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Tower Hunter Erzas Trial PC free download torrent

Tower Hunter Erzas Trial — is an action adventure game where you will find yourself in a colorful world to save him from the evil. The scene is a mysterious tower that you need to carefully explore, gradually destroying everyone who gets in the way. You will encounter monsters and terrible mutants, which are not so easy to cope with. Stock up on powerful weapons and do not forget to improve your fighting abilities. All this you need to perform in order to get the long-awaited hunter license.

This release is standalone and includes the following DLC:

  • Tower Hunter Erzas Trial — OST
  • Towerhunter — DLC2 Fashion Package 1

About The Game

Key Features

The game has numerous levels, the complexity of which will each time grow higher and higher. You must be prepared for unexpected turns of events. Enemies will try to eliminate you by any means possible, which you should in no case prevent. Be focused on the main action in order to more effectively cope with a particular task. The graphics in the game are executed in a rather simple style, but at the same time it is able to plunge you headlong into a gloomy and filled with secrets world. You will have not only a powerful murder weapon, but also a pretty good arsenal of abilities that will come in handy for you in a clash with ruthless bosses.

System Requirements

OS: Win 7 64bit / Win 8 / Win 10
Processor: Intel(R)Core i3 2.7GHz
Memory: 4000 MB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 460/Radeon HD 5800 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4000 MB available space
Sound Card: at will

OS: Win 7 64bit / Win 8 / Win 10
Processor: Intel(R)Core i5 3.2GHz
Memory: 8000 MB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 960/Radeon HD 7900 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 5000 MB available space
Sound Card: at will


Screenshot Tower Hunter Erzas Trial PC Game free download torrent Screenshot Tower Hunter Erzas Trial PC Game free download torrent Screenshot Tower Hunter Erzas Trial PC Game free download torrent

Gameplay Trailer

How to Install the Game

  1. To start, you need to download the game files.
  2. Then, unpack the archive with «WinRar» or an analog.
  3. Mount the resulting image in the «UltraISO» program.
  4. Install the game, agreeing with the installation wizard.
  5. Download & install Update v1.13 / v1.15, in game folder.
  6. Copy the contents of the folder «CODEX» to the folder with the game.
  7. Lock the game folder in the Windows firewall.
  8. Play!

Download update only: Tower.Hunter.Erzas.Trial.Update.v1.15-CODEX [ 55.9 MB ]
Download update only: Tower.Hunter.Erzas.Trial.Update.v1.13-CODEX [ 44.6 MB ]
Download update only: Tower.Hunter.Erzas.Trial.Update.v1.05-CODEX [ 44.8 MB ]
Download update only: Tower.Hunter.Erzas.Trial.Update.v1.04-CODEX [ 40.6 MB ]
Download update only: Tower.Hunter.Erzas.Trial.Update.v1.03-CODEX [ 47.9 MB ]
Download update only: Tower.Hunter.Erzas.Trial.Update.v1.02-CODEX [ 289.6 MB ]
Download update only: Tower.Hunter.Erzas.Trial.Hotfix-CODEX [ 286.3 MB ]

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Game updates:
  • Tower Hunter Erzas Trial v1.13 → v1.15 [ 14.01.2020 ]
  • Tower Hunter Erzas Trial v1.1 → v1.13 [ 24.12.2019 ]
  • Tower Hunter Erzas Trial v1.05 → v1.1 [ 12.12.2019 ]
  • Tower Hunter Erzas Trial v1.03 → v1.05 [ 26.10.2019 ]
  • Tower Hunter Erzas Trial v1.02 → v1.03 [ 19.10.2019 ]
  • Tower Hunter Erzas Trial v1.0 → v1.02 [ 14.10.2019 ]
  • Tower Hunter Erzas Trial → v1.0 [ 13.10.2019 ]

This game has been updated 14-01-2020, 07:48 to the latest version v1.15 + DLC.

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Comments 4

Admin 13 October 2019 12:30
The following are the updates of the official version compared to the previous version:
1. Added a new basic weapon routine - Samurai sword, this is a very powerful weapon with two special weapon skills.
2. Re-do the guidance level for beginners, allowing the players to understand the game system more quickly.
3. Added a new set of clothes and hairstyles,which are designed for us by the enthusiastic player “Wu Jiang Lang Zi”.
4. Added the "Samurai sword" routine and the strengthen option for the chip of "Juhe Road".
5. Optimized the hitbox to improve the accuracy of the attack.
6. Fixed the bug with incorrect monster color of explosive ball in the second pass.
7. Fixed the bug that some skills might cause monsters to get stuck in the wall.
8. Fixed the bug that the last six STEAM achievements can not be achieved.
9. Fixed the bug of the license overlay.
10. Fixed the bug with the opposite setting of the handle RT and LT keys.
11. Fixed some text description errors on the interface.
12. Fixed the bug that could not be displayed and moved by certain probabilistic roles during transmission.
13. Fixed the bug that some skills could hit monsters but did not generate damage.
14. Fixed the bug that the number of items displayed in the scene was 0 after picking up.
Admin 19 October 2019 11:19
Update v1.03:
1. Modify the jumping attack mechanism to be closer to the style of traditional 2D games.
2. Repair the problem when pressing H key and using the restorer, there is a certain probability that the character does not respond after pressing H key.
3. Fixed a BUG that caused "fort" to get stuck on the wall and not fall or attack when summoned from the wall
4. Fixed the BUG that the protagonist was too bright in the scene.
5. Fixed a BUG in fencing-moon where poison was not effective.
6. Max mana upgrade to level 10, cap 480.
7. Fixed Devil loli BUG that may have been stuck outside the air wall.
Admin 26 October 2019 14:54
Update v1.05:
1. Modify the reverse RT LT button of the handle again, compatible with STEAM's handle configuration system. If it still doesn't work, please close the game's cloud archive function and delete the OtherStatus.prefs file under the path C:UsersAdministratorAppDataLocalLowIceSitruunaTowerHunterPlayerPrefs.
2. Speed up the air attack speed of Dual Bladesã€Sword Shields and Long Spear.
3. Adjusted the drop rate of the "Shield Piercing Projectile".
4. Enhanced the performance of the Katana VII.
5. Adjusted some map details to reduce the probability of characters penetrating the wall.
6. Increase hair color - white.
Admin 14 January 2020 07:47
Update v1.15:
Add an option to reverse RT and LT in the game Settings.
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