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KILL la KILL IF is a three-dimensional action fighting game for PC based on the license of the popular anime shot by Hiroyuki Imiashi and Rio Akizuki’s manga. In the world in which this game takes place, supernatural forces collide with each other in a fight for material known as Life Fibers. Players choose one of the characters these are heroes known from the anime, and then go to a three-dimensional arena, where they fight opponents using various attacks. There are several types of maneuvers available, such as «Normal Attack», «Explosive Attack», «Long-Range Attack» you can «charge» it to cover a large area and «Guard» block. It is also possible to avoid and quickly jump on the enemy the so-called jerk.

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RUINER v1.6c (upd.01.10.2019) - Razor1911

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RUINER is a sci-fi adventure action game where players are invited to set off for an alternate future and fight against numerous cybernetic-enhanced opponents. The plot of the game revolves around a huge metropolis called Rengkok. And the events themselves unfold in the vastness of this city in the year 2091, when cybernetic implants have long become the simplest routine. You will play for an unusual cybernetic improved fighter who has to fight with numerous enemies of the Heaven corporation in order to find his captured brother.

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Scrap Riders v0.3

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Scrap Riders is a cyberpunk-style project that will send you to a rather unusual and most dynamic biker world. A pixel adventure game opens in front of you, which embodied all the best traditions of old games and will definitely be able to please all fans of this genre. The gameplay was divided immediately into two halves, in one of which you will move around the large-scale world, while exploring it and making new acquaintances. In addition, in the first part you have to solve all sorts of tasks and puzzles that will unlock secrets and mysteries.

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Clone Drone in the Danger Zone v0.15.0.225 - SKIDROW

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Clone Drone in the Danger Zone — a cool and dynamic arcade game, where your mind is transferred to an iron robot that will destroy everything around. Your body as a result of certain events was destroyed, so you had to convict yourself of iron. You get to the death scene with a mass of powerful enemies who will constantly try to destroy you. If you still manage to survive, you will improve, thereby opening a more powerful weapon. In case of defeat, create your own clone, which will fight to the last on the battlefield. You need to act correctly, not giving a chance to win to any opponent, because your every action will be described by the commentator. Your weapon will be a ruthless sword that will help you kill even the strongest opponent.

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Monster Sanctuary v0.6.0.11 (upd.15.11.2019)

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Monster Sanctuary is a side-view pixel game for PC metro diving in a fantasy setting in which you will become monster trainers and will be able to fight in 3 by 3 tactical battles. Unbelievable adventures await you in an ever-expanding world where you need to look for rare monster eggs, and then pump their skills. To have a good time, you need to be brave and conquer a variety of worlds. Therefore, we offer you Monster Sanctuary download torrent — an adventure in which you will become a trainer of dangerous monsters.

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bit Dungeon 3 v1.08 (upd.01.10.2019)

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bit Dungeon 3 — this is another pixel RPG bagel with a dungeon in which you will fight with various monsters, cool bosses and engage in pumping the hero. Throughout the dungeon, scattered special runes for pumping your hero. We should also mention the original soundtrack from Houzatosis & Stress_TN and the random generation of levels. Although the game does not bring something new, but it is a worthy representative of its genre.

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