Underhero v4.1.0 - PLAZA

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Underhero is a pixel RPG platform game in which you have to defeat the lying hero. A sneaky scoundrel has taken the place of a hero by cunning, and now he creates various excesses from his face. Your task is to get to the «hero» and defeat him. On your way you will meet many unusual characters. You are waited by the fascinating history filled with ridiculous dialogues.

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Contagion v2.1.2.0 (Flatline) - PLAZA

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The mix of shooter and horror is not new, but Contagion combines these two popular genres just fine. The game is created on the Source engine and looks very good even today. The fact that Contagion has a cooperative mode allows the player not only to be afraid of the crowds of the living dead, but also to monitor their allies, because after death they will turn into zombies and will be happy to feast on you. If you want to test yourself in the cooperative shooter Contagion, then call your friends and poison yourself to destroy zombies in the most ordinary locations of the city.

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The Blackout Club v05.02.2020

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The Blackout Club is a first-person cooperative horror game, centered on a group of teenage friends who are investigating the monstrous mystery that lurks right under their small town. Every night all the inhabitants of the city get up early from bed and walk in their sleep. In the morning they wake up, not remembering anything about what happened, or where they were. You and your friends must unite to defeat the powerful forces that have turned against you. Using tools such as drones, firecrackers and hook cats, you can outwit and circumvent adults during attempts to obtain and write evidence that will show the rest of the world.

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Macrotis A Mothers Journey v1.3.0 (Anniversary) - CODEX

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The Proud Dinosaurs Studio and Orsam Information Technologies Publisher released a PC adventure Macrotis A Mothers Journey 2.5D platform game about Mom Bilby, who was separated from her children as a result of a flood caused by the endless rain. Now she is trying to find her kids, having overcome all obstacles and challenges of the harsh world. The developers promise a heartbreaking, very emotional adventure. Solve challenging puzzles by interacting with a beautiful, but no less dangerous world filled with deadly traps that can immediately end the adventure.

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Wizardry Labyrinth of Lost Souls v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Wizardry Labyrinth of Lost Souls — the revival of the legendary Wizardry series. The classic 3D game series that thousands of players have come to love remains true to its origins. The history of the world Wizardry captivates from the first minute, the plot is complex and deeply thought out. In the new game in the series, Labyrinth of Lost Souls, mysterious dungeons and formidable monsters are recreated in beautiful high-resolution graphics, and new stories are written for all ten main characters. One of the great games of the old-school RPG truly gained a new life. You are close to death. One wrong step — and it’s over! The game keeps you in constant tension, forcing with bated breath to follow the development of the plot. This is what makes Wizardry not just a classic game, but one of those games that helped create the modern world of RPGs.

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