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Escape The Manor v1.0 - PLAZA

Torrent Escape The Manor download free pc
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Escape The Manor is a logic, horror and action puzzle game developed by Matthew Lonsdale for the PC platform. The environment in the game refers to the style of fantasy, action, indie, casual, puzzle, horror, difficult, single-player, dark, hunting. You will have access to such game modes as for a single player. If you want to tickle your nerves, then this horror game is for you. It has all the necessary components to make an evening in the dark very scary. The game, which has a first-person view, as well as a storyline that tells the story of one person who turned out to be absolutely alone, in an old estate, which is full of ghosts, monster and dishonesty. Will you be able to survive this nightmare, because the darkness is all around.

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The Coma 2 Vicious Sisters v1.0 (upd.28.01.2020) - PLAZA

Torrent The Coma 2 Vicious Sisters download free pc
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The Coma 2 Vicious Sisters — continuation of an adventure horror with elements of survival. The game tells the story of a young girl Mine Pack, who, under mysterious circumstances, wakes up late at night at her school. Only now she looks completely different, and bloodthirsty monsters began to roam around. You have to help Mina get out of this nightmare, solving various puzzles and exploring the environment in search of self-defense.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 13:37 to the latest version v1.0 (upd.28.01.2020).

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Beyond Senses v0.3.1 - PLAZA

Torrent Beyond Senses download free pc
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Beyond Senses is an innovative multiplayer and single-player horror game. A number of features of Beyond Senses guarantees you a diverse, adrenaline gameplay — both alone and with friends. Immerse yourself in the world of horror, at the beginning of the game you can choose the character and side for which you will play. If you want to play as a witch hunter, it’s all real without problems, or maybe you don’t want to be good, then choose the side of evil. Your task is to explore the world around us, which is far beyond our consciousness. There is a world beyond, which is full of danger and witches, demons and similar wickedness. This game is unique, thanks to the abundance of choice of the game mode: hunting, selfish and exile.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 14:36 to the latest version v0.3.1.

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Bogatyr v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent Bogatyr download free pc

Bogatyr — kill ghouls from a log or berdysh, pick up mushrooms, eat mushrooms, catch Galyuny from fly agaric, run away from the hut on chicken legs, fight the cultists and Mongols, defeat the great Serpent Gorynych and, of course, defeat the evil that has shrouded the whole Southern Principality. Is not just the story of an old warrior who, upon returning from a bloody war, found his homeland in desolation and is trying to figure out what happened to his house, family, squad. This is not just a graph of the level of RDR-2, in any case, on the processor load. We have come a long way, on the way we received the voice acting of Peter Glanz, whole 1 word, enlisting the support of a composer who agreed to work for beer, and even completed normal inventory preservation, which is a big feat for two locksmiths from the factory.

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Bloom v1.0 - HOODLUM

Torrent Bloom download free pc
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Bloom is a dynamic hardcore shooter 2020 for PC with a first-person view in which you have to pick up all the weapons that only catch your eye. and go to battle with cultists and demons. The game takes place in a gloomy world, in which an ancient cult brought an ancient black flower, an artifact that could bring chaos and ruin. Along with this flower, demons also entered the world, which are now defended by the cultists themselves, and when the flower blooms, everything will completely change beyond recognition — Evil will simply take over the world and destroy humanity. Well, you, as the protagonist of the game, will have to go to the cultists on behalf of the head of the holy order and destroy the flower before it blooms.

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Them and Us v0.5.0

Torrent Them and Us download free pc
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Them and Us is a story of horrors and nightmares with which you will be left alone. The developers take us to the distant 1978. Nothing foreshadowed such an outcome. Young woman Alicia. As a result of the bus accident, she is the only survivor and now we need to fight for life again. Something terrible wakes up and tries to change this world forever. This is a frightening game with many puzzles, locks, cabinets and weapons. There are interesting systems thanks to which you can improve your arsenal. Manage resources for more efficient survival. The authors tried to add a maximum of realism to what is happening, the ability to switch display modes, the damage system with blood and damage, etc. You will not be disturbed by memories. They always excite the consciousness, maybe something is hidden here, something important. Move to the solution, do not lose your temper. The creators invite you to visit a mysterious mansion full of events and monsters, ready to pounce. At the same time, you have to fight back from them, solve puzzles and, using your own memory, make your way along the narrative line.

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DEEEER Simulator Your Average Everyday Deer Game v1.0.2

Torrent DEEEER Simulator Your Average Everyday Deer Game download free pc
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DEEEER Simulator Your Average Everyday Deer Game — a hypnotic arthouse sandbox about a deer living the life of all action heroes at once. It was made thanks to donations on Kickstarter. As in other performance games like the famous Goat Simulator, there is no sense as such. But you can fight with pulsating sheep-cops riding on a hypnotic zebra. For those who are accustomed to rely only on themselves, DEEEER Simulator provides a completely different type of gameplay. The deer epically transforms into the artiodactyl John Wick — while the pistols replace the hero’s horns.

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Find Me Horror Game v1.0 - PLAZA

Torrent Find Me Horror Game download free pc
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You just called an evil creature that is in your daughter’s doll and wants to play with you to try and kill you. Therefore, you must hide and win in order to survive. You need to find the three most popular doll items. Find Me Horror Game is a survival horror game. Dolls are actually dangerous, especially those that are bought under strange circumstances. So Nick Robes, realized his mistake when he presented his daughter with a seemingly ordinary doll. But as soon as she appeared in your house, you began to see all kinds of hallucinations. Deciding that this is just insanity amid fatigue, Nick goes to the therapist. However, drugs prescribed by a doctor do not save you from hallucinations.

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Forager v4.0.5 (upd.25.01.2020) - SKIDROW

Torrent Forager download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v4.0.5 (upd.25.01.2020) TORRENT SKIDROW

Forager is an increasingly popular game introduced to users in the excellent sandbox genre. Here you have to go on exploring the vast and multifaceted world that will give you a lot of opportunities and only positive impressions of the passage. The world of the game is full of mysteries, so you need to carefully examine each of its, even the smallest location. Revealing the secrets and pass the tests, which each time will become more and more difficult. A distinctive feature of this game project is that all the land on which you fall, have the ability to be generated randomly, which diversifies your pastime.

This game has been updated 25-01-2020, 14:25 to the latest version v4.0.5 (upd.25.01.2020).

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Feel The Snow v24.01.2020

Torrent Feel The Snow download free pc
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Feel The Snow is a pixel adventure with bagel and RPG elements. Try to survive in the harsh winter conditions, the benefit of the first heroes for which you can play are the snow men. So you will be more afraid of the warm sunny weather, and not the freezing cold. Explore the world and fight enemies using various weapons, acquired skills and even magic. Waiting for you amazing, not like the others, adventures. White and cold snow rubs the soul, forcing it to warm their own feelings, but loneliness absorbs the hero of the game Feel The Snow. It’s empty here — the world is so meaningless that sometimes you want to forget about survival, but the universe is huge and worth exploring.

This game has been updated 25-01-2020, 04:31 to the latest version v24.01.2020.

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The name of the indie game comes from the Indie game, which in turn is short for independent video game. And such a name has developed not just so, because these games are made by independent developers. What is their independence, you ask. And the fact that indie game developers are independent in all directions. Usually such games are made either by a single developer or a small group. At the same time, the development uses own funds or funds raised through crowdfunding. This means that the money of the company issuing the game is not attracted, therefore there are no restrictions. Usually large game publishers invest big money in the development of a mass product and impose special requirements on the game. Indie game developers are free from such requirements and restrictions. They are free to do whatever they want.

Indie games can be called unusual. And it is not just like that. Due to the fact that developers do not have much funding, they are limited in the graphic component of the game and therefore most often such games with pretty simple graphics. But in order for the game to be atypical and stand out among others, the developers make the game unusual due to the innovative gameplay, the introduction of unusual graphic elements and creative approach. The fewer developers involved in the game, so it is more special. Therefore, everyone who wants something unusual, we offer to download indie games through torrent on PC. The main thing is that they are available free of charge. Although indie projects do not invest a lot of money, but still they are sold for money and sometimes for very big money.