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Slime Rancher torrent download
v1.3.2 Full game SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Slime Rancher is a rather original game in its genre that will allow you to lead a farm of special slugs. You find yourself in the near future, where humanity has been able to further and further advance in space science. Now we can move on different planets, finding useful resources on them. It so happened that a group of colonists discovered a certain planet on which special slugs live. These creatures tend to produce a very valuable resource that will allow people
Action Adventure Indie Simulation | 5-12-2018, 06:05 | 140 | 647 MB
Oakwood torrent download
Oakwood — arriving late to the abandoned Oakwood campground, you find the violent remains of your friends campsite. Exploring the forest and the dilapidated lodge, you discover that prehistoric predators now hunt the grounds. You’ll run breathlessly through raptor infested forests, get lost in dark corridors, and hold your breath to avoid the most fearsome dinosaur of all in this First-Person horror adventure.
Indie Adventure | 4-12-2018, 14:36 | 143 | 3.6 GB
CryoFall torrent download
v0.17.7.2 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
CryoFall is an addictive adventure game with elements of survival in a dangerous world. You will play the role of a simple astronaut who went to explore space. But something suddenly went wrong and your ship loses control, smashing into smithereens on a completely unknown planet. This is where your fascinating, but at the same time, most dangerous adventure begins. You will play the role of the space ship that issued after the crash, and now you will take any action to get
HUNTDOWN torrent download
v0.83 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Huntdown is a two-dimensional cyberpunk style arcade shooter. You are a mercenary hired by the police to deal with the powerful gangs of the city. You are assigned a price for the leader of the gang, and you eliminate it. For money you can improve the characteristics of the hero, buy new weapons and other useful gadgets.
Action Indie | 3-12-2018, 09:13 | 117 | 244 MB
Staxel torrent download
v1.3.52 (Sapling Edition) Early Access GOG FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Staxel is a simple sandbox game based on the development of a farm and the construction of a multifunctional city. It is not an easy task to control all aspects of your business: growing and watering flowers, vegetables and fruits, as well as other crops, and divorcing animals, each type of which requires special attention. You can simply enjoy your life, gradually doing your work and developing it for the better. If the adventure is not enough, then you can safely
Indie RPG Simulation Early Access | 1-12-2018, 14:01 | 109 | 989 MB
Crashlands torrent download
v1.4.9 Full game GOG FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Crashlands is an RPG game with sandbox elements, where you will also have to survive in cruel conditions. Before you open a fairly spacious and open world, which you can explore down to the smallest detail. Everything around will be constantly randomly generated, so the player will not be bored for sure. The storyline tells us that our main character went to conquer the intergalactic space, but something obviously went wrong, and his ship was subject to a terrible attack.
Action Adventure Indie RPG | 1-12-2018, 13:41 | 146 | 176 MB
The Crown of Leaves torrent download
v1.1 Full game SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
The Crown of Leaves — a rare representative of the genre of «visual novel», which tells an interesting story about intelligent beasts, leading quite ordinary way of life. Outwardly, they are very similar to wolves, only their behavior and life is completely human. Reasonable wolf loser The plot tells about the beastman named Rui, engaged in a number of fascinating things, such as the study of magic, jewelry and other hobbies. But there is only one small problem, because
Adventure Indie | 1-12-2018, 12:10 | 111 | 557 MB

This game has been updated 1-12-2018, 12:10 to the latest version v1.1.

The First Tree torrent download
Build 20181201 (Definitive Edition) Full game PLAZA FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
The First Tree is an emotionally touching story in which you play as a fox who is trying to find his family. While you control the fox, the story line will be intertwined with another character — a boy who decided to find his father. Although the game has many different puzzles, and the characters are well-opened, yet the game is short and is designed for one evening. It’s like an interactive soul story, in which you will take a direct part. Is a third-person game about
Adventure Indie | 1-12-2018, 05:21 | 4 192 | 1.24 GB

This game has been updated 1-12-2018, 05:21 to the latest version Build 20181201 (Definitive Edition).

Maia torrent download
Maia is a simulator of a colony on a distant planet called Maya. You are the commander of a group of colonists who traveled 20 light years to a little-known planet. You have to personally lead the construction of the colony. Starting small, you will try to create livable conditions. Get minerals, build new buildings and even change the climate on the planet. You do not just have to develop a colony, but also monitor the food supply, the mood of the colonists and the
Indie Simulation Strategy | 24-11-2018, 09:58 | 244 | 1.59 GB
Empires of the Undergrowth torrent download
v0.13.1 - GOG Early Access GOG FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Empires of the Undergrowth is a rather unusual game in the real-time strategy genre where you have to take on the role of an ant. You will be the leader of a colony of other ants, and then go to conquer the land. Your main task will be to seize the whole world of thickets, subjugating the representatives of the world of insects.
Indie Simulation Strategy Early Access | 31-10-2018, 15:55 | 538 | 1.80 GB
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