The Walking Fish 2 Final Frontier - PLAZA

Torrent The Walking Fish 2 Final Frontier download free pc

The Walking Fish 2 Final Frontier — the essence of the game, as in most similar games, is to survive on the space station. in the vast expanses of the station there is you and a certain creature that will terrorize you throughout the passage of the game. A huge, creepy creature, half fish, half human. And don’t even think about trying to make contact with him. As for the gameplay. So he is in this game is quite standard and offers by and large standard mechanics. Explore a huge space station, solve puzzles and solve riddles, collect various objects, look for clues and at least something that tells about what happened at station.

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Star Runner - PLAZA

Torrent Star Runner download free pc

Star Runner — what is really cool is that in this game you will have at your disposal just an incredible amount of various weapons with which you can improve your spaceship. For example, you will have at your disposal proton guns, rail weapons, lasers and many other equally interesting weapons. And at your disposal will be much more global weapons, including a nuclear bomb, a special wormhole generator, hacking weapons for hacking, and much, much more. Destroy enemies, collect resources, explore and install new weapons on your ship, and create such chaos in which your enemies begin to tremble with fear. But believe me, this is not all there is. In addition, in Star Runner you will also find many improvements that will allow you to pump the ship in terms of characteristics.

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Etherborn v1.0.3 - PLAZA

Torrent Etherborn download free pc
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Etherborn is a three-dimensional platform and third-person logic game, which unfolds in a surrealistic world inspired by modern art. The debut studio Altered Matter is responsible for its creation. We play as a silent creature that has appeared in the world, hearing a mysterious voice calling for it. The main character goes on a journey to understand his nature.

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Ever Forward v01.06.2020

Torrent Ever Forward download free pc
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Ever Forward — in general, this is a rather interesting and positive game. There is no cruelty, no action, no terrible events. But then there is a pleasant atmosphere and full of puzzles, various kinds of puzzles and much more. You, having taken control of the Maya girl and set off on a journey, will have to solve puzzles, inspect the environment and monitor all its changes, collect, like puzzles, various fragments of Maya’s memories, and do much more. The game does not offer anything fundamentally complicated or unusual, but those puzzles and riddles that you will encounter will certainly intrigue and delight you.

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Moonrise Hope v0.2.1

Torrent Moonrise Hope download free pc
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Moonrise Hope is a unique tactical RPG that encourages creative thinking with sophisticated combos and powerful damage effects. At the same time, the game has a story that affects your characters in battles. Moonrise Hope will tell the story of Ferrum and Trevor who decided to take the Candiff exam to become licensed monster hunters. One of them was a stern Merck, who had renounced his cruel past, and the second young noble nobleman, who was looking for adventure, these two unlikely friends had to pass an exam together, which would be the least cause for concern.

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GRID v1.0.120.7841 (Season 3) - CODEX

Torrent GRID download free pc
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True gamers will love GRID 2019 game for PC. This is a successful reboot of the famous racing series. Its creator is the well-known Codemaster studio. All players have a unique opportunity to visit eight countries that are located on different continents. You will take an active part in the landmark races. You just need to choose the mode suitable for you and start moving. There are 6 of them, so you can try your hand at all. The game GRID presents various cars, Masklars, Touring, GT and others. The gameplay will appeal to ordinary players and people with extensive experience in this field. There are no analogs. This is a completely new experience, giving a chance to choose your own path, create a fascinating story and become a real conqueror of the huge world of motorsport.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 v02.06.2020 - CODEX

Torrent Dragon Quest Builders 2 download free pc
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Dragon Quest Builders 2 — the continuation of the warmly received spin-offs of the Dragon Quest series, in which players reincarnate as a good creator hero, opposing the forces of darkness. Compared to the original, the game has undergone a number of changes and improvements, as well as completely new solutions, including the possibility of swimming in the air and swimming, filling water in the ground or in the swimming pools and placing three times as many blocks during construction. The multiplayer mode deserves a separate mention, in which three more players can join us. The story told in Dragon Quest Builders 2 continues the themes that began in the first part of the series. Players again take on the role of a hero of creative power, whose shoulder is the task of restoring civilization and countering the darkness that destroys chaos in the fantastic land of Alefgard.

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Geneshift Battle Royale Turbo v1.27 (upd.02.06.2020)

Torrent Geneshift Battle Royale Turbo download free pc
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Geneshift Battle Royale Turbo is an action shooter with a top view filled with adrenaline shooting. Your hero is able to learn more than 30 different skills, as well as get 20 different types of weapons. All this will allow you to arrange a real hell for your opponents. Add to this the ability to use different vehicles, and get a great shooter in the best traditions of the first GTA.

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Fort Triumph v1.0.2 - CODEX

Torrent Fort Triumph download free pc
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Fort Triumph is a fairly sophisticated turn-based tactical strategy during the Middle Ages. Before you is an amazing and mysterious fantasy world that does not forgive mistakes. There is no place for the weak. So collect truly strong heroes and go explore the world. Each hero or enemy is unique in its own way and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Your task is to understand how best to act with one or another hero in the current battle. Due to the fact that the characters are radically different from each other, you have almost unlimited possibilities for battle tactics.

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Sludge Life v200601

Torrent Sludge Life download free pc
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Sludge Life — an unusual adventure action with elements of vandalism and a first-person view. You have to go to explore a strange island full of unpredictable cranks in such a dense atmosphere that you can taste it. You also have to defend the rights of graffiti artists, go through corporate offices, chat with other tags, meet a couple of morons and discover many secrets. The shocking studio Devolver Digital at the PAX Prime 2020 exhibition introduced a new indie project, which became the vandalism simulator in the open world Sludge Life.

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