House Flipper Garden v1.2038 - CODEX

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The Garden Flipper DLC for the House Flipper game will bring to the game the care of your garden. House Flipper is a game in which players are waiting for the opportunity to become a man-repair team, and to restore the dilapidated housing. Players can either restore houses, collect their ideal dream home, or give free rein to their anger and break something, turning it into ruins. And then try to sell it all.

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Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition - CODEX

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Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition — will include 40 characters, 34 arenas and more than 200 costumes from Street Fighter 5 and Arcade Edition, as well as a new type of special techniques V-Skills and unnamed gameplay improvements. Among other things, Capcom announced one of two new fighters for the Champion Edition. Street Fighter 5 is the fifth-person fighting game in the Street Fighter series, which is endowed with the Russian language. The user will still be able to enjoy the amazing fights that have become even more ambitious and fascinating. The main highlight of the video game is, first of all, its completely updated graphics, which is able to reflect the combat world in the smallest details, not previously seen by the players. A computer game is a two-dimensional fighting game equipped with three-dimensional graphics, in which gamers will have to try to defeat their opponents using a variety of different techniques.

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Nom Nom Apocalypse v13.02.2020 - TiNYiSO

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Nom Nom Apocalypse — when mutant monsters descend from grocery shelves, humanity makes a final attempt to save the world. Get ready to become one of the many happy chefs with individual abilities, and get ready to fight with ferocious food in Nom Nom Apocalypse, because this is a game that lovingly refers to classic monster films. Survive the culinary world with an arsenal of more than 30 types of culinary weapons, such as the quick firing of ketchup, the Mustard Blaster shotgun, and the fork crossbow shown on TV. Go through the levels with spicy procedural surprises such as greasy oil stains, sticky candies, traps.

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Daemon x Machina v1.0 - CODEX

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Daemon X Machina — the game was created in collaboration with the popular publisher Marvelous and First Studio, and this is a guarantee of the success of this product. The main characters of the game are some furs made of iron, which the player will have to try on. In such uniforms, you will go to fight with your worst enemies. Truly fierce battles and spectacular scenes await you. The plot of the game tells about a long journey into a fantasy world that was previously destroyed. The whole fault was the fall of the debris of the moon on our planet, which jeopardized the existence of the entire earthly race. Indeed, as a result of this disaster, most of the Earth’s surface was devastated and unsuitable for human life.

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Skybolt Zack v1.0.8 - CODEX

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Skybolt Zack is a dynamic arcade action platformer with elements of rhythm games and a side view in a sci-fi setting. In the game you have to try on the role of the powerful Zach, which destroys everything in its path. Using rocket attacks of the hero, you can destroy hordes of enemies and create amazing chains of various combinations.

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Train Sim World 2020 - CODEX

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Train Sim World 2020 is a continuation of the advanced rail simulator released in 2017. Watching the action from the point of view of the first person (FPP), we sit at the control panel of the selected locomotive and take it along the routes located in Germany, the UK and the USA, carrying out various orders. The game features three lines that were not in the early part of the series, namely Main-Spessart Bahn, Northern Trans-Pennine and Long Island Rail Road. Another novelty is the «Travel» mode, in which we perform many tasks and scenarios within 24 hours.

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Last Warrior v1.0 - PLAZA

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Last Warrior is an exciting action adventure. This game sends you to a fantasy, medieval world that promises you an interesting adventure. Well, what problems can there be in medieval history? Either the struggle for power, or the salvation of the beautiful princess. Our hero will have to deal with the second problem just the same. It is the rescue of the princess, the task for our young hero falls out. And even if he does not shine on the article, there are not two meters of growth in it and not a mountain of muscles, nevertheless he does not take courage. And with his skillful handling of blades, and he holds a sword in each hand, he will not be greeted by any enemy. By the way, various deadly blades in this game, just a lot. You can get them just like that, find or buy inside the game coins, which you will collect during the game.

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LUNA The Shadow Dust v1.0 - PLAZA

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LUNA The Shadow Dust is a moving story inspired by old-school quests from two satellites, who were given the chance to embark on this hand-drawn journey with exciting music and two-dimensional screensavers. This is a story about the journey of a boy and his companion through an ancient tower full of mysteries and traps. A manually animated quest with riddles telling a touching story of two satellites connected by inextricable ties. Luna The Shadow Dust is a new interactive adventure that will allow you to relax a bit and find your memories that allow you to remain human and manage your future.

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Esports Life Tycoon v1.0.1

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Esports Life Tycoon is an exciting and very unusual in its essence simulator, a game that combines the features of strategy, RPG and management. And the essence of the game is to create a cyber sports team. The plot revolves around the eSports team and its creation. Your task as a manager is to create favorable conditions for players who will perform in different disciplines while bringing victory and fame, and at the same time money. Do you think it is easy for teams living in eSports? Do you think cybersports are simple players? You are mistaken, and now you can personally verify this.

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