Strategic Mind Blitzkrieg v1.0 - HOODLUM

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Strategic Mind Blitzkrieg — a game simulator, executed in a strategic setting, where you will become part of the events taking place in the midst of World War II. You will play the role of one of the commanders-in-chief of a large and powerful army, and then you will try to lead him to victory. Your task is to seize the entire territory of Europe, but it will not be so simple to do so. A lot of enemies, all kinds of collusion, secrets and unexpected turns, for which it is necessary to prepare properly, will get in the way.

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Boobs Saga - PLAZA

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This game Boobs Saga — is a horror, and eroge, and a quest with puzzles and logic tasks. Boobs Saga is one of those games where you have to be an impregnable girl, previously created by the player. According to the plot, we find ourselves in the castle of the king, who considers himself a pickup master of that time. He seduces girls not by dialogue, not by his beauty, but by imprisonment in castles and lack of a proper alternative. Give in to temptation or you will rot behind bars.

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This Land Is My Land v0.0.3.13487

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This Land Is My Land is a very cool and atmospheric single-player stealth action game in which players are invited to play the role of an Indian, a native of America, fighting for his life and land. In the story, something happened that in reality the native inhabitants of America, the Indians, could not avoid — the Europeans arrived on American soil and began to displace the native inhabitants, destroying their villages, attacking the settlements and doing much more. Well, you will have to try as an Indian to prevent them from achieving their goals and defend their land and home. But it will not be easy to do this.

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I Dracula Genesis v0.70

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I Dracula Genesis — is a twin-stick bagel in which the magic and the post-apocalyptic technologies of the future come together. You have to defeat the evil Lord Dracula and save everyone, and more than once. In the game you will find many procedurally generated levels, a variety of updated weapons, spells, perks, alien artifacts, strange technological and magical devices, enemies, traps, custom events and hidden stores. This is a isometric twin-bagel bagel. You are a simple hunter who is trying to save the earth from the monsters that captured it. Robots, aliens, monsters eating your brains. A total of 160 types of dishonesty and 20 bosses. The developers also promise: High complexity, a rich arsenal of weapons that can be disassembled and improved, levels that will be randomly generated. And do not forget about magic and various artifacts.

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The Trud - HOODLUM

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The Trud — is a short game, lasting less than two hours, that seeks to provoke atmospheric and spectacular terror, accompanied by a good story that is also as exciting as possible. Due to the fact that this is a short game, you can expect the game without many errors and complete what it offers. Throughout the game, you need to solve a series of puzzles and riddles as you progress through the plot, trying to figure out what is happening and find a way out of the terrible events that you experienced.

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Scum Build 5054925 (upd.22.05.2020)

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The idea of the game SCUM is not new, but the implementation promised by the developers of many elements in the game promises an interesting project that attracted the attention of many gamers. Before you a new multiplayer survivor. According to the plot, you take part in the next season of the reality of the show from the media giant TEC1. Forget the innocuous rules, the people demand a spectacle! You with other participants of the show will survive on a huge island with dense forests, open fields and even mountains. And the word survival means not just running around the island in search of food, here you have to look for weapons and fight other survivors. In this show you can do anything you want, kill or kill you!

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Wild Russia v20200522 - PLAZA

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Wild Russia — the first thing to say about the atmosphere of the game. Gloomy streets in the style of a typical Russian hinterland, scary sounds reaching from all sides to the protagonist, dark locations where you can sometimes find something that will plunge into shock, and even incomprehensible humanoid monsters, from the look of which you begin to feel confusion it creates a truly unusual eerie atmosphere. And in such an atmosphere you will have to try to calm down and find a way to freedom. Believe me, this will not be easy.

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Hot Lava v1.0.404154 - CODEX

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Hot Lava is a fascinating adventure game that will send you to the world of lava, the dates you have passed all the tests associated with overcoming obstacles. In childhood, everyone must have played a similar game where it was impossible to touch the floor, now it is available on computer platforms where you can have fun and have a great time. The virtual world has prepared for you not a small number of tests, each of which is as dangerous as possible and can lead you to death in two ways.

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Revhead Turbo Pack v1.4.6692 - PLAZA

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Turbo Pack DLC is a new addition to the game Revhead, which contains more than 60 new components, which in turn has a positive effect on high performance. Revhead is a cool car simulator created especially for car racing fans and everything related to cars. The game invites players to feel not only a racer, but also an auto mechanic, on whom each individual part of the car and its performance depend. The whole essence of the simulator, first of all, consists in races, in races in which cars of the most different models participate. In this case, the gameplay is based not only on racing, but also on tuning, and of course, on auto mechanics. Each car here can be moved in accordance with the needs of the user, with the details, the so-called «nodes», the user is invited to buy their own, looking for them in game stores, or in ads in the newspaper.

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BE-A Walker v1616

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BE-A Walker — is a game whose plot is very similar to the movie «Avatar». Earth is exhausted by human consumption! To save humanity, a mission was adopted to colonize a new planet called Eldorado. The planet is rich in various resources, but the atmosphere is toxic to humans, and the locals are extremely aggressive. You control a combat robot with rather complicated mechanics each step requires a few keystrokes. Your task is to colonize the planet by completely eliminating the threat represented by local Aborigines. Of course, you have the right to choose any side and your own way of solving the problem.

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