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Broforce v864.201901211236

Broforce torrent download
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BroForce is a furious pixel 2D shooter in which you will manage famous heroes of action films of the 80s-90s. Completely destroying the world, the possibility of passing together, changing the hero right on the level, the cool effects of explosions and destruction, a lot of enemies and various bosses — all this will create an incredible atmosphere of a great retro shooter. Each hero has his own arsenal, which changes the gameplay. Each time you free a hero from captivity, you change places with him and continue to follow the new hero. All this is constantly diversifying the game creating a frantic pace and action. A completely destructible world allows you to use the craziest tactics, but do not forget that you can destroy the world in such a way that you can’t pass it.

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Boxing School v1.11.99

Boxing School torrent download
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Boxing School is a game in the genre of a simulator, where you will get into a real boxing school in order to explore all aspects and rules related to this type of martial arts. You will take under your complete control a small, at first, boxing gym in which you will train future world champions. You will teach your charges to all the rules, and also try to do everything possible so that they achieve excellent results in their lives and in their careers. Each of your boxers will have unique characteristics, fighting style and skills that you must develop in the right direction, in order to get the most positive result in the future.

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Valfaris v16.02.2019 Demo

Valfaris torrent download
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Valfaris is a crazy, overflowing extreme, two-dimensional platformer based on heavy metal, blood, killing opponents, meat, the most fantastic weapon and just an unfortunate plot. In the story you will need to go to the citadel Valfaris, which was once a real paradise. Suddenly, it disappeared many years ago and now has appeared in the orbit of a dying star. You are the rightful heir to the ruler of the citadel, a warrior named Therion, who now has to go deep into the citadel and find out what evil has settled there. Find out the reasons for the disappearance of the citadel and its appearance in another place, imbued with the evil that devoured it and free your house from Darkness.
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Wayward Terran Frontier Zero Falls v0.8.3.05 - SKIDROW

Wayward Terran Frontier Zero Falls torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.8.3.05 TORRENT SKIDROW
In the game «Wayward Terran Frontier Zero Falls» you are waiting for a whole universe and complete freedom of action. Build your spaceship and go explore the cosmos. Do various tasks, get money and spend it on the development of your ship. Forget about the usual schedule of health, it’s simply not there! All that you have is the members of your crew. If they are killed, the game will be lost. That’s why it’s important to think carefully about the layout of your ship’s modules. The same goes for your enemies, if you know the weak points of the ship, you will be able to neutralize the enemy’s crew with one accurate shot and win the battle. A flexible system of construction and battle, in which you can identify the weak points of the ship will tighten you for a long and exciting design.

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One Finger Death Punch 2 v13.02.2019 Demo

One Finger Death Punch 2 torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v13.02.2019 Demo TORRENT
One Finger Death Punch 2 is a bright simulator in the strategy genre, which is once again ready to please its many fans with an exciting process and innovations. You will get into the same, dynamically developing universe, which is now worked out many times better. You will become part of a full-fledged strategy, where your skills in building plans will definitely be useful in achieving your goal. The galaxy is on the verge of destruction, so you immediately need to assume the role of the protagonist and go to her salvation. Those who know how to manage a lot of fighters, but they all need the money.
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Battle Princess Madelyn v1.20 Build 20190207

Battle Princess Madelyn torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.20 Build 20190207 TORRENT
Battle Princess Madelyn is a great retro platformer in which you will resist huge crowds of enemies. The game is made for all fans of the classics, as it has bright and stylish pixel graphics. So, you take your dog named Fritzy and hurry with him to go on a new adventure through the vast expanses of a country that is in danger. The fact. that the fierce sorcerer has completely strayed from his hands and now threatens everything that is dear to you. Today there are a lot of such arcades, but if you pause for exactly what to pay tribute to the classics, then you definitely should pay attention to this new and unusual project, which I personally received for sure.

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Jets'n'Guns 2 v0.9.190131 - SKIDROW

Jets'n'Guns 2 torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.9.190131 TORRENT SKIDROW
Jets’n’Guns 2 is a modified continuation of the popular game project that belongs to the scroll shooter genre. Here you will go on the path of resistance and fight with the crowds of cunning and ruthless opponents. The enemy will stand in your way all the time, which is why the developers decided to add a variety of weapons to the game. With the help of the murder weapon you can cope with the terrible creatures who dared to become a barrier to your main goal. At this time, the player can enjoy the presence of even more opportunities for themselves, which led to an even more exciting gameplay. You will enter the world of insane action, where everything is subject to destruction.

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DEMON'S TILT v01.02.2019

DEMON'S TILT torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v01.02.2019 TORRENT
Turbo charged pinball is back! Now with big sprites, lots of baddies, lots of secrets and more nools. DEMON'S TILT expands the boundaries of the Video Pinball genre with SHMUP and Hack N 'Slash elements. Updated with large sprites, lots of baddies, lots of secrets and, of course, MORE BOOLS. Demon’s Tilt expands the boundaries of the Video Pinball genre with SHMUP and Hack N Slash elements. Unlock his Gothic secrets and depths over time, filled with mini-bosses, ramps and mechanical traps.
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Dungreed v31.01.2019 - SKIDROW

Dungreed torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v31.01.2019 TORRENT SKIDROW
Dungreed is an action game with a two-dimensional world and lots of possibilities. Here you have to go to a small and thriving village. But not everything is so simple, because this village was stroked by a gloomy veil and now it has plunged into a dark dungeon. You will go to a thorough study of the underground space to find clues and a lot of useful things that will help you to restore your home village and home. First you need to create your own character, and then do it thoroughly pumping.

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Feel The Snow v30.01.2019

Feel The Snow torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v30.01.2019 TORRENT
Feel The Snow is a pixel adventure with bagel and RPG elements. Try to survive in the harsh winter conditions, the benefit of the first heroes for which you can play are the snow men. So you will be more afraid of the warm sunny weather, and not the freezing cold. Explore the world and fight enemies using various weapons, acquired skills and even magic. Waiting for you amazing, not like the others, adventures.​
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