The Sight in a mirror - PLAZA

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The Sight in a mirror — as for the gameplay, it is unique in all directions in this game and offers, by and large, traditional mechanics quite standard for the genre. You will explore a huge mansion, pick up various objects that will be needed in solving puzzles and solving riddles, will solve simple problems, and survive by running away and hiding from the local «inhabitant». In general, the game does not offer anything fundamentally new, but this makes playing it no less interesting. And separately it would be worth saying about the atmosphere. But she in The Sight in a mirror is simply incomparable. Endless corridors with dozens of rooms, secrets and intrigues, puzzles and riddles, a creepy inhabitant of the mansion. appearing out of nowhere all this creates a really eerie atmosphere.

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Ayre v1.0.5 - PLAZA

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Experience the Dragon’s freedom of flight in Ayre. Enjoy a relaxing flight while listening to the wind whistle past you, or test your skills in acrobatic races hidden throughout the earth. Discover the history of ancient civilization. Find out what happens with this Crystal Comet. You are Air, a young woman with a rare companion: the last living dragon. Hoping to find out where your dragon came from, you have spent the past few years traveling everywhere. Finally, you discovered the homeland of ancient people riding dragons, Skyriders.

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Bellatia v1.03 - CODEX

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Bellatia — is a new role-playing game. Your main task, as in most such games, is to save the world from evil, which extends stronger than the wind. In turn, it is worth noting the fact that this is a game in the rpg genre, adventure and action developed by Ganitani for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of anime, and the following action, adventure, role-playing game, slasher, anime, adventure action, indie, steam achievements, trading cards can distinguish features. In the game, there is a negative character who wants to seize power and enslave the entire fantasy world. Your task, as is customary in games, is to show your ingenuity and strategic skills to confront enemies.

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Rune 2 v1.1.14691 - CODEX

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Rune 2 — role-playing fantasy action in the Scandinavian setting, in which you will again have to plunge into a series of events that can turn the world upside down, fight with the gods and mystical creatures, and try to prevent Ragnarok. The events of the game occur 7 years after the events of the first part. Loki has found a loophole and now manages time in order to constantly maintain peace in a state of chaos. He needs to do this over and over again because after Ragnarok, Loki must perish, and yet he does not want this. Here the world is changing over and over again, and now you must stop it at all costs, try to stop Ragnarok and destroy the forces of Evil that have penetrated the real world.

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Pulang Insanity v1.0.0.6 (Lunatic Edition) - CODEX

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Pulang Insanity — is a gloomy game that will constantly put pressure on your psyche and thoroughly test your nerves. You will join the culture and myths of Indonesia, and even become part of an ancient ritual. The game tells the difficult story of Rudy, an ordinary entrepreneur who found himself head over heels in debt and poverty. But thanks to an ancient mystical ritual, he became rich and happy. Of course, the reverse side of the service was not without happiness. It did not last long. If you want to see how this tense story developed, you just have to start the game and plunge into the world of horror of the door of culture.

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Just Shapes and Beats v1.4.12 - SKIDROW

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Just Shapes and Beats — a dynamic game in the genre of action movie, where the main actions will be associated with music. You find yourself in a huge colorful world in which you will need maximum attentiveness, concentration and speed to successfully cope with all the trials on the way. Moreover, there is a cooperative mode, allowing you to have a great time in the company of your friends. Here you need to avoid the geometric shapes flying in your direction, and also to press the percussion key in time to the beat of this or that melody. Dying will have a lot and often, as long as you do not gain the necessary experience and not hone their skills.

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Receiver 2 v2.0.4 - CODEX

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Receiver 2 is the second part of a rather popular series of games developed in the genre of weapon simulator. This project is not aimed at crazy battles with opponents, but specifically at the physiology of one kind or another in your weapons arsenal. A feature is the accuracy in simulating the operation of the mechanism included in the weapon. Here you must learn to use this unit correctly and find out all the subtleties of its operation. The physics of shooting is worked out at the highest level, which will allow you to plunge into the gameplay and feel like a full part of the game world.

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Project Downfall v0.9.12.1

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Project Downfall — an adventure action game with side missions, many endings and an open world in cyberpunk style. You have to find out the story of a man named Joe, who in the afternoon, like everyone else, goes to work and lives a normal life, and goes hunting at night. It’s all because the government decided to legalize certain types of drugs to increase the working capacity of urban residents around the world. A dynamic shooter that takes into account your reflexes and speed of thinking.

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