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Just Shapes and Beats torrent download
v1.1.10 Full game SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Just Shapes and Beats — a dynamic game in the genre of action movie, where the main actions will be associated with music. You find yourself in a huge colorful world in which you will need maximum attentiveness, concentration and speed to successfully cope with all the trials on the way. Moreover, there is a cooperative mode, allowing you to have a great time in the company of your friends. Here you need to avoid the geometric shapes flying in your direction, and also
Action Indie | 7-01-2019, 04:07 | 57 | 710 MB
Superfighters Deluxe torrent download
v1.0.4 Full game SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Superfighters Deluxe is a free multiplayer game in which all you need is to crush and shred other players on a small map. We run, jump, shoot, kill, destroy and try to survive as long as possible — that’s the whole point of Superfighters Deluxe. It would seem that nothing special, but the game delays and gives a lot of positive emotions.
Action Indie | 7-01-2019, 03:40 | 145 | 224 MB

This game has been updated 7-01-2019, 03:40 to the latest version v1.0.4.

The Banner Saga 3 torrent download
v2.61.03 (Eternal Arena) Full game CODEX FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
The Banner Saga 3 is a fascinating adventure-style game that has a good visual component, as well as an interesting story, the main characters of which are the Vikings. You are the commander in chief of a small Viking team, with whom you will go on the path of conquest. Here you will constantly face rivals and wage a fierce struggle for life.
Indie RPG Strategy | 5-01-2019, 16:38 | 285 | 5.82 GB

This game has been updated 8-01-2019, 05:24 to the latest version v2.61.03 (Eternal Arena).

Funky Karts torrent download
v04.01.2019 Full game SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Current version TORRENT
Funky Karts — a fantastic game in which you will need to do everything to safely get to the finish line. It will not be easy. Jump at the right moment and be careful not to crash into anything. If you destroy your basket, you will have to repeat the level. The game has a tutorial, so you will learn how everything is. Get behind the wheel and show everyone what you are made of. In Funkyland, a certain harmony existed between species for a long time. So much so that crossing
Action Adventure Indie | 4-01-2019, 16:07 | 86 | 58.3 MB
Bad North torrent download
v1.06 (upd.02.01.2019) Full game SiMPLEX FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Bad North is an action simulator game where tactical interaction between heroes and enemies is the basis of the gameplay. You will take control of a sufficiently large-scale civilization, trying with all your might to bring it to prosperity and at the same time destroying a huge number of detractors. Here you have to get acquainted with the culture and interests of the northern people, which you must lead to victory and domination. Enemies will be more than enough, and they
Action Indie Simulation | 2-01-2019, 17:23 | 234 | 130 MB
Wayward Terran Frontier Zero Falls torrent download
v0.8.3.02 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
In the game «Wayward Terran Frontier Zero Falls» you are waiting for a whole universe and complete freedom of action. Build your spaceship and go explore the cosmos. Do various tasks, get money and spend it on the development of your ship. Forget about the usual schedule of health, it’s simply not there! All that you have is the members of your crew. If they are killed, the game will be lost. That’s why it’s important to think carefully about the layout of your ship’s
Indie RPG Simulation Early Access | 25-12-2018, 05:25 | 1 825 | 605 MB

This game has been updated 25-12-2018, 05:25 to the latest version v0.8.3.02.

The Colonists torrent download
v1.2.0.4 Full game GOG FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
The Colonists is an adventure dynamic game that was developed based on the popular board game. Here you have to take on the role of a professional colonizer, who in the future will create a multifunctional empire from scratch. You will face a number of problems, challenges and difficult tasks, the correct solution of which will lead you to success. You will become part of an incredible urban planning adventure, where you need to take control of a group of robots.
Indie Strategy | 24-12-2018, 12:48 | 652 | 234 MB

This game has been updated 24-12-2018, 12:48 to the latest version v1.2.0.4.

Necken torrent download
v0.10.1 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Necken — an adventure game where you will survive in the brutal conditions of the world. You will be engaged in the study of each location, to get useful items, as well as take up the gathering of resources. You will constantly be confronted with mystical creatures, which are not so easy to eliminate as it may seem at first glance. All the creatures will be taken from Swedish folklore, which makes the game unusual and to some extent mythical. You will meet creatures that
Adventure Indie Early Access | 24-12-2018, 09:08 | 134 | 49.4 MB
Event Horizon torrent download
upd.20181221 Full game SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Event Horizon — an action game with RPG elements that will send you into limitless space to explore the space. You are waiting for exciting adventures and a lot of events to cope with which is not so easy. Explore the galactic space to get useful items, as well as get answers to your questions. You will take under your control one of the proposed ships, which can then be comprehensively modified. You are waited by more than one million stars for careful research, and also
Action Indie RPG | 21-12-2018, 06:14 | 71 | 42.5 MB
Cliff Empire torrent download
v1.9.0 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Cliff Empire is an adventure game that can immerse you in a world of dangers and battles with a huge number of opponents. You, in the role of the protagonist, go to the future, to the very center of events connected with a cruel and merciless war. Your responsibilities will include the development of several ecological systems that are suitable for the life of the human race. Also, you should be engaged in the development of technologies and the establishment of trade
Indie Simulation Strategy Early Access | 20-12-2018, 07:21 | 632 | 312 MB

This game has been updated 20-12-2018, 07:21 to the latest version v1.9.0.

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