Get Over Blood - PLAZA

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Get Over Blood — in general, it will be extremely difficult to climb, not only because at any moment you can fall down, but also because you need to constantly think here, planning the path not tens of steps forward, but tens at once. There will always be a chance to rise with difficulty on how many levels, and get into a dead end, because of which you will have to go down. And what’s more, on some levels other demons will interfere with you, while on others you will find cliffs of bloody ropes waiting for you, and not only. In words, all this sounds complicated, but in fact, everything is much simpler and cooler.

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Tower of Time v21.05.2020 (Final Edition) - CODEX

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Tower of Time is a tactical role-playing game from a young Polish studio, designed specifically for fans of typical «diabloids». Although in essence it is not even «diabloid», but something new. The plot revolves around events in a fictional world, called Artar. This world was destroyed by catastrophe and today is a prominent representative of the post-apocalyptic in all its glory. But the world can still be saved, and heroes with abilities can be saved, thanks to which you can extinguish the flames of chaos and defeat the hordes of enemies. True, for this, the heroes need to go through a lot of floors of a certain «tower of time», which is not so easy, given the fact that each of its floors is teeming with opponents in their most diverse guises.

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Observation v1.16 - CODEX

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Technical progress began to develop with amazing speed, and very quickly people managed to build not only stations in the vastness of space, but also to build huge complexes that would be controlled by artificial intelligence. Observation game created in the direction of fiction. Do not lose the opportunity to visit the vast and endless space. The station has already rotated around the orbit for a long time, but for unknown reasons, it stopped responding to requests from planet Earth. You will need to understand what happened in this place and find all the answers.

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Human Fall Flat v21.05.2020 + DLC - PLAZA

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Human Fall Flat — before you a fun puzzle game in which the protagonist needs to get out of sleep. A builder named Bob, in some mysterious way, finds himself in a dream, not understanding how he got there, he realizes that from this place it is necessary to get out. Although you are able to crash items in the game, leaving this place is not so easy. To do this, you need to solve puzzles that can be solved in several ways, so the further passage directly depends on the decisions you made. In order to achieve your goal, you can choose a variety of ways, but remember every mistake or wrong step will throw you back.

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Immortal Legacy The Jade Cipher v1.0 - HOODLUM

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Immortal Legacy The Jade Cipher — shooter in virtual reality. Fight for your life against terrifying creatures, using everything from formidable melee weapons to machine guns and grenades. Explore a dangerous island and solve intricate puzzles based on interaction with the environment to discover the secrets of the past, saturated with Chinese myths and real stories. Embark on an unforgettable adventure where you have to meet brave heroes and powerful villains.

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Just Ride Apparent Horizon v1.3 - PLAZA

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Just Ride Apparent Horizon is a dynamic racing game that offers you to fight for your life on long, dangerous tracks. The game includes excellent rendering, nice animation, and is also ready to please you with a storyline. History will send you into the future, namely in 2025, when the entire world economy crashed. From now on, no government can take responsibility. Mankind had to find ways to survive in this darkness, separation and chaos. You will take on the role of a brave hero who is trapped.

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Dragon Marked For Death v3.0.10s - PLAZA

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Dragon Marked for Death is a two-dimensional role-playing action platformer in a fantasy setting. In the game you are waiting for 30 missions, which can be completed both alone and with friends in a cooperative. In Dragon Marked for Death, players are given the role of survivors of the dragon blood clan. They vowed revenge on the kingdom of Medius, which destroyed their homeland. In order to realize their intended revenge, they will have to conclude a contract with the astral dragon Atruum. A two-dimensional role-playing action platformer with an emphasis on close combat, fantasy setting, leveling, co-op and thirty huge missions, exclusive to Nintendo Switch. The game is interesting, first of all, because for the sake of its creation Inti Creates studio again gathered in one place the team responsible for the wonderful tetralogy of Mega Man Zero.

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Black Future 88 v45.8 (Collectors Edition) - PLAZA

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Black Future 88 is a Synth-Punk roguelike 2D shooter. Vertically climb onto a constantly evolving procedural tower to reach the top and kill its insane owner before your heart explodes. Shoot, chop, rush and upgrade yourself to survive the endless waves of death traps, murderous AI, insane addicts and colossal guards standing in your way in a stylish alternative version of 1988. The world is reeling from the nuclear cataclysm created by Duncan, the architect of the tower.

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Dread Nautical v1.0.1 - CODEX

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Dread Nautical is a tactical turn-based role-playing game in which players encounter an attack of otherworldly forces on a cruise ship called Hope. Having gathered a group of completely strange and dissimilar characters, the players must find a way out of this situation and try to get out of Hope alive. Role-playing game with turn-based battles and a top view. Supernatural forces bombarded the ship with mysterious evil monsters. Therefore, you have to take all the will into a fist and find other survivors, get food and necessary resources, and also successfully manage your shelter in order to return from vacation alive.

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Fates of Ort v1.0.15

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Fates of Ort — one of the main features of this game is that here time stops every time you are immobilized. That is, stopping and lingering in place, you will actually get a chance to think over further actions and think about tactics. In addition, there is also a feature that consists in the use of magic. magic cannot be used here endlessly — it sucks life force out of the main character, which means that by using magic you risk perishing. And the rest of Fates of Ort, this is a typical role-playing game. Travel through a partially open world and fight against demons and monsters of the underworld, pump the main character, collect loot and pick up the best combinations of equipment, survive and save the world.

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