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Super Street The Game - HOODLUM

Super Street The Game torrent download
Official arcade racing from the automobile magazine Super Street, which specializes in racing cars and tuning. Super Street The Game is inspired by the main theme of the magazine. In an effort to become the best street racer, you will assemble your car from the ground up: in the process of passing you will collect new details from hundreds of really existing automobile brands and build an ideal racing car. In total, more than 700 different parts of the car are available for tuning. Including the engine and its various components that will somehow affect the characteristics of your car.
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TT Isle of Man v1.05 + 2 DLC (upd.10.07.2018) - CODEX

TT Isle of Man torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.05 + 2 DLC (upd.10.07.2018) TORRENT CODEX
​Bikers believe that all races are divided into two types: TT and the rest. The most difficult route, requiring the racers full return. Take on the challenge of a deadly race through the Snafell mountain! The game recreated in detail 60.7 kilometers of the track, and also added the legendary champions and their tales. For 110 years of existence TT race has received the status of a legend. Remember every section of the road, perfect every turn, keep concentration for all 6 laps, show the best time of the race and write your name in the history of the greatest motor-racing!​

This game has been updated 10-07-2018, 04:40 to the latest version v1.05 + 2 DLC (upd.10.07.2018).

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MXGP Pro torrent download
The official video game of the Motocross Championship is back! Download game MXGP PRO and live the entire MXGP experience as a pro. Adjust your bike’s configuration like a mechanic, tuning the suspension, brakes or throttle to make your ride unique. Experiment with the new Pro Physics when racing and have fun with freer gameplay, thanks to new bike and rider behaviours. Practice in the Compound, a square kilometre of track where you can freely explore or compete against the AI. You can practice up to 30 challenges to learn real riders' techniques. Tackle Career mode with your custom rider, starting in the MX2 category. Increase your fame, sign contracts with ever-more prestigious sponsors and become MXGP champion. All the official tracks and riders from the 2017 season await you! Ready for the challenge?
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Forza Horizon 3 v1.0.119.1002 + 44 DLC - CODEX

Forza Horizon 3 torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0.119.1002 + 44 DLC TORRENT CODEX
Forza Horizon 3 — arcade game in the style of a simulator, which is based on racing. Here you can go to a huge and diverse world that is as close to reality as possible, which will allow you to fully immerse yourself in a stunning and dynamic atmosphere. You can imagine a huge selection of different cars, each of which will be unique and have special properties. Actions of the third part of the series of the popular simulator of auto racing turn on the territory of Australia, where you are waiting for a world completely open for conquest. This part has suffered numerous changes in terms of graphics, and in terms of physical component. Moreover, you will be able to participate in a variety of missions, performing which will be more and more moving up the career ladder. Spend your time in the company of steep wheelbarrows and fight for the title of the best of the best champions of the world.
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The Crew 2 Closed Beta 2018.02.06 - SKIDROW

The Crew 2 torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD First Release Closed Beta 2018.02.06 TORRENT SKIDROW
The Crew 2 — the sequel to the racing arcade from Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections. The game is characterized by the ability to conduct races not only on cars and motorcycles, but also on airplanes and boats. At the disposal of players — the entire territory of the United States and the ability to fly on the fly between different vehicles, moving from race on the track to chasing in the air or on the water. A large-scale game world without borders will allow to explore the vast spaces of The Crew 2, cinematic landscapes and landscapes.
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Drift Tuner 2019 - DARKSiDERS

Drift Tuner 2019 torrent download
Do you like Drifting? Are you a fan of JDM Style? Do you dream of falling sideways, but you have not yet raised the drifting car? — This game is for you! In this game your dream will become a reality! Build a drifting car, go to the track, improve your skills and pay for it. The best skill raises the reward, better the drifting car.
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Need for Speed Payback v1.0.51.15364 (Origin-Rip) - SKIDROW

Need for Speed Payback torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.0.51.15364 (Origin-Rip) TORRENT SKIDROW
The new game of the most famous game series will receive a rather unusual name Need for Speed Payback. Her plot unfolds in the city drowning from drug trafficking and bribery of Fortune Valley. The team of the protagonist has long been divided because of the conflict, but now the time has come for unification and revenge. You and your assistants will have to destroy a mighty cartel that keeps under the control of the casino, bandit groups and even the police. In the novelty, you will get the opportunity to create machines that will exceed the already existing ones. The game promises to be diverse. You are waiting for the race, robbery and much more — you do not have to miss exactly.

This game has been updated 10-03-2018, 14:22 to the latest version v1.0.51.15364 (Origin-Rip).

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Need for Speed Rivals v1.4.0.0 - RELOADED

Need for Speed Rivals torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.4.0.0 TORRENT RELOADED
Every year we expect a new part of the cult and the most popular series of races Need For Speed. This year, we are waiting for the game Need For Speed Rivals, in which new graphics, cars, tracks and various bonuses. Every time the developers try to surprise us with something new, sometimes they succeed, but they do not. Game Need For Speed: Rivals returns to the origins of this series of games and focuses on the rivalry between riders and police. Which side to choose, it’s up to you, although you can play for both. Fighting on the street does not stop for a minute, the police are constantly improving methods and weapons to combat riders, and riders are looking for methods to bypass these weapons. As already adopted in Need For Speed, you will have the opportunity to improve and change your car, which will betray his personality. Another innovation, there was a blurred line between a single company and multiplayer, now everything has merged into a single whole.
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