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Dreamfall Chapters The Final Cut v5.7.8 - GOG

Torrent Dreamfall Chapters The Final Cut download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v5.7.8 TORRENT GOG
Dreamfall Chapters The Final Cut is episodic PC quest from Red Thread Games. The game extends the story of the famous adventure «The Longest Journey» and ends the story about the character of the previous parts — Zoe Castillo. After a year of events in «Dreamfall», the girl is still in a coma, in which she was tricked into introducing a huge amount of Morpheus. Zoe’s body is in the hospital, and the spirit is closed in the strange World of Dreams, where she comes to the aid of those who are connected to the Dreamtime console and they find themselves locked in their own nightmares without being able to escape. The user will need to help Castillo to comprehend her undisclosed gift to manage dreams, leave World of Dreams, visit Europol, after — Arcadia, where the Apostle Alvane is imprisoned in the Monk’s Dungeon, awaiting the death penalty for treason.
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Insane Robots v1.13.00 - SiMPLEX

Torrent Insane Robots download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.13.00 TORRENT SiMPLEX
Insane Robots is a completely new alternative to card strategies. This game will make you fight with the most dangerous opponents. Create your own unique deck and challenge your strongest opponent to a duel. Prove that your deck of cards is the perfect weapon to destroy anyone. Go to arcade mode to fight with the warriors in randomly generated locations.

This game has been updated 17-05-2019, 02:04 to the latest version v1.13.00.

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Gangsta Sniper 2 Revenge - PLAZA

Torrent Gangsta Sniper 2 Revenge download free pc
Gangsta Sniper 2 Revenge is back in the sequel to this shooter with some new features and improved levels. Play on many different levels and collect cash bags. The only mission is to find, rob and collect money bags at different thematic levels. The mission of the player is to find 6 hidden bags with money at different levels. Basically there are at least 10 hidden bags of money, but the player does not need to look for them all. Levels contain 3 different enemies / races: zombies, human mutants and cyborg soldiers with a rifle. Different races can also kill each other, like a cyborg soldier opponent can kill zombies.
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Super Daryl Deluxe v20190203 - CODEX

Torrent Super Daryl Deluxe download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v20190203 TORRENT CODEX
Super Daryl Deluxe is a two-dimensional adventure adventure game with Daryl in the main role. Our protagonist is a repulsed hipan, whose adventures are more like a fierce trip addict than something adequate and adventure. The main character entered the university and planned to finish it with distinction, but strange circumstances forced him to become a real superhero.

This game has been updated 4-02-2019, 05:51 to the latest version v20190203.

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SteamWorld Heist v2.1 Build + DLC

Torrent SteamWorld Heist download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v2.1 Build + DLC TORRENT
The computer game SteamWorld Heist belongs to the tactical entertaining, where users will have to transform into the role of a mad scientist, to perform a lot of tasks that will help come to victory. And you have to act on the space station and on the ship. This game project was created for Nintendo 3DS, and it was not possible to portable it to another platform. Your mad scientist is called Price, millions of living beings are hoping for him, because he is their last hope for salvation. Thanks to him, steam robots were invented, unique creations that obey his edicts, and destroy everyone and everything that appears in the way of the hero and prevent him.
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CMANO / Command LIVE The King of the Border - SKIDROW

Torrent CMANO / Command LIVE The King of the Border download free pc
The game CMANO / Command LIVE The King of the Border has a story about how Venezuela and Russia are ready to provide military support to the South American country against Colombia. As the crisis in Venezuela gets worse and worse, the chaos unleashed by the country’s slow collapse threatens to undermine the stability of the entire region and, in particular, of neighboring Colombia. Colombia bears the brunt of the refugee crisis caused by the failed state of Venezuela, and the burden drains the country’s limited resources to such an extent that it can itself fall into crisis.
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Metal Slug XX

Torrent Metal Slug XX download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT
Metal Slug XX is an expanded and improved version of the Metal Slug 7 game released in 2008 on Nintendo DS. Here you also have to help your old acquaintances, fighters of the legendary team, to defend our planet and deal with the hordes of cunning enemies. In Metal Slug XX you will be available 7 missions with the possibility of their joint passage, many enemies, huge bosses, various weapons, as well as over 70 different tasks in a special mode Combat School.​
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Bloody Trapland 2 Curiosity v02.02.2019 - PLAZA

Torrent Bloody Trapland 2 Curiosity download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v02.02.2019 TORRENT PLAZA
Bloody Trapland 2 Curiosity — and again it’s time for an adventure! Join the unusual characters who know how to jump, deftly dodge traps and slide under obstacles. You have to overcome many dangers and solve a lot of mysteries before you can get to the truth of this game. It’s over, in such a bright and exciting game there can not be no plot, and therefore, get ready to fully reveal it. The game is made in classic 2D with modern very colorful graphics. It is very easy to master the gameplay and control the characters, but it is very difficult to really become a master of everything that happens. You will find many levels, puzzles.
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Hectic Highways v1.0 (upd.02.02.2019) - PLAZA

Torrent Hectic Highways download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 (upd.02.02.2019) TORRENT PLAZA
Make your way down through 15 unique levels, jumping, dodging and intertwining with difficult obstacles. Collect bonus stars by completing a goal for each level! 4 different environments will keep you in heels when you overcome the onslaught of trees, turbines, electric supports and more on Hectic Highways. Challenge yourself with 15 levels of increasing difficulty. Learn the basics and go to future levels where only those who plan a route will survive. How far will you go. Capture yourself in 4 exciting conditions as you progress through the game. Dare to the Baron Wastes, studying the art of evading and weaving obstacles in the depths of the desert of ancient Egypt. These heaths will surely warm you.
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Fatal Hour Roadkill - PLAZA

Torrent Fatal Hour Roadkill download free pc
Fatal Hour Roadkill — after the final car repair, our team continues its journey in search of the source of the automatic broadcast in the hope of finding other survivors. As the broadcast signals are amplified, indicating that they are approaching the source, they arrive in the small town of Roadkill. Soon they realize that the road is blocked. Being relatively safe in their enhanced vehicle, cleaning up facilities blocking the road throughout the city will require boots on the ground and enough work with explosives. However, so they will have to face not only inanimate objects that require some disassembly.
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