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Conglomerate 451 — present to your attention a very dynamic and atmospheric first-person shooter, made in the style of cyberpunk. The events of this game will develop in the near future, where you will become the main leader of the most successful and powerful corporation on the planet. However, to achieve such success was not easy, because of which you had to take control of all aspects of human life. Therefore, the poorest sections of society, which also do not have an important status, have become adherents of the criminal world, full of murders and violence. And even despite the cruel and harsh orders of this world, people still managed to take one sector under their control, because of which lawlessness and violence are happening there now. To regain power over this place, you sent a group of elite fighters who must stop the rampant crime in this sector.

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The Last Haven v0.02.06

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The Last Haven — will delight those who are used to extreme conditions in games. We will be transported into the world after a nuclear war. You have to observe a bird’s-eye view of your settlement. It is necessary to take control, make decisions, master production and organize defense. This is the Last Shelter. Remember that you are responsible for the people. All negative factors will affect the population. The authors create rather difficult conditions. You are facing a shortage of resources, production is completely destroyed. The catastrophe took all communications from the face of the earth, the infrastructure was destroyed.

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Garrison Archangel v1.0.3 - PLAZA

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Garrison Archangel is a dynamic action-style fighting game where you will get a lot of spectacles from passing. Here you will become a participant in unusual resistance, where you will take control of the powerful and modifiable mechanism in which our hero will be clothed. The main goal is victory, but achieving it will not be so simple. You must pay special attention to the development of your character and his powerful suit, in every way complementing and modifying.

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