Anthropomachy v1.00 - DARKSiDERS

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Anthropomachy is a global strategy in which the player is invited to play the role of the real God. You are waiting for global events, the whole world with its continents and inhabitants, and not only. For hundreds of years and tens of centuries, humanity has evolved. At first, people believed in and worshiped the Gods, and then they began to neglect their protection, forget about faith, and live as they wanted. But now it’s time to change everything. Play the role of the real God, gather people worshiping you, spread faith throughout the world and do everything possible so that people do not forget about you.

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Littlewood v0.86

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Littlewood is an adventure RPG with elements of a detective story. Play for the hero, who will unravel the difficult case of the disappearance of a beautiful girl. You have your own village with your inhabitants. By collecting various resources, you can improve your village. Build a sawmill or even a magical library. What will be your village — it depends on you. Communicate with the villagers, listen to their stories, because they can tell a lot of interesting things and even give valuable quests.

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The Executioner v1.3.1 (upd.03.11.2019)

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Thanks to The Executioner game 2019 for PC, players will feel like a person who is engaged in torturing people, while not losing their minds. The game is based on traditional features of RPG, successfully combined with various investigations. Much attention is also paid to making decisions that are based on the moral aspect. Your main goal is to ensure that a person confesses his deed using cruel methods. Basically, the game is based on a text interface.

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Profane v30.10.2019

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Profane — a colorful three-dimensional shooter with a top view. Play will be for the great warrior, who must destroy many powerful gods. To do this, he can use a variety of weapons and skills. The essence of the game is to go through dozens of levels and battle with the bosses. They are the main opponents of the game.

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SYNTHETIK Legion Rising v24 (High Technology) - PLAZA

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SYNTHETIK Legion Rising is a sci-fi-like horn-like post-darling with an isometric gameplay, the events of which unfold in the distant alternative future, where the robots successfully displaced humans and led the food chain. Now the mechanisms rule the entire planet and exterminate people, and the latter are trying not only to survive, but also to fight with those whom they themselves gave birth to. You are waiting for merciless gameplay, in which agility and speed decide everything. Get ready to fight cars. The protagonist here is not a man, but not a hostile robot.

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Wanderlust Travel Stories v1.5.11 - PLAZA

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Wanderlust Travel Stories is a digital PC journey around the world in 2019. Feel the thrill of new discoveries while visiting a hot Thai market or sailing through the calm seas of Antarctica. Explore the pearls of the world, from Bangladesh to Congo, from Papua New Guinea to the Faroe Islands. Great game for traveling, or for those who would like to go on a trip.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition - SKIDROW

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Despite the confrontation between the undeniably great God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2, for many, the main gaming experience of 2018 was Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition. In the summer, the industry traditionally freezes before the autumn-winter flurry of hits — and now is the best time to return to medieval Bohemia. Or visit her for the first time. The rules of survival in it have changed. For 60 hours, I did not notice a single critical bug and glitch, with which, by the way, before, it was possible to significantly simplify the gameplay. For example, pump power to the maximum, beating an unkillable character at the very beginning. Departures, freezes and broken quests are also a thing of the past.

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It Lurks Below v1.01m (upd.28.11.2019)

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It Lurks Below is an adventure game related to the genre of survival, where the world has the ability to be generated randomly. Here you, in the role of the protagonist, will go to the dark realm of the dungeon, in order to fight with the supporters of evil, thereby destroying it in the bud. Moreover, all locations are subject to research, where you can find useful resources and items that allow you to improve the main character in every possible way. You go to a dark kingdom with one goal: to find out where the source of evil is, and then destroy it by any available means. As for the graphic aspect, it is executed in a fairly simple style, where you go to the two-dimensional retro world. First you have to create your character, and then define it to one of several proposed classes. Deadly monsters and dangerous traps will be very much, so you should always be on the alert. Each level will vary, making the process more fun.

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Outbuddies v1.48 (20191117) - GOG

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Outbuddies is a colorful two-dimensional platformer that boasts the possibility of non-linear passage, as well as organically inscribed RPG elements. Immerse yourself in the world of ancient mythology, as well as the cult works of Jules Verne and Howard Lovecraft, take part in exciting adventures, challenge insidious opponents, learn how to act quickly and unpredictably, make a journey through dozens of unique levels and of course, try to learn as much as possible about the place where you were as a result of the crash of the ship. Your adventure is just beginning.

This game has been updated 17-11-2019, 05:26 to the latest version v1.48 (20191117).

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