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Empires of the Undergrowth v0.2022 - SKIDROW

Poster Empires of the Undergrowth torrent download
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Empires of the Undergrowth is a rather unusual game in the real-time strategy genre where you have to take on the role of an ant. You will be the leader of a colony of other ants, and then go to conquer the land. Your main task will be to seize the whole world of thickets, subjugating the representatives of the world of insects.

This game has been updated 12-05-2019, 06:45 to the latest version v0.2022.

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World of Goo v1.53 (10 Years Later Update)

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World of Goo is another gaming masterpiece that has won the love of millions on a mobile platform. We offer to download the latest version on the computer. Meet the cute, drop-shaped creatures called Goo. These babies are incredibly curious, but they can not freely move around the world around them. Your task is to connect Goo in various designs, with the help of which they will flow into a special pipe that leads to a new unexplored world. The construction itself will be built from the Goo themselves, so try to spend as little as possible Goo to achieve the goal.

This game has been updated 12-05-2019, 06:39 to the latest version v1.53 (10 Years Later Update).

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Mushroom Crusher Extreme - SiMPLEX

Poster Mushroom Crusher Extreme torrent download
Mushroom Crusher Extreme is a fantasy-style isometric arcade action game in which you play a magician named Zeno. Your task is to repel the invasion of giant «Shrooms» in your native archipelago. Developed Mushroom Party, is an exciting arcade game about the struggle with the invasion of fungi. Curved wandering magician with his head, which has a magic spell associated with the elements, available on his fingers. He, however, struggling with time, and as soon as the time expires, if he does not manage to clear the level, he will have to do it again as long as he does not do it well enough.
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Baba Is You v3798491 (upd.07.05.2019)

Poster Baba Is You torrent download
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Baba Is You is a game that is a great representative of the puzzle genre, where everything is based on physical interaction. There are certain rules in the game that will guide you. There is also complete freedom of action for the user, which allows him to manipulate these rules. With such a unique opportunity you are able to completely turn the gameplay on its head as you want. Go to the world created from numerous levels, the course of action on each of which you can change.

This game has been updated 9-05-2019, 06:30 to the latest version v3798491 (upd.07.05.2019).

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Super Phantom Cat v1.0 Build 20190508 - PLAZA

Poster Super Phantom Cat torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 Build 20190508 TORRENT PLAZA
Super Phantom Cat is a platformer in which you will have five skills: gardening, winking, charging, freezing and increasing. Learn how to use them to your advantage and go looking for your sister. Is a retro platformer in which you explore bizarre environments, clarify colorful levels, solve mysteries enveloping a ghostly world, and save your kidnapped younger sister Inu. Five chapters with 35 very original story levels. A unique unique mechanism for each chapter — Tons of the environment to explore the forest, meadow, lakeside, under water, desert, you can even jump into the trains. Explore all four directions.

This game has been updated 8-05-2019, 09:38 to the latest version v1.0 Build 20190508.

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The Ritual (Indie Horror Game) v20190508

Poster The Ritual (Indie Horror Game) torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v20190508 TORRENT
A new adventure game The Ritual (Indie Horror Game) — that is filled with elements of horror and unexpected moments. The developer of this game is an independent company called AMRealGames. Adventure horror, made with a first-person, where your best friend is a flashlight and a gun. Can you survive in conditions close to unreal, where the monsters just teeming on the streets. To achieve the maximum effect of this game, you can only turn off the lights in the room, wait for the night and plunge into the storyline. All maps were made manually, and the plot moments are divided into three chapters, each of which will take place in a new location. You must understand that the storyline is not the most important and important here. The emphasis is not on the graph, not on the plot, but on unexpected moments.
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Mystic Vale v07052019 + Vale of Magic

Poster Mystic Vale torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v07052019 + Vale of Magic TORRENT
Mystic Vale Vale of Magic — The curse was imposed on the Valley of Life. Hearing the call for help from the spirits of nature, clans of druids arrived, intending to use their prayers to heal the earth and save the spirits. This will require courage and caution, as a curse can crush those who have blithely concentrated too much power in their hands.
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Dungreed Build 190208 - SiMPLEX

Poster Dungreed torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 190208 TORRENT SiMPLEX
Dungreed is an action game with a two-dimensional world and lots of possibilities. Here you have to go to a small and thriving village. But not everything is so simple, because this village was stroked by a gloomy veil and now it has plunged into a dark dungeon. You will go to a thorough study of the underground space to find clues and a lot of useful things that will help you to restore your home village and home. First you need to create your own character, and then do it thoroughly pumping.

This game has been updated 7-05-2019, 05:37 to the latest version Build 190208.

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Remnants of Naezith v07052019 - SiMPLEX

Poster Remnants of Naezith torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v07052019 TORRENT SiMPLEX
Remnants of Naezith is a unique game in its performance that is a well-developed action-platformer where you will enter the world of dangers you can overcome with the help of the hook in the arsenal. Be very attentive and accurate to overcome all the difficulties that this or that level prepared for you. Be focused and try to cling to certain places as often as possible to save your own life. The pace of the game will be as high as possible, so think about your every action quickly.
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Revulsion v20190506 - PLAZA

Poster Revulsion torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v20190506 TORRENT PLAZA
Revulsion is a classic first person shooter from the level designer for Counter-Strike and Doom 2. The missing link between classic first person shooters and modern first person shooters. Imagine if classic fps has evolved in a direction different from the storytelling experience into something much more cruel, with more advanced game mechanics. Revulsion takes classic Doom and Quake gameplay and combines it with the basic concepts that permeate the design philosophy of Dark Souls.

This game has been updated 6-05-2019, 14:16 to the latest version v20190506.

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