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Subnautica Below Zero Build 13046 (upd.21.04.2019)

Subnautica Below Zero torrent download
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Subnautica Below Zero — a new addition to the famous role-playing sandbox. But this time you will travel not only across the endless underwater expanses, but also in the conditions of the Arctic cold, across the snowy plains, and not only. The main hero this time will not be a researcher named Riley Robinson, but a girl named Robin Goodall. The goal of the game will be to collect the wreckage of the Aurora ship, biomedical research, environmental conservation, exploration and collection of resources. Also in the game there will be an intrigue, a secret mission, about which the players will be told only during the passing game, and not at the very beginning. Otherwise, it’s still the same open-world role sandbox, in which you will have to spend an incredible amount of time exploring the surrounding world.

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World War Z v1.02 - RePack

World War Z torrent download
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World War Z — after the success of the eponymous blockbuster, Paramount Pictures studio together with the developer Saber Interactive decided to create a game project based on the film’s motives. In it, you will plunge into the epicenter of the war between people and zombies affected by a terrible virus. The virus is extremely contagious, so even the slightest touch can turn you or one of your subordinates into zombies. Be extremely careful and attentive, since your human resources are limited, and each infected one is your potential enemy in the near future. Therefore, think over your actions in advance and good luck will definitely be with you. To constantly defeat your enemies, you will not just stupidly go into battle with the whole team, but carefully consider the tactics of the battle, because under your control will be a whole team of fighters and each of them has their own unique skills and capabilities. Try to use them to the maximum and then victory will be guaranteed. Join the war for the future of mankind in World War Z, otherwise zombies will become the new population of the planet.

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World War Z v1.02 - CODEX

World War Z torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.02 TORRENT CODEX
World War Z (World War 3) — a dynamic third-person shooter in which you have to fight for your life. You will assume the role of a brave hero who decides to destroy the enemy force. The fact is that the planet Earth has undergone a global infection, which led to the apocalypse. The consequences of the apocalypse were not the most pleasant and gave rise to creepy creatures — zombies. Now the walking dead wander around the planet in search of loot and to replenish their insane army.

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Clocker v1.1 (upd.21.04.2019) - HI2U

Clocker torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.1 (upd.21.04.2019) TORRENT HI2U
Clocker is a puzzle-style game that is completely based on the theme of the father-daughter relationship. The storyline tells you immediately about the two main characters: Daddy Joni and his cute daughter Alice. You will simultaneously control one or another character, who together will go to meet fascinating events. As you progress through our heroes will be faced with all sorts of trials and puzzles, which are not so easy to solve. It is in the harmonious and friendly work of the father and daughter that the success of passing this game will be outlined.

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APE OUT v1.2 (The Fair Play) - PLAZA

APE OUT torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.2 (The Fair Play) TORRENT PLAZA
APE OUT is an exciting action game from Gabe Cuzzillo, which is developed exclusively for the PC platform. The style of the game as simple as possible, but the dynamics here sustained at a height. But this can be done only after the release, so you should be patient. If we look at the game in more detail, she talks about how the escaped gorilla wanted to survive and how hundreds of hunters stood in her way. Instead of escaping from them, she decided to fight. In the game you will control the gorilla and use all available opportunities to destroy enemies. Do not worry, gradually you will achieve success and get the main reward — freedom.

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Forager v1.0.2 (upd.21.04.2019) - SKIDROW

Forager torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0.2 (upd.21.04.2019) TORRENT SKIDROW
Forager is an increasingly popular game introduced to users in the excellent sandbox genre. Here you have to go on exploring the vast and multifaceted world that will give you a lot of opportunities and only positive impressions of the passage. The world of the game is full of mysteries, so you need to carefully examine each of its, even the smallest location. Revealing the secrets and pass the tests, which each time will become more and more difficult. A distinctive feature of this game project is that all the land on which you fall, have the ability to be generated randomly, which diversifies your pastime.

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Rainswept v1.1.5a (upd.21.04.2019) - GOG

Rainswept torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.1.5a (upd.21.04.2019) TORRENT GOG
Rainswept — adventure detective quest with a touch of action, in which you as detective Michael Stone will have to investigate the terrible murder of a couple, what happened in a town called Pineview. A terrible murder occurred in the city of Pineview. The couple was killed in their home, and no one knows what led to this, and who is to blame. There is only one single version, from which it follows that the couple was shot due to violent quarrels and contradictions. But you in the role of a detective should not believe in it and must engage in this matter and find out who is actually involved in the murder.

This game has been updated 21-04-2019, 02:18 to the latest version v1.1.5a (upd.21.04.2019).

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We The Revolution v1.2.2 - Razor1911

We The Revolution torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.2.2 TORRENT Razor1911
We The Revolution is an unusual strategy with a unique visual style, the events of which take place during the French Revolution of 1794. Players will assume the role of the judge of the Revolutionary Tribunal and administer justice, investigating the court cases of citizens, criminals and enemies of the revolution. The players play the role of a judge at a revolutionary court, and it depends on the decisions of the players who will live and who will die, who will remain at liberty, and who will be thrown behind bars. Each decision gradually changes history, and the fate of the players depends largely on the decisions made by them. The game will send us during the Great French Revolution.

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The Sims 4 Stranger Ville v1.51.77.1020 - CODEX

The Sims 4 Stranger Ville torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.51.77.1020 TORRENT CODEX
The Sims 4 Stranger Ville is a sequel to the fascinating video game in the life simulator from Maxis for PC. This is the fourth full-fledged part in this franchise, and there were a lot of additions to it, so it’s safe to say that the developers have added the best from previous experience to this part. The release of Sims 4 on PC was produced in 2014, and 1C-SoftClub acted as a localizer in Russian. In this project there is no clearly shown plot, and the whole gameplay is non-linear.

This game has been updated 20-04-2019, 04:18 to the latest version v1.51.77.1020.

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Rocket League v1.61 + 30 DLC + Offline Unlocker - PLAZA

Rocket League torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.61 + 30 DLC + Offline Unlocker TORRENT PLAZA
Rocket League is a sport racing simulator in which, by controlling various cars, you will try to score a huge ball into the opponent’s goal. In front of you is a football field, in which there are several participants (depending on the game mode), usually this is three by three. Your task — to poke a car with a car into the opponent’s goal. This will also be occupied by the opposing team. By the end of the match, the winner will be the one who scores most goals into the opponent’s goal. The Rocket League game offers an interesting concept of football and racing simulator. In general, the idea is implemented perfectly: you drive under the winding music and perform dizzying stunts at frantic speeds.

This game has been updated 20-04-2019, 04:09 to the latest version v1.61 + 30 DLC + Offline Unlocker.

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