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Divinity Original Sin 2 v3.6.37.7694 - CODEX

Divinity Original Sin 2 torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v3.6.37.7694 TORRENT CODEX
Divinity Original Sin 2 — this game represents the genre of RPG, the action of which takes place in a fictional or fantasy world. To begin with, you will have to choose the main character for yourself, and it is worth considering that the choice has a significant influence on the course of the game. Each character has its own prehistory, as well as special skills. You can choose a character from different classes, for example, a fighter, a cleric, a combat mage, and so on. You can also choose a hero race, it can be an elf, a slippery reptile, a magical dwarf, well, or trite person. Traveling through the vast world, you will perform various tasks, fight with enemies, disclose secrets, and also explore all locations from caves to forests.

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ARK Extinction Expansion v293.103 - CODEX

ARK Extinction Expansion torrent download
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ARK Extinction Expansion is a multiplayer project on the topic of survival in a dangerous world where your opponents are not only wild animals and natural conditions, but also other players. You will go to a huge island, which must be carefully investigated, find useful items and build the most secure shelter. Here you can team up with other players, and then assign responsibilities, so it will be much easier to cope with difficulties. Wander in search of food and water, and also try to find everything you need to ensure your life is as comfortable as possible. Other survivors roam around, who continually want to take your prey away from you. Be attentive and create yourself a powerful weapon to deal with a crowd of rivals. Constantly monitor your equipment and state of health. Fight with other tribes, as well as defend against the attack of huge dinosaurs, which will also be able to tame if you act correctly.

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Star Control Origins Earth Rising Aftermath v1.31.58397 - CODEX

Star Control Origins Earth Rising Aftermath torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.31.58397 TORRENT CODEX
Star Control Origins Earth Rising Aftermath — the earth and the people felt that they would soon face an uncertain force. The sudden appearance of a signal from the territory of Triton causes an incredible ability to the satellites of Neptune: now living creatures can easily understand every language and learn the rules of combat. Professors and scientists immediately create the first station, which will create a dome and simply prevent future conflict.

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Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition v1.2 - CODEX

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.2 TORRENT CODEX
Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition — reissue of the legendary Japanese role-playing game. The release of the original JRPG took place in the distant 2008, however, this event happened on the consoles of the previous generation, and PC users were deprived of one of the best representatives of the genre. Now this glaring misunderstanding has been fixed, and the game is being offered in a completely new wrapper.

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Broke Protocol v0.94a - SKIDROW

Broke Protocol torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.94a TORRENT SKIDROW
Broke Protocol is a GTA with voxel graphics. Before you is a sandbox with a huge city, in which you can do anything you want. Want to be a law-abiding citizen, working on regular work — it does not matter, it’s also interesting. But if you want a little fun, then you should get into the skin of a criminal or a policeman. Although the game is only fully revealed in multiplayer modes, there is still a single game in it. So everyone will find something to do. Do not be fooled by the simplicity of graphics, in the game a lot is well thought out and you are waiting for huge opportunities.

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Enderal Forgotten Stories v1.5.3.0 (upd.06.03.2019) - ALI213

Enderal Forgotten Stories torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.5.3.0 (upd.06.03.2019) TORRENT ALI213
Enderal Forgotten Stories — in this full-fledged fashion for Skyrim, plunge into the wonderful and ruthless world of Anderel, with a well-developed open world, and reworked game mechanics and battle mechanics. Gloomy psychological atmosphere and storyline, with realistic characters and their actions. SureAI created for this mod a new open world and side quests, and also reworked the system of classes and leveling. Passage of Enderal Forgotten Stories will take from 30 to 120 hours. Like Skyrim, Enderal is a game with an open world, but with its own lore and landscapes completely separated from the TES series.

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Necromunda Underhive Wars

Necromunda Underhive Wars torrent download
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Necromunda Underhive Wars is a separate spin-off of a huge series of both desktop and computer games called Warhammer 40,000. But if you used to see a strategy with RPG elements before, now you have an action with a third-person view, in whose territory the eternal confrontation of several militant factions for the right to own the galaxy is also unfolding. The action of the game takes place in such a time span that fills several unclarified moments in the history of Varhammer, namely the moment when the battle for the possibility of owning Underheave was going on. Because of this, you have to get access to a lot of interesting elements, with the help of which you will become a particularly important player in this battlefield, because it depends only on you who wins in this fight — the human landing force, or the militant space orcs.
This game will soon be available for download on our website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.
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SpellForce 3 v1.40 - CODEX

SpellForce 3 torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.40 TORRENT CODEX
SpellForce 3 — is a real-time strategy in which you have to participate in epic battles for elves, humans or orcs. In the courtyard of 518, after the revolt of the magicians, which was brutally suppressed, everything is in ruin. Order in the country is disturbed by anarchy, everywhere refugees who have lost their homes and are now looking for a place where they can settle. In such a difficult time, people are able to believe anything, the main thing is to instill in them the hope for a better life. That’s the «mission» and became Rondar Leykan and his Righteous Light, bringing to the world the idea that in all the woes are guilty magicians, and save the world can only the second coming of Aonir. You are invited to take part in the events of that time, and you should determine for whom you should go, and who simply tries to cash in at the expense of others.

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Rise of Ages v0.12 (upd.03.03.2019)

Rise of Ages torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.12 (upd.03.03.2019) TORRENT
Rise of Ages is a three-dimensional game project that perfectly combines the tower defense genre and a dynamic platformer. Here you have to stand up to resist with a terrible enemy to destroy the strongholds belonging to him. In your military arsenal there will be a large stone that will help you destroy as many buildings as possible. You also have a fortress, which must be fully protected. So, for example, you can place a number of structures around the perimeter so that not a single rival can be on your territory. In this case, you will need your strategic skills that will help cope with any task.

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Stardew Valley v1.3.36 - SKIDROW

Stardew Valley torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.3.36 TORRENT SKIDROW
Stardew Valley — a two-dimensional senbox world, served from an isometric perspective. According to the authors, the player will assume the role of a certain heir to the grandfather’s house and land plot located in the Stardew Valley. There, besides you, there will be another 30 inhabitants — «non-records», controlled by artificial intelligence. Each inhabitant of the valley is a unique person, with his date of birth and life history. The game has several areas of activity that need to be developed in parallel, balancing between them: agriculture, mining, hunting, fishing and gathering. Each skill is useful in its own way. In addition to them, the game has a craft. For the latter, you need to learn new recipes.

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