. At night, try to relax more, so that the day will be more productive, so you can quickly rebuild everything you have in mind.

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Deep Diving Simulator v1.19 + DLC

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Deep Diving Simulator is a unique realistic simulator diver. The game was developed by an independent gaming studio Jujubee SA, and offers to plunge into the world of diving, having experienced all the subtleties of this profession, without leaving home. Unfortunately, there is no specific plot in this game. You will play the role of an ordinary novice diver, who will have to go down into the water and explore the seabed.

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Archeo Shinar v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent Archeo Shinar download free pc
Archeo Shinar is an economic simulator, dedicated not to a company or factory, but to an archaeological agency. Players need to send archaeologists to different parts of the world, browse news in search of leads, and also research and sell various artifacts of antiquity. Explore the deepest caves with a cup of tea in hand, touch the heart of the jungle with your finger on the globe, send your highly educated employees to uncivilized tribes and do not let them convince you that this is certain death! Worst case scenario? Will have to hire new employees.
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