Orangeblood v1.0 - DARKZER0

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The game Orangeblood — is a turn-based RPG. In it you control a small detachment of mercenaries. The task of which is to free the island of Okinawa from robots and yakuza. The developers promise: simple controls, levels that are randomly generated, a lot of different weapons that can be combined and an atmospheric soundtrack. Welcome to the new goat. This is the end of the 20th century, the story is different from the one we know. An artificial island off the coast of Okinawa is in full swing with a dirty, exotic atmosphere — and it’s great.

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Everyone Dies v1.2.1 - PLAZA

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Everyone Dies — a new zobmy game, which is very similar to Counter Strike, the same first-person view, but instead of terrorists and laying bombs, you just need to survive. Crowds of zobmies will try to kill you, but don’t give up, take weapons, assault rifles, melee weapons or whatever comes to hand. It would seem strange, but the cause of this apocalypse was pigeons, which scatter poisonous spores, which instantly turn an ordinary person into a bloodthirsty zombie killer. An intelligent person loses his brain, memory is erased and there is only one, irresistible desire to eat meat.

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Vile Matter v1.0 - PLAZA

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Vile Matter — a game in which a hero trapped in a crumbling mysterious world must go through a series of tests and deadly puzzles in search of a mysterious figure who is always one step ahead. Can you outsmart this prison of shadows and survive in order to find the answer to the current madness. Or you will fail and be absorbed in darkness, this can only be known after you begin to go through the storyline. In general, the graphics and atmosphere make the blood run cold. Only for true connoisseurs of this horror genre.

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Tower Hunter Erzas Trial v1.15 + DLC - CODEX

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Tower Hunter Erzas Trial — is an action adventure game where you will find yourself in a colorful world to save him from the evil. The scene is a mysterious tower that you need to carefully explore, gradually destroying everyone who gets in the way. You will encounter monsters and terrible mutants, which are not so easy to cope with. Stock up on powerful weapons and do not forget to improve your fighting abilities. All this you need to perform in order to get the long-awaited hunter license.

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Heartbound v1.0.90

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Heartbound — an adventure silt project presented to users in the style of an RPG, where you have to learn the story of one little boy who falls into the big world to meet with numerous adventures, and in some moments even hazards. Also, you should get acquainted with the best friend of our main character — his faithful dog, who will accompany him throughout the gameplay. All the way to the goal you will encounter various kinds of puzzles, which are not so easy to solve, without having the proper level of skills. Moreover, you will make new acquaintances, or enter into fabulous battles with the most diverse inhabitants of this dangerous, but at the same time very diverse world.

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Girls civilization v20200114 - PLAZA

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Girls civilization — is an action and rpg game developed by Moondolino for the PC platform. The environment in the game refers to the style of anime, strategy, action, role-playing game, anime, female protagonist. You will have access to such game modes as for a single player. RPG, which is made in the anime genre, only for the purpose of real connoisseurs of this movie genre. Videography enjoys excellent performance, the image is also saturated with glorious eye.

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Puzzle Tower v1.0 - PLAZA

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Puzzle Tower — is a cool adventure game with nice graphics and not a bad idea. Before you opens a large and full of adventure secret tower, with many floors. On each of the upcoming floors, you are waiting for new adventures and puzzles, which can only be passed by real smart wizards and puzzle fans. Be careful, because in addition to quests there will still be various kinds of traps, crush and pass by them, because they will impede the passage.

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