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American Truck Simulator v1.34.0.5s + 19 DLC - CODEX

American Truck Simulator torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.34.0.5s + 19 DLC TORRENT CODEX
American Truck Simulator is a great simulator of a long-distance driver, which is filled with elements of economic strategy. The gamer will be able to try himself as the driver of huge steel monsters, working tirelessly and following the road. The user, who downloads the American Truck Simulator with the help of a torrent tracker, will immediately find himself on the sunny coast of California, without leaving a comfortable chair near his personal computer. He will be able to enjoy trips on his car in stunning places in the most populous country — the United States of America.

This game has been updated 11-03-2019, 10:00 to the latest version v1.34.0.5s + 19 DLC.

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Rocket League v1.59 + DLC - CODEX

Rocket League torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.59 + DLC TORRENT CODEX
Rocket League is a sport racing simulator in which, by controlling various cars, you will try to score a huge ball into the opponent’s goal. In front of you is a football field, in which there are several participants (depending on the game mode), usually this is three by three. Your task — to poke a car with a car into the opponent’s goal. This will also be occupied by the opposing team. By the end of the match, the winner will be the one who scores most goals into the opponent’s goal. The Rocket League game offers an interesting concept of football and racing simulator. In general, the idea is implemented perfectly: you drive under the winding music and perform dizzying stunts at frantic speeds.

This game has been updated 8-03-2019, 10:22 to the latest version v1.59 + DLC.

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V-Rally 4 v1.08 (upd.05.03.2019) - CODEX

V-Rally 4 torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.08 (upd.05.03.2019) TORRENT CODEX
V-Rally 4 is a new part of the rally simulator. New cars, including legends and novelties, new tracks, improved graphics and physics. You are waiting for a variety of off-road racing, forget about the monotony. Participate in rally, rally-cross, drift, buggy rides and many other competitions. Travel around the world and take the first places to get the best cars. The game with the ability to ride on the road gains a new level. Fans will have to firmly take hold of their gamepad to copulate with a racing machine, and then help it to beat rivals. Certain opponents want to challenge their eternal enemy, but you find yourself involved in a trivial scrape, where, thanks to the intelligence and ability to drive — win.

This game has been updated 5-03-2019, 06:09 to the latest version v1.08 (upd.05.03.2019).

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CarX Drift Racing Online v1.6.1 (upd.07.03.2019) - SKIDROW

CarX Drift Racing Online torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.6.1 (upd.07.03.2019) TORRENT SKIDROW
CarX Drift Racing Online — a new addition to the world of games developed in the genre of racing. Here you have a huge amount of opportunities. Despite the fact that the game is at the stage of its development, it already accurately boasts good graphics and dynamic gameplay, which will delight fans of the genre. To create your own unique car, at your disposal will be a lot of different parts and configurations that will help you in the future passage. You will be able to release a flight of fantasy to create a unique race car, which will be original both from the outside and from the technical side. Here you have to do exactly pumping your car, which will participate in a variety of competitions in drifting. The game is an online network project where you will have the opportunity to compete with your friends to prove that you are the best in this business.

This game has been updated 7-03-2019, 08:35 to the latest version v1.6.1 (upd.07.03.2019).

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Trials Rising v26.02.2019 (Gold Edition)

Trials Rising torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v26.02.2019 (Gold Edition) TORRENT
Trials Rising is a dizzying continuation of a series of simulators about extreme riders-motorcyclists who do things like this on the tracks, which simply cannot but take breath away. A huge number of unique tracks, a sea of action, dynamic racing, stunts, which captures the spirit, bikes, represented by a wide range, a variety of obstacles, hovering over the precipices, takeoffs on jumps, steep flips right during takeoffs over the fire precipices — all this is still far away not a complete list of what awaits you in Trials Rising. And most importantly, this is extreme.

This game has been updated 28-02-2019, 04:33 to the latest version v26.02.2019 (Gold Edition).

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Forza Motorsport 7 v1.141.192.2 + DLC - CODEX

Forza Motorsport 7 torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.141.192.2 + DLC TORRENT CODEX
Forza Motorsport 7 — this is the seventh full-fledged part of the franchise, which has already managed to go far beyond the usual racing simulator. But if the spin-off, called Forza Horizon, tells you about the races beyond the track, which are held just for fun, then in this part everything again returns to the professional level, where each rider understands that he goes to the whole work on how to the fastest way to get to the finish line, until his rivals did it. Your attention is represented by a whole team of professionals, led by you in the form of a rider.

This game has been updated 19-02-2019, 04:08 to the latest version v1.141.192.2 + DLC.

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Road Redemption v20190101 - ALI213

Road Redemption torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v20190101 TORRENT ALI213
Road Redemption — this is the real action-racing, almost the first of its kind. Their essence lies in the races on motorcycles, but not simple, but gangster, with obstacles, battles on the go, murders and extreme stunts. The game’s events unfold in the vast post-apocalyptic world, in which the shaky truce between bikers and different groups of gangsters was broken by the murder of the leader of the drug cartel. A reward is offered for the killer’s head, but rather a lot, but in order to get this money, you have to go a long way through enemy territory, where everyone wants to prevent you, because he also wants to get an award.
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Supralympic Runners - PLAZA

Supralympic Runners torrent download
Supralympic Runners is a first-person competition runner with procedurally generated tracks, in which you play the role of a robotic super-runner. You are waiting for the coolest trials, to win that will need really nerves of steel. Run as far as possible, avoid obstacles on your way and hurry while the gate is still open. Unlike many endless runners, you can control the speed of the run thanks to the rear thruster. This speed is determined by the physical parameters of the engine thrust and legs, as well as the body resistance. In fact, this is not an automatic forward, but a mechanic with minimal movement, forcing you to run. The runway has no railways.
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Super Pixel Racers v1.0 (upd.10.02.2019)

Super Pixel Racers torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 (upd.10.02.2019) TORRENT
Super Pixel Racers — there are not so many racing games, but nevertheless they appear on the open spaces of the gaming market and delight with their high level of drive. You should not lose the opportunity and just start playing new pixel entertainment, which will definitely please you. The main thing is to be patient, because the races are long and unpredictable. You should not hastily draw conclusions based on the appearance of the racing game. Despite its rather modest design, in the game you will have access to very different content.
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Revhead v1.2.5225

Revhead torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.2.5225 TORRENT
Revhead is a cool car simulator created especially for car racing fans and everything related to cars. The game invites players to feel not only a racer, but also an auto mechanic, on whom each individual part of the car and its performance depend. The whole essence of the simulator, first of all, consists in races, in races in which cars of the most different models participate. In this case, the gameplay is based not only on racing, but also on tuning, and of course, on auto mechanics. Each car here can be moved in accordance with the needs of the user, with the details, the so-called «nodes», the user is invited to buy their own, looking for them in game stores, or in ads in the newspaper.
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