Normans Night In v1.0 - TiNYiSO

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Normans Night In — is an adventure platformer in which players must overcome obstacles and solve puzzles, literally «launching» the protagonist from a large air slingshot. We meet a lot of games made on a blunder, they are much more than really high-quality, but today we will not talk about such a project. Norman’s Night In is a platformer with cool graphics and atmosphere. Our main character, an old shopkeeper named Norman’s, who finds himself in a strange and dark world with a simple name — Cave. With him, he only has a luminous bowling ball and he plays an important role, beats the old man, directing him to the desired zone. Running the ball rests on your shoulders.

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Corpse Party 2 Dead Patient v1.0 - HOODLUM

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Corpse Party 2 Dead Patient — talks about a sophomore named Ayama Ito, who woke up after a coma. She woke up right on the operating table in an unknown hospital. The equipment connected to her suggested that she had just recovered from anesthesia, but there was not a single doctor nearby. Climbing off the operating table, the girl with horror realizes that she does not remember most of her past.

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Dusk Diver v1.0 - SKIDROW

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Dusk Diver — is an anime-style action game. You will play for Yumo, an ordinary schoolgirl, to fight the Guardians against those Ghosts who dare to enter the kingdom of men. Use light and heavy attacks to combine combo moves, summon Sentinels and use your ultimate to destroy all enemies. Guardians have their own specific traits and goals, use them wisely to help you in a glorious battle. Anime action about a girl Yan Yumo, who gets into a strange incident while shopping with friends in the Ximending area. Explore the realistic Simending Street and its storylines, and when it comes to battles.

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Nanotale Typing Chronicles v23.10.2019 - Early Access

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Studio Fishing Cactus has announced a new game Nanotale Typing Chronicles. The project was created for those who want to learn how to quickly type on the keyboard or improve their own skills, as the complexity adapts to the typing speed of the player. A cute adventure with role-playing elements tells the story of rookie archivist Rosalind, who travels through a beautiful valley and faces a sudden threat to peace.

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NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 v20191023 (All Star Update) - CODEX

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NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is an arcade game in the style of a sports simulator, where you have to assemble your own team, and then by any means bring it to victory. Go to the exciting world of basketball and become part of the most ambitious world fights and championships with the most professional players. This part of the popular game has established itself at the highest level, where there is an excellent plot line, visual performance, pleasant animation and the most dynamic gameplay.

This game has been updated 23-10-2019, 13:36 to the latest version v20191023 (All Star Update).

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Injection π23 No name no number v1.0 - SKIDROW

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Injection π23 No name no number — Oriented classic survival horror for solving puzzles, intelligence and strategy. 4 interchangeable camera types installed in a real city in Spain. In it, the player has to explore and survive in the alternative reality of one Spanish town. The soundtrack and gameplay as a whole resembles Silent Hill, which is sure to please the fans of the series, because there are quite a few such games.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 v1.0.1493.0 - RELOADED

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Grand Theft Auto 5 — a new part of the legendary game is waiting for all GTA fans. Complete freedom of action, realistic world around and constant struggle with law enforcement agencies. The use of codes makes the gameplay even more exciting and rich. Any weapon, type of transport, health, armor, variation in the level of wantedness, altered gravity, etc. All this can be obtained in a few seconds by typing the desired combination on the keyboard. The game Grand Theft Auto V takes place in a sunny American city. Various celebrities, beautiful real estate and a sea of cool cars are waiting for you in Los Santos. It is also worth paying attention to a large number of various locations and establishments.

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Borderlands 2 VR - ALI213

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Gearbox company does not cease to support its popular shooter Borderlands 2, despite the relatively recent release of a full third part. Today, the game has visited the PC a second time, but for virtual reality devices. Borderlands 2 VR is practically no different from the original. The plot without innovations, tasks — all the same crazy and exciting. During the passage, gamers, as usual, have to find new guns and fight opponents. But the skills have changed slightly due to the obvious limitations of virtual reality: using one of the abilities, for example, you can slow down the time for more accurate shooting. To run Borderlands 2 VR on a PC, you’ll have to get the appropriate VR gadgets.

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Automobilista Snetterton v1.5.3 - CODEX

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Automobilista Snetterton — here is an excellent racing simulator, which is based on the racing series in Brazil. In the game you will find a great selection of international highways, race cars and teams provided season. Get behind the wheel of your own car and show all your skills as a rider to get to the finish line. Players, you really have to show everyone that you can still fight for first place in this amazing game. Ride, overtake rivals, and just add updates to your cars, which will help you pretty much in the future. After a certain amount of time, this masterpiece of the racing game industry will be able to please you, dear fan, but for now you can enjoy great screenshots on our website, along with game trailers that can show you in detail what to expect from this racing simulator, and You will even want to play this game, which will give you a lot of interesting impressions.

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Corpse Party Blood Drive v20191022 - CODEX

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Corpse Party Blood Drive — Welcome to the finals of the closed school of adventure and horror. This game completes a series of games, and is a continuation of the Corpse Party Book of Shadows, released 5 years ago. You will have several heroes at your disposal, between whom you can switch to better know their story. All gameplay is tied to survival. Monsters and wardrobes your allies roam everywhere. And only a flashlight will help you navigate in space.

This game has been updated 23-10-2019, 03:08 to the latest version v20191022.

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