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TSIOQUE torrent download
v1.1.3 (Build 20181213) Full game PLAZA FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
TSIOQUE is a very colorful and fascinating, and at some points even a rather frightening quest where you have to go to a dark world and cope with numerous trials that he prepared for you. In the course of the action you will be accompanied everywhere by a share of sarcasm, which greatly diversifies the gameplay. The graphics in its performance is quite simple, having a cartoon style and nice animation. Management is simple in its presentation, so you will not have to study
Adventure Casual Indie | Yesterday, 15:50 | 27 | 947.48 MB
Battle Royale Tycoon torrent download
v0.02 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Battle Royale Tycoon — a game in the genre of a simulator with elements of the sandbox, where you have to do the design, and then the embodiment of a variety of arenas for combat. These arenas are designed so that the fighters can hone their skills and abilities before participating in the «Royal battles». Under your control gets the construction of a variety of arenas, each of which will have its own functions and tasks for future soldiers. You can create a whole training
Indie Simulation Strategy Early Access | 11-12-2018, 14:52 | 32 | 138 MB
Farm Together torrent download
v10.12.2018 Full game CODEX FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
​Farm Together is a beautiful third-person farm simulator with sandbox elements. Start by caring for a small area and try to create your own farm. Plant, take care and harvest, breed animals, strive to constantly expand the areas of their possessions and then you will be able to create a thriving farm. Are you tired of vegetables, want to do something else? No problem — you can do the decor of the farm or just pick up new clothes for your character. Also worth noting is that
Casual Indie Indie Simmulator | 11-12-2018, 06:22 | 2 099 | 564 MB

This game has been updated 11-12-2018, 06:22 to the latest version v10.12.2018.

Hades Battle Out of Hell torrent download
v11731 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Hades Battle Out of Hell — a game played in a unique bagel-slasher style, where exciting adventures and funny moments await you. You will go to the very center of Hell, where you will become a member of numerous bloody regrets, and your rivals will not have any pity. The main task of our brave chief to get through the hordes of enemies to the main boss, acting in the role of the God of death. The world in the game has bright colors despite its location, so the atmosphere can
Casual Indie Simulation | 11-12-2018, 05:58 | 41 | 4.8 GB

This game has been updated 11-12-2018, 15:14 to the latest version v11731.

CHKN torrent download
v0.7.03 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
CHKN — new additions to the world of designers, where you will play the role of the creator of various forms of life. The fact is that here you can fully express your, even the craziest, fantasy. Create your own pet, unlike any other, and then go on exploring the vast world. In the course of the game you can find a lot of useful gizmos that will be useful to you in survival. Yes, there is also the topic of protecting your own life from all sorts of rivals. To continue your
Adventure Casual Indie Early Access | 9-12-2018, 06:54 | 92 | 1.86 GB

This game has been updated 9-12-2018, 06:54 to the latest version v0.7.03.

Signs of Life torrent download
v0.12.23 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Signs of Life is a science fiction game with a large-scale and beautiful open world that carries a lot of possibilities. The time has come to the fact that a global war has begun all over the planet, as a result of which the Earth was destroyed and became no longer suitable for life. Now mankind needs to do everything to find a new home. To achieve the goal, the UN created an order to build two spacecraft. One, Hephaestus, which was basic and intended to be overcome
Action Adventure Casual Indie RPG Early Access | 7-12-2018, 09:53 | 43 | 346 MB
Escape Doodland torrent download
Escape Doodland is a computer game project in the arcade platformer genre. There is a fairly dynamic gameplay, as well as a nice and simple graphic design. You will play the role of a simple and peaceful citizen of an unusual, once prosperous town. The story tells about the seizure of the city by a terrible monster, and now your homeland is facing destruction. You have to go to the exciting game world to explore each of its location, finding useful items on them, as well
Action Adventure Casual Indie | 5-12-2018, 15:36 | 32 | 167 MB
Golf Peaks torrent download
Golf Peaks is a simple and relaxing game that is a great representative of the puzzle genre. Here you have to go a long way to the top of the career ladder, overcoming challenges and coping with difficult tasks. The gameplay includes more than seven dozen unique in their performance puzzles that will help you hone your logical thinking and ingenuity. The challenge is to cope with the game of golf on the mountain tops. There is a card promotion system that will periodically
Casual Indie Sports | 5-12-2018, 15:31 | 30 | 37.1 MB
GODS Remastered torrent download
GODS Remastered — game project in the style of an action movie, where you have to take the path of conquest and fight with the most merciless opponents, constantly emerging on the way. You will take over the management of a professional and courageous warrior who stands in the way of justice. The journey will take place in four unique worlds, each of which harbors dark secrets. You need to unravel these secrets, tables to solve a global problem and the threat of the
Action | 5-12-2018, 07:12 | 48 | 770 MB
SimpleRockets 2 torrent download
v0.6.7.2 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
SimpleRockets 2 is the second part, which is again ready to please you with its incredible adventures, where you will become part of a space flight simulator to conquer global space. Now you are not performing in a two-dimensional, but in a three-dimensional universe, which means that you have a huge number of opportunities and skills. Your tasks will include the correct design of an aircraft, which you will then need to release into space. Everything must be folded so that,
Indie Simulation Early Access Casual | 5-12-2018, 05:58 | 45 | 247 MB
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Casual games do not take up much space on the hard drive, they do not require an outstanding knowledge of the computer, they have a bright cartoon design. But do not think that these games are plotless. In most cases, they are carefully worked out and saturated, even more than the usual games for a personal computer. The heroes of casual games have an expressive depiction. Difficult to pass the place are passed cheerfully and positively. They can be played at work or at home in any outstanding free time. Downloading them for free on your computer is easy. The convenient interface of our site will allow you to quickly and easily find the necessary game. Before you start downloading the game, you will be able to familiarize yourself with all the necessary characteristics. The file contains a high-resolution cover, a description, a video about the game, system requirements and installation tips on your personal computer.

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