Flappatron v18.03.2020 (Episodes 1-3) - PLAZA

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Flappatron is a very unusual in its essence casual adventure indie action with an admixture of fighting game in which you will have to fight in the thoughts of the protagonist with the many people who meet in his way. The game takes place in a very ordinary world, and the plot itself revolves around a guy named Nathan Flappatron, who has to go through a series of tests on the way to his goal. It would seem that there is nothing beyond the unusual in this game, but in fact it is not. In fact, much more is offered here than just adventures. You will have to play as Nathan the numerous characters that fall in his path, in his own thoughts. It sounds strange, but in fact everything looks pretty interesting.

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Through the Darkest of Times v1.04 - CODEX

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Through the Darkest of Times — a strategy with a historical plot about resistance. Everything is focused on so that we can feel the real struggle of people and the gloomy mood during the Third Reich. You will take on the role of resistance fighters. We must try to do everything to save the lives of as many people as possible. It is important to suppress fascism. You will actively lead the actions of the fighters. Your five will resist the whole army, nation. It is necessary to influence the minds and hearts. Look for supporters and get solid support. But action must be taken with extreme caution.

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AI Shoujo v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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AI Shoujo — you always dreamed of getting away from the everyday bustle, then this is your chance. In AI Shoujo you have access to a tropical paradise full of beautiful girls who are just waiting for you. Set up NPCs with a rich set of tools, and then watch them live, learn and love. Lie back, relax and enjoy life in this bright and sunny world.

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Nowhere Prophet v1.05.000 - PLAZA

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Nowhere Prophet is a terrific project based on a popular collectible card game. An unusual gaming component, random generation of levels and procedurally changeable rules, wide opportunities and much more — all this awaits you in this wonderful game Nowhere Prophet, which you can download torrent on our portal. Random actions allow you to intervene in the next fight and find the madmen. The card game, where you can check all your skills alone, causes only the best qualities, which means the world does not stand still and moves in front of glory.

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Rubi The Wayward Mira

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Rubi The Wayward Mira — Casimir is a dying planet. The locals, Mira, obtained all the mana from sources to keep their own civilization in their weight, but this led to the collapse of the planet’s ecosystem. Girl Ruby does not have the ability to use her at all. In order not to die, she wears two implants on her back that regulate the flow and allow her to survive. Years pass, and Ruby desperately searches for the remnants of mana when she suddenly appears on Earth. Along the way, traveling through the levels of the local world, you will have to solve numerous physical puzzles, solve riddles, and do much more.

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DAHALO is an action game based on current events in Madagascar. Fight daring bandits in a new unusual project, which can be downloaded via torrent to PC. Dakhalo is an extremely dangerous criminal gang that is rampaging in the red zones of southern Madagascar. In 2017, more than 4 thousand people died at their hands and every year the number of victims is growing. The team of French developers set a goal to create a high-quality game in order to tell the whole world about this problem, which few people cover in the world media and still cannot overcome the local government.

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