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Rising Lords v0.1.10 - SKIDROW

Torrent Rising Lords download free pc
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Rising Lords is a turn-based strategy game with elements of a board-based card game. Before you is a map on which your and enemy troops are arranged in the form of table figures. Move your troops one by one, and use the cards you have received to gain an advantage over the enemy. The game takes place in medieval Europe with all the types of troops of that time. In addition to the quick battles in the game, there is a storyline that requires serious leadership qualities. The player is not enough to be a skilled strategist on the battlefield, you also need to carefully monitor the internal problems of the kingdom. After all, the rebellious peasants at the most inopportune moment, worse than any enemy army.

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Gunslugs 3 Rogue Tactics v1.0.10b

Torrent Gunslugs 3 Rogue Tactics download free pc
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Gunslugs 3 Rogue Tactics — of course, does not turn the gameplay formula upside down, but the developers were tempted to make some changes. The game itself is a two-dimensional shooter, so the game is just to move forward and shoot everything that moves. However, compared to the second part, the gameplay is a bit slower and more tactful. This is influenced by a variety of characters who offer a unique approach to the gameplay. Like «one», the game uses a system of randomly generated levels, but this time it works on a slightly different principle — the developers prepared several templates so that the levels were less chaotic, but we never encounter the same thing.

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TheoTown v1.8.06p

Torrent TheoTown download free pc
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TheoTown is a game for PC in the genre of a city simulator where you can independently salt your own settlement, developing it and improving it. First, find a suitable place for the future metropolis, and then get involved in its construction. This is not an easy matter, because you need to take into account many points, as well as take control of all aspects of the activity. Once the business is done, take charge of managing your settlement, controlling every square meter to ensure complete prosperity, as well as a comfortable, safe life for the townspeople. Initially, you will have a small settlement, but with the right approach, it can quickly turn into a real metropolis.

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Pamali Indonesian Folklore Horror v3.6842 + 2 DLC - PLAZA

Torrent Pamali Indonesian Folklore Horror download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v3.6842 + 2 DLC TORRENT PLAZA

Pamali Indonesian Folklore Horror — is a first-person indie horror game based on Indonesia folklore. The plot is as follows: a young man named Jaca returns to his parents' house, which has recently been empty. He wants to quickly sell it and return, but a series of strange, mystical events can make him stay. The hero understands: he is not alone in the mansion, and no matter what haunts the young man, you should not anger him.

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Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince v1.0.0.8240 (upd.20.01.2020) - PLAZA

Torrent Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.0.0.8240 (upd.20.01.2020) TORRENT PLAZA

Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince is a continuation of one of the best platformers of our time, a game that combines the features of slasher, role-playing elements, puzzles and unimaginable adventures. And again you have to go to the fantasy world and save it. But this time you will have to fight not with sorcerers or anyone else, but with the real Prince of Nightmares, who decided to use magic and try to transfer nightmares from the world of dreams to the real one. Choose a hero that will suit your taste and go to the next epic adventure, during which you will meet armies of monsters, mini-bosses, and not only.

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Factorio v0.18.0 - SKIDROW

Torrent Factorio download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.18.0 TORRENT SKIDROW

Factorio is a 2D sandbox of enormous size, where you will have the freedom to explore the planet. You will go to create a new world where you will create all the necessary conditions so that humanity can live there in peace and comfort. You need to engage in the extraction of useful resources and all sorts of things, and then produce the necessary components that you will send earthlings with aliens to war. You must master a new planet faster than the enemy will do. Here an important role is played by the economic component, so be very careful in resolving this or that issue. You will have great opportunities in terms of organization and logistics. The game can not boast of graphics, but this is not necessary here, because it is quite interesting already. Develop modern weapons, as well as setting up production.

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Pathfinder Kingmaker Beneath The Stolen Lands v2.0.8 - CODEX

Torrent Pathfinder Kingmaker Beneath The Stolen Lands download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v2.0.8 TORRENT CODEX

Deep Silver and the studio Owlcat Games revealed the first details of the season ticket and upcoming additions to the RPG Pathfinder Kingmaker. The first addition under the name The Wildcards will be available in this version. It will bring a new race — tieflings, rogue civilized world mixed with demonic blood. This species was most in demand during the survey among the participants of the campaign on Kickstarter.

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Rise to Ruins Update 1 (Unstable 1) upd.20.01.2020

Torrent Rise to Ruins download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Update 1 (Unstable 1) upd.20.01.2020 TORRENT

Rise to Ruins (Retro-Pixel Castles) is, in fact, a real village simulator, which is developed on the basis of the games of the 90s. All actions in the game will occur in real time from the top, which allows you to take control of all aspects of the activity. You will start small, but then you will be able to create a fairly large-scale and multifunctional settlement. Start by building small houses, and then take care of the landscaping. The infrastructure must be developed gradually so that it brings quite large sums of money that must be invested directly in the development of its creation. Most of the game is occupied by the management of the village, and besides this you need to carefully consider your strategic plan. Moreover, you need to fight crowds of opponents to protect your last, so make a stock of powerful weapons and try to do everything possible not to suffer losses.

This game has been updated 20-01-2020, 09:19 to the latest version Update 1 (Unstable 1) upd.20.01.2020.

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Bug Fables The Everlasting Sapling v1.0.5

Torrent Bug Fables The Everlasting Sapling download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.0.5 TORRENT

Bug Fables The Everlasting Sapling — is an unusual adventure RPG in which the main characters are insects. The three main characters V, Kabbu and Leif go to the kingdom of Bulgaria to find a great treasure, the Eternal Sapling, the leaves of which grant immortality. Each hero has its own characteristics that will help you solve various puzzles. The game takes place in the vast fantasy world, in which there is a certain mythical country called Bugaria. Well, you are just about to go to this country with your three companions, three insects. But you will not go there in search of adventure, but with only one single purpose — to become immortal. There is a myth that somewhere in Bulgaria there is a plant that can bestow immortality upon those who find it. But no one has ever seen him, and most importantly, so you will need to try to become a pioneer.

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Torrent UIFO DEFENSE HD download free pc

UIFO DEFENSE HD is a Tower Defense game, a strategy in which you have to defend the crystalline nuclei that humanity needs to operate the technologies used in the defense process. The events of the game take place in an alternative future, in which humanity was subjected to a massive attack by alien invaders. They descended to the Earth and are now trying to destroy everything that is on it, all living beings. But until the time has come for people to give up, at least this will not happen until the crystalline nuclei of the reactors that supply human technology with energy are working. Well, you just have to deal with the defense of those very same nuclei.

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