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Insomnia The Ark is an RPG-style game project where you have to go to the post-apocalyptic world covered in darkness. The actions of the game will send you to a fairly large-scale space station, where you will fight with crowds of rivals. Your opponents will not be representatives of the human race, but terrible monsters. You will fight with all your might for your life, coping with hunger and thirst. The first thing is to go to the study of the space station, to provide themselves with all the necessary items, as well as make a stock of powerful weapons.

The main enemy is a psychological illness that is spreading at an enormous speed, absorbing everyone in its path. The story will send you to the sixth object, which acts in the style of an abandoned and huge space station. The goal of this station for the past four hundred years has been to move to a new haven for humanity, since the Earth is no longer suitable for a comfortable and safe life. Now you have to solve a terrible mythical mystery, while trying to save your own life. Improve your skills and combat arsenal to successfully achieve your goal.

This release Insomnia The Ark is standalone Update 7 / 13.05.2020 and includes all content and DLC.

About The Game

Key Features

  • Based on release from CODEX
  • Change language in game settings
  • Game version — Update 7
  • Installation ~ 3 min
Includes bonuses:
  • INSOMNIA: The Ark — Deluxe Set
  • INSOMNIA: The Ark — Soundtrack

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions)
Processor: 2.5 GHz CPU, 4 cores
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Geforce 760, AMD Radeon R7 360
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 12 GB available space


Screenshot Insomnia The Ark PC Game free download torrent Screenshot Insomnia The Ark PC Game free download torrent Screenshot Insomnia The Ark PC Game free download torrent

Gameplay Trailer

How to Install the Game

  1. To start, you need to download the game files.
  2. Then, unpack the archive with «WinRar» or an analog.
  3. Mount the resulting image in the «UltraISO» program.
  4. Install the game, agreeing with the installation wizard.
  5. Download & install Update 6 / 7, in game folder.
  6. Copy the contents of the folder «CODEX» to the folder with the game.
  7. Lock the game folder in the Windows firewall.
  8. Play!

Download update only: INSOMNIA.The.Ark.Update.7-CODEX [ 196.4 MB ]
Download update only: INSOMNIA.The.Ark.Update.6-CODEX [ 313.2 MB ]

Download Insomnia The Ark Update 7 (upd.13.05.2020) - CODEX [ 13.17 GB ]

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Download Insomnia The ARK v1.6 (35364) - GOG [ 7.56 GB ]

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How to download this game ?
Game updates:
  • INSOMNIA The Ark Update 6 → Update 7 [ 13.05.2020 ]
  • INSOMNIA The Ark v1.5 → Update 6 [ 16.11.2019 ]
  • INSOMNIA The Ark v1.3 → v1.5 [ 20.06.2019 ]

This game has been updated 13-05-2020, 04:20 to the latest version Update 7 (upd.13.05.2020).

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Comments 2

SkiGamesPC 15 December 2018 11:36
V1.4 has arrived + plans for the future
  • A key remapping option has been added to the Settings menu. Now it doesn’t matter if you are using QWERTY, AZERTY or a custom made keyboard scrapped from the computer terminal of a lost civilization — we’ve got you covered! 
  • Endgame dialogue with Thel now allows you to get all of the possible story outcomes based on the decisions made throughout the game. Were you helpful enough to the ones in need? Or maybe you pursued your own goals all the way down to the end? Let’s find out!
  • Lack of option to talk to Riebel in order to complete the “Bane of Mills” quest has been fixed, which was an issue if you were skillful enough to progress with this quest using your hacking skills. Hold on Thyper, we are coming!
  • Inventory sorting now works as expected and previously equipped items no longer overlay other items. You can now get back to your regular scavenging activities. Just remember to keep your inner kleptomaniac in check or you may find yourself encumbered with heavy loot and your character will suffer from poor combat performance!
  • The volume level toggles for music and sound effects are sorted out in the Settings menu. Now you can have better control over what you want to hear while roaming Object 6 on your way to… what you’ve been doing lately anyway?
  • Numerous smaller bug fixes and improvements.
SkiGamesPC 16 November 2019 05:58
Update 6:
Player avatar unable to exit from the ‘Coast’ location. And why would they want to? Have you seen the vistas over there?
The elevator leaving and becoming inactive after loading a previous save.
An invisible wall preventing the players from entering the elevator in the “Committee Archive†location. You shall not pass!
It is possible to fall into the elevator shaft at the Military Base location. I’ve been to darker places. For example - right after testing the game and translating these patch notes.
Monitors at locations "d106 " and "Gralem Hall" displaying the wrong texture.
Monitors hanging in the air at the Military Base location.
Transparent walls for one of the rooms in the “d_p_Stop†location. Voyeurs, enjoy!
When loading the game from older save files some objects may appear in incorrect positions.
The door in the "Vulture's Nest" finale not opening.
The door leading to an alternative path does not open in the ‘d_p_base_battle’ location.
Impossible to go through the blue door in the game’s finale. Errr, it seems these doors hold a grudge against the devs.
Skill points displaying incorrectly when switching from one player companion to another.
There is no task associated with Tel in the quest log.
Player character gets stuck in falling beams at the casino during the "Dr. Glar's Package’ assignment.
Commissars notice the player at the "Committee Archive" location when the player character is already riding the elevator. I’m on BOAT! I’m on a...wait, wrong song.
A mini-boss at one of the randomly appearing locations gets stuck in the ceiling.
The somnia effect not disappearing after loading a save from the game over screen.
NPC Gost not following the player in the d_p_gang location.
Security bots appear under the ceiling at the "d_p_encounter" location. What's with the ceilings in this game? I thought they were missing, but the characters keep getting stuck in them.
Enemy NPCs do not save their state when the game is loaded from an auto save.
Fixing the generator at the location "d_p_escort†requires missing parts which may prevent players from advancing the plot.
The inevitable death of all player companions at location d_p_flood. Which mirrors life as we know it, don’t you think?
Quest log is not updated after selecting one of the dialogue options in the game’s finale.
Player character gets moved to the ‘d_p_lab’ location if loading from any save at the ‘d_p_dream’ location.
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