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Gang Beasts v03.06.2019

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Gang Beasts is a great fun and very positive fighting game in which you will have to control puppet men living in the meat city. It would seem that some kind of nonsense, but in fact it is fun, and the idea inherent in this game is quite interesting, and at the same time unique. The essence of the game is as follows — you take control of the puppet man and go to the arena of battles. Arena here can be considered every single location. Fights will take place everywhere: on the roofs of skyscrapers, on the football field, on real boxing rings and not only. Moreover, they will have to fight one-on-one, and against the crowds of the same puppet men. The main feature of Gang Beasts is not in realistic physics and unusual animation.

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Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter - PLAZA

Poster Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter torrent download
Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter this is a VR survival adventure that will lead you to a magical kingdom full of incredible bloodthirsty creatures. The whole team has been killed by damned creatures living on these crazy islands and your ship is sinking. Many pirates died in these waters. As the only remaining pistol on the ship, you must shoot out of trouble and survive as long as possible. This VR-shooter completely immerses players in the Caribbean fantasy pirate world of fairy tales and legends. Beautiful levels with different monsters and tasks.
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Jaws Of Extinction v03.06.2019

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Jaws of Extinction — adventure simulator of survival in a zombie apocalypse. A plot with many branches, cooperative for four, subject to the possession of a license. Full freedom of action in the open world. The authors of the Jaws of Extinction survivalist, very, very similar to DayZ, decided to remind themselves by posting a rather lengthy video on the Web, which revealed many details and also stated that this game will be a game for adults, without any corrections for children. Therefore, for example, naked characters with all their anatomical details will be available. And also will be available the same naked zombies.
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Macrotis A Mothers Journey v1.1.0 - CODEX

Poster Macrotis A Mothers Journey torrent download
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The Proud Dinosaurs Studio and Orsam Information Technologies Publisher released a PC adventure Macrotis A Mothers Journey 2.5D platform game about Mom Bilby, who was separated from her children as a result of a flood caused by the endless rain. Now she is trying to find her kids, having overcome all obstacles and challenges of the harsh world. The developers promise a heartbreaking, very emotional adventure. Solve challenging puzzles by interacting with a beautiful, but no less dangerous world filled with deadly traps that can immediately end the adventure.

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NITE Team 4 v1.0.9 - SKIDROW

Poster NITE Team 4 torrent download
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NITE Team 4 is a special agency where specially trained hackers work, working for the benefit of various formations: FRB, GRU, counterintelligence and many others. The player acts as one of the workers who performs the set goals, using the terminal to hack systems and pull data, track down criminals and search for evidence. At the core of the gameplay are real algorithms, and the interface is stylized for real software hackers. Even if you do not know how the hacking software works, you can get the necessary skills at the Academy. The training is presented in the form of a number of tasks that will help to master the management and teams, but after that do not wait for indulgences: there will be no prompts in the campaign mode.

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Blackout v20190531 - PLAZA

Poster Blackout torrent download
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Blackout is a single player game with elements of horror and survival under special danger. Adventure game was inspired by horror movies that inspire fear. This is a completely new, really terrifying game with high quality. Now it’s time to experience endless stress. Exceptional 3D graphics, realistic simulation and terrifying sound scare you away from your pants. You will play for Eric, who will lead this game. One rainy day, he goes in search of his wife, who has disappeared. You will wander around the house, which is darkened. The mysterious accident in this house will turn the computer itself into a house that is chasing.

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Unruly Heroes v20190531 - CODEX

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Two-dimensional action game Unruly Heroes with — great style, animation and visual from the French studio Magic Design Studios, most of which are former veterans of Ubisoft, called Unruly Heroes. This team also worked on such game projects as Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed and Rayman — which could be seen on the first trailer, which was shown at E3 2017.

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Forgotton Anne Collectors Edition (upd.31.05.2019) - PLAZA

Poster Forgotton Anne torrent download
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Forgotton Anne is a fantastic game with an extraordinary open world where secrets and unsolved mysteries await you, as well as missions with obstacles on your way. The game has a fairly good graphic component, as well as musical accompaniment — all this will allow you to delve deeper into the essence of what is happening. Each character you meet along the way, unique in performance, has distinctive external data and characteristics. The gameplay is based on the platformer genre, where the main thing the main character should do is to move quickly, overcoming all the dangers on the way.

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Metaverse Keeper v2019.05.30 (0.24.1)

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Metaverse Keeper touches the topic of multiple universes, offering gamers to save them all at once, choosing one of the champions, who have already saved their world more than once. This is a bright and stylish dungeon crawler with elements of role-playing and a bagel, the possibility of cooperative transmission and high variability. The latter can be traced throughout: from the unique characters, ending with the filing of cut-scenes in the form of motion-comics.

This game has been updated 30-05-2019, 10:03 to the latest version v2019.05.30 (0.24.1).

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Abandon Ship v0.5.12154 - SKIDROW

Poster Abandon Ship torrent download
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Abandon Ship is a game that was developed in the popular style of conquering the sea. Here, you will take on the role of captain of a huge ship that will plow in a world capable of procedural generation, which will make your pastime much more interesting. Each time you will get everything in a new and new world, exploring every bit of it, finding unique things and useful items.

This game has been updated 30-05-2019, 10:00 to the latest version v0.5.12154.

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