Strategic Mind The Pacific v2.07 - CODEX

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Strategic Mind The Pacific is a turn-based wargame dedicated to naval battles between the United States and Japan during the Second World War. Gather your fleet and send to the waters of the Pacific Ocean to show your superiority. Choose your side and start commanding your troops. One of the features of the game are aircraft carriers — using them, you must correctly manage both the ship itself and the aircraft. With it, you can arrange raids on enemies and land troops on nearby islands to create additional firing points. But do not forget that your opponent has the same abilities.

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Orangeblood v1.0 - DARKZER0

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The game Orangeblood — is a turn-based RPG. In it you control a small detachment of mercenaries. The task of which is to free the island of Okinawa from robots and yakuza. The developers promise: simple controls, levels that are randomly generated, a lot of different weapons that can be combined and an atmospheric soundtrack. Welcome to the new goat. This is the end of the 20th century, the story is different from the one we know. An artificial island off the coast of Okinawa is in full swing with a dirty, exotic atmosphere — and it’s great.

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HARDCORE MECHA v20200114 (Simulation Mode) - PLAZA

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HARDCORE MECHA is a high-quality 2D shooter game designed to deliver a terrific gaming experience to each player. It contains two big parts single player history mode and Multiplay mode Local and Online, which allows you to play up to four players together. In the single-player history mode, HARDCORE MECHA has many well-developed interactive cut-scenes, a variety of roles and a hardcore science-fiction story, which is mainly based on reality, it offers an exciting experience where players could fight both mecha and pilots.

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Mad Tower Tycoon v20.01.14a - DARKZER0

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Mad Tower Tycoon is a simulator-style game that will allow you to start building a high-rise skyscraper from beginning to end. Here you will have complete freedom of action, so you can show your entire flight of fantasy and create a real masterpiece. You will build office space and then lease it. It will also be possible to build various shops, apartments and much more in order to collect as much revenue as possible from your skyscraper.

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Everyone Dies v1.2.1 - PLAZA

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Everyone Dies — a new zobmy game, which is very similar to Counter Strike, the same first-person view, but instead of terrorists and laying bombs, you just need to survive. Crowds of zobmies will try to kill you, but don’t give up, take weapons, assault rifles, melee weapons or whatever comes to hand. It would seem strange, but the cause of this apocalypse was pigeons, which scatter poisonous spores, which instantly turn an ordinary person into a bloodthirsty zombie killer. An intelligent person loses his brain, memory is erased and there is only one, irresistible desire to eat meat.

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Scum v0.3.67.19766 (upd.14.01.2020)

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The idea of the game SCUM is not new, but the implementation promised by the developers of many elements in the game promises an interesting project that attracted the attention of many gamers. Before you a new multiplayer survivor. According to the plot, you take part in the next season of the reality of the show from the media giant TEC1. Forget the innocuous rules, the people demand a spectacle! You with other participants of the show will survive on a huge island with dense forests, open fields and even mountains. And the word survival means not just running around the island in search of food, here you have to look for weapons and fight other survivors. In this show you can do anything you want, kill or kill you!

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Vile Matter v1.0 - PLAZA

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Vile Matter — a game in which a hero trapped in a crumbling mysterious world must go through a series of tests and deadly puzzles in search of a mysterious figure who is always one step ahead. Can you outsmart this prison of shadows and survive in order to find the answer to the current madness. Or you will fail and be absorbed in darkness, this can only be known after you begin to go through the storyline. In general, the graphics and atmosphere make the blood run cold. Only for true connoisseurs of this horror genre.

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Green Hell v1.3.2 (upd.14.01.2020) - PLAZA

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Green Hell — this new game on the theme of survival in harsh conditions. This time you are waiting for the «green hell» in the depths of the impenetrable jungles of the Amazon. All you have is a walkie-talkie and a well-known voice that calls you. In these incredibly difficult conditions, you will struggle not only with animals or tropical diseases, but also with the play of your own mind. Endless dangers, fear, hunger and thirst are serious tests for the mind, and in such circumstances it is necessary to exert all forces to remain in sound mind. The theme of survival is increasingly gaining popularity among developers, in Green Hell you will find beautiful graphics and many other unique developments that will make the game interesting and exciting.

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WARSAW Build 93 + PARASOL Update - PLAZA

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WARSAW is a tactical RPG with turn-based mode. You find yourself in a city surrounded by the enemy, which suffers from constant bombing. Unfortunately, weakened residents cannot resist for a long time, so the city is captured. Now you have to complete several secret missions of the headquarters and inflict maximum damage to the enemies. In the process of completing missions, you need to carefully study the city plan in order to quickly navigate in the tangled streets and alleys.

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Trials of Fire v0.361 (Build 20200114)

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Trials of Fire combines a free open-world study, a turn-based combat system with several characters and decks, as well as elements of bagels with procedural generation and loot. Between battles to be engaged in tactical optimization adjust the equipment of their heroes, allocate resources and things, and so on. As the authors assure, the balance is made in such a way that a new weapon of epic rarity can make the player completely change his strategy.

This game has been updated 14-01-2020, 11:07 to the latest version v0.361 (Build 20200114).

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