Kaze and the Wild Masks v3.3.5 Beta

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True virtual reality enthusiasts will surely love this indie platformer. Kaze and the Wild Masks — was created in 16-bit style. The developers were inspired by the popular scrolling platformers of the 90s. The action takes place in Cartland. An incomprehensible meteorite fell on him. For some reason, all vegetables have become dangerous monsters. The brave rabbit must return to earth the long-awaited peace. To do this, you will have to actively use the forces of Wild Masks.

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We Are The Caretakers Alpha v18

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We Are The Caretakers is an unusual futuristic tactical role-playing game in which you have to go to the African continent with one single goal, which is to save endangered species of animals. Game events take place on the African continent. The world there is slowly dying and needs defenders. But no one but you can help him. You will have to take control of a detachment of soldiers and go to the continent. There you will encounter a huge number of enemies, you will develop, collect a squad of unique characters, and you will save the world there in all possible ways.

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Lennas Inception v1.0.10

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Lennas Inception is an unusual adventure RPG that plays in 8-bit and 32-bit pixel graphics styles! The legendary hero is dead! A strange glitch spreads across your world! Now only you can stop it! One of the representatives of the guild of bankers seized power and released 8 archangels. Now, to restore order, you have to go to a terrible and dangerous dungeon. In Lennas Inception, explore dangerous dungeons and defeat eight archangels to restore order in a unraveling world in this epic adventure RPG. The legendary hero is dead, news spreads throughout the kingdom.

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Ravenfield Build 19 (upd.29.03.2020)

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Ravenfield — Otpad decadent action game with a first-person view, in which you can feel like a real infantryman, pilot, tanker or gunner and huge maps, on which battles between dozens of characters will take place, a sea of possibilities, shooting and killing, bloody battles, flying on planes and bombing, arranged by artillery — all this creates an atmosphere extremely similar to the atmosphere of the famous «BF». Here you have the right to become what you want. Do you want to be an ordinary infantryman and kill dozens of opponents, emitting a barrage of bullets? Easy! Or maybe you want to become a pilot, crushing targets, both ground and air? So it is also possible here! The main thing is not to stand still.

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Kunai v1.0.3.5b - GOG

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Kunai — you have to play for the robot Tabba, who in his heart is the oldest ninja with unique skills. A post-apocalyptic world opens before him. The race of people died out with the exception of a miserable handful of survivors, and robots took over all the power. Tobby, closely connected with the soul of a warrior, embarks on an exciting and dangerous journey to find out the meaning of his existence. But do not think that your skill and good reaction will bring a guaranteed victory. The success of the campaign depends on other talents, as well as high-quality equipment. Character development plays a key role in the passage.

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MicroTown v0.3.10

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MicroTown is a great option to relax and do construction work. Create. You have a chance to build a whole city, according to your ideas. Let this settlement be unique. Enjoy the creation process itself. Cute houses and funny residents depicted in pixel graphics. The main emphasis in the game is on managing production chains. Pleased with a variety of resources. Nice atmosphere. Play is easy and comfortable.

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