30km survival zone Chernobyl v1.0 - DARKZER0

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The great thing about the 30km survival zone Chernobyl is that here you will see Chernobyl as it really is. The game reproduces the real picture as accurately as possible, the whole environment is carefully designed by the developers, and it looks like it is not a game, but a real film. Go to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, find answers to all questions, explore the alienated area, and try to survive. By the way, you will find several different endings, depending on your decisions and actions.

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Ostalgie The Berlin Wall v1.7.0 + Aftermath - PLAZA

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Ostalgie The Berlin Wall — a computer game, which is a kind of confrontation between the socialist bloc and the capitalist, the center of events of which you have to become. History will tell us that the still old party leadership is sitting in their places in the offices, trying not to change anything. They just do that they are waiting for assignments and any notes from Moscow. Here you have to take control of all aspects of the activities of one of the parties.

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Planetbase v1.3.6 - SKIDROW

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Planetbase is a simulator of creating a colony on a planet distant from the Earth. Here you will have to choose a planet and go to its surface as part of a group of colonists, which you will have to manage more just the same. As such, the plot in Planetbase is not. It is only known that you will be the commander of the space delegation, which should go to a distant planet and try there to create the most real alien colony of earthmen. Moreover, you personally will have to choose which of the planets you will go to. In total, at the moment in the game there are four planets to choose from. This is a common desert planet like Mars, a planet with ice at the base of the soil, and two more unique planets. Moreover. Each planet has its own atmosphere and its own unique conditions for survival.

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