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Beware (Driving Survival) — the main feature of this horror with the open world — the player never leaves the car, reports. He travels at night through a gloomy, abandoned, cursed city and its surroundings. Here live dangerous people who rush in pursuit of any stranger to kill him. Escape from them makes fear due to sophisticated artificial intelligence and realistic car physics. The killers know several ways to stop another car and try to use them.

You are waiting for gloomy landscapes, dark tracks, strange glare on the windows of the car at the time of the chase. Atmosphere will increase the corresponding music, which sounds on the rise. You will have to hide from the stubborn pursuers, avoid different elements. Get ready for tension, dark atmosphere, and appropriate mood. To go by car will not be easy, because the control system is created as realistic as possible. You will adjust the speed, cope with the drifts of the car, enter into complex turns, and much more. Remember that it is important to assess the environment in a timely manner, in order to be saved some situations will help you, or, conversely, interfere.

Instructions to install & update

  1. At the first stage, you need to download the installation files of the game.
  2. Unzip the game using WinRAR or 7zip.
  3. Play!
  4. If u like it support the developer and buy it!

System Requirements

Minimum requirements:
OS: Windows XP
Processor: 1,8 Ghz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 64 MB Video Card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Sound Card: Direct Sound Compatible
Beware (Driving Survival) torrent download
Beware (Driving Survival) Game Free Download Torrent Beware (Driving Survival) Game Free Download Torrent Beware (Driving Survival) Game Free Download Torrent

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#1 Admin Administrators 7 January 2019 13:05
v001 adds a couple of new features:
1) you can now switch on electricity for the entire map - find the big dam and flip the switch at the powerstation.
2) controller support (experimental)
3) manual shifting
4) wipers
5) more usable headlights
6) ragdoll goons
7) default WASD